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Leveraging Twitter Ads - SES Chicago - Justin Freid
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Leveraging Twitter Ads - SES Chicago - Justin Freid


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  • 1. Leveraging Twitter & Justin Freid TPG Director of Digital MarketingFacebook AdsGuidelines To Twitter SuccessChicago | November 12–16
  • 2. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIPaid Social Media Is The Catalyst • A substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction @justin_freid
  • 3. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIHow Can Twitter Advertising Help?• Increase reach – expose your brand/products/services to new potential customers• Increase frequency – expose potential customers to your brand/products/services more frequently to supplement other marketing channels• Building your community – target users who are likely to become advocates and interact with your current online community• Interact with influencers – expose influencers to your brand, products and message. Engage and interact.• Social Signals – promote content and social signals to search engines @justin_freid
  • 4. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIWhere Paid Social Campaigns Fit• Content Marketing• Link Building• Brand Awareness• Lead Generation• Social Signals – SEO Paid social, specifically Twitter campaigns, can link your marketing efforts together like a covalent bond. @justin_freid
  • 5. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHICovalent Bond • Covalent Bond: A chemical bond that involves sharing electrons between atoms • Paid social campaigns can be the ‘covalent bond’ between your marketing campaigns. @justin_freid
  • 6. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIContent Marketing Strategy The goal is to put your content in front of people who are likely to digest, interact and share your content. @justin_freid
  • 7. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIContent Marketing Strategy• How can Twitter campaigns help? • Increase the amount of people who come in contact with your content • Provides insight into what content is resonating with your audience • Adapt to your findings • Write content based on what is working • Help you produce content they will share  @justin_freid
  • 8. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIGrowing Your Community• Sharing your content is not easy, if you do not have an audience, who will share it? Can I Get An RT? Please RT! Can You Retweet me? Yo, can you RT this? Hook me up with an RT brah… @justin_freid
  • 9. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIGrowing Your Community – With The Right People• Finely target and attract people who are right for your community • People who are genuinely interested in what you have to share • Like minded individuals who are likely to share your content • Target potential customers who are likely to purchase your products or services @justin_freid
  • 10. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIGrowing Your Community – With The Right PeopleYou may ask yourself… Haven’t I don’t this before? Look-a-like modeling and behavioral targeting @justin_freid
  • 11. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIGrowing Your Community – With The Right People• Interest Targeting • Prepopulated list of interests • 25 top level interests • 350+ second level interests • @usernames(target like users)• Gender Targeting • Delivers messaging by gender • A/B test against gender @justin_freid
  • 12. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIThe Snowball Affect• It keep growing and growing and growing… @justin_freid
  • 13. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIHow Paid Media Can Affect Engagement You want people to engage with your content… right?• Twitter campaigns allow you to: • Deliver messaging/content to targeted individuals who are likely to engage and consume • Deliver messaging/content to influential users • Deliver messaging/content to people who are likely to RT/@reply @justin_freid
  • 14. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIYou want people to engage with your content… right? @justin_freid
  • 15. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIYou want people to engage with your content… right? @justin_freid
  • 16. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIUnderstanding Your Audience• Twitter’s analytics program provides a look into the demographic make up of your follower base • Who is your follower? • Age, location, male/female • What are their interests? Who do they tweet about? • Who makes up your community? • Yoga enthusiasts? • Football fans? @justin_freid
  • 17. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHILead Generation• Social campaigns on Twitter can help • Introduce your products or services to a new customers • Move a potential customer through the purchase cycle • Lead to click based conversions • Retargeting Opportunity @justin_freid
  • 18. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHISocial Signals• Social signals are one of the many ranking factors for the major search engines • As more people utilize social media, what is shared and tweeted will become more and more important• A simple promoted tweet can cause the ‘Snowball Affect’ and set of thousands and thousands of signals that Google and Bing cannot ignore @justin_freid
  • 19. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHILink Building• Getting your content in front of the right people is essential.• With Google’s recent changes quality, natural links are essential for organic success • Promoted tweets that share your content quality content present bloggers and potential linkers • If you are sharing engaging, quality content – the links will come naturally • You just needed a little help getting there… @justin_freid
  • 20. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIResults• A campaign developed and run by TPG resulted in thousands of potential community members and customer interacting with the new brand• Brand transition – BCBSFL  Florida Blue• Success of campaign reach C-level management @justin_freid
  • 21. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIResults• Promoted tweet campaigns delivered messaging to targeted Twitter users • Avg user spent over 2:00 on site after clicking through Tweet• Search and timeline campaigns – coincided with TV and experiential campaigns @justin_freid
  • 22. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIResults• Through a promoted account campaign, Florida Blue was able to generate just over 3,700 new followers• Targeted different interests and groups of people to attract quality followers who engaged with content @justin_freid
  • 23. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIResults• Who is your follower? • What are their interests?• Is there potential to create content or a campaign regarding their interests? • Examples: Heat and Jaguars @justin_freid
  • 24. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIResults• Snowball Affect For Follower Growth • Exponential – hockey stick growth • Continued, sustained growth post campaign @justin_freid
  • 25. Chicago | November 12–16, 2012 | #SESCHIThank You Justin Freid Digital Marketing Director TPG – An Omnicom Company @justin_freid @justin_freid