Sims 3 Into the Future Art Direction

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Overview on the visual design I created for the production of the latest Sims 3 expansion pack Into the Future.

Overview on the visual design I created for the production of the latest Sims 3 expansion pack Into the Future.

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  • 1. • Ability to travel between present and future • Future setting has a lot of rich storytelling areas for exploration as long as we don’t overly focus on sci-fi or dystopian imagery • The visual messaging must be concise and evocative of the Sims 3 universe • It’s a brand new concept to the Sims Franchise but must not feel like a new Sims property like Sims Medieval • Must appeal to our broad Sims audience while still being relatable to our younger female audience • Users really like the idea of using “future” technology in gameplay Directives for Sims Into the Future Expansion
  • 2. What is the Sims
  • 3. What is Sims • A very idealized presentation • Bright, Colorful, Upbeat • To create a variety of playful, light, romantic or humorous stories • Stories are often told from a closer perspective, around objects or spaces • A varied audience with strong following of younger female players
  • 4. What are some ways we’ve seen the future presented in media?
  • 5. The “Future” is often associated with a variety of images from popular media • Which one of these posters most likely looks like the future world of Sims 3? • Which one of these films would younger girl most likely have seen? • A 15 year old in 2013 would have been 3 when Minority Report released, and would have been 14 for Hunger Games. • What kinds of stories are told in these worlds and who are the heroes these settings frame?
  • 6. Often when thinking of the future we think of a Dystopian future • Overcrowding so people have to literally live on top of each other • Desperate social and economic disparity • Oppressive controlling government • Instead of solving environmental, economic, energy and social problems they are built over • A fantastic setting of wide, immense, intimidating, scope and scale • A single individual is small in the face of the magnitude of progress and technology Minority Report Bladerunner TotalRecall(2012) Fifth Element
  • 7. We’ve also seen a future that doesn’t look too different on a large scale • Looks like a regular small town like Sunset Valley or City like Late Night • Only difference is some evidence of advanced technology • While this does fit well with Sims, the concern would be that it wouldn’t be different enough • When traveling from another EP town the player might wonder why this isn’t a future of that traveled from town • Important takeaway is the strong statement the display of technology makes Back to the Future Looper
  • 8. How do we get the most out of a travel world and leverage base game content for the future
  • 9. Why Don’t We Build a Dense City • Case Study: Late Night • Great looking world with long load times • Some frame rate and performance issues due to intense complexity • Some issues with the elevators and camera controls • Very urban and dense feel, yet we get a maximum of 8 to 10 sims per lot • When a venue or space is empty its magnified by the fact we can see a full city • EP11 will be a travel world which requires a smaller footprint than a full world to load quickly for gameplay Because it won’t work as a travel world • For a travel world we need shorter load times which means less content to work with for faster loads • Because shorter times are spent in a travel world we want a clean convenient experience and avoid camera issues. • Technical and prototyping time can be better spent on larger features carried back to other EP’s like Robots • We can get a lot out of interesting architecture and object gameplay to tell a story of the future without a dense city. • Due to travel world design we will have less buildings than a full EP • We will take advantage of the open spaces and lack of density for visual story My Sim in the center of town.
  • 10. Future Sims: Where Are We Going
  • 11. We’ve chosen a bright, aspirational Utopia • World context based on media references like Hunger Games, Aeon Flux, and Star Trek • Lifestyle reference based on a variety of films including Minority Report • World more conducive to a travel world by being more open rather than dense • Plausible future of the Sims: better building materials, become closer with the environment, solved energy issues, rely on technology • A place that both male and female players can tell a wide range of social stories • Positive, clean, fun and bright as a natural Sims progression. • Things have gotten better not worse. Aeon Flux Star Trek (2009) HungerGames Minority Report
  • 12. Commercial Architecture • Not everything has to be tall to look futuristic • Take advantage of software modeling and shell use • Lots of interesting shapes and lines • Based on current trends in high concept architecture • Based on current international trends of “sustainable cities” • Ecology and environment is integrated directly into architecture • Clearly different than past Expansions or Store packs • Aspirational and positive feels open and clean
  • 13. Residential Spaces • Open, spacious geometric design • Bold graphic shapes • “Floating” accents like walls, and shelves • Showcase of natural materials and composites • Recessed lighting • Exterior is integrated into the interior, lawn is integrated with the home • New features like glass floors and glass walls • Minimalist clean statement, evolution of Modern Minimalist style • Neutral colors with bright accents • Story of futuristic composites allowing extravagant designs making the most of build buy
  • 14. These are the people in your neighborhood… • A sleek conservative bridge from the base game clothing • More flamboyant, bright, fun clothing as seen from Hunger Games in the Capitol City pushes clothing designs previously seen in Sims3 • Hairstyles push shape and structure as well as color combination possibilities available in CAS • Bold make up, facial hair and accessories different from previous offerings fit plausibly in our world • Players can take these CAS assets to create fun stories and expressions in other EP worlds as well
  • 15. Bringing it all Together
  • 16. Future Architecture Architecture is inspired by future sustainable and eco friendly cities Interesting landscape elements that work with buildings Organic and flowing shapes for rabbitholes and venues Shape and height variations Concept : Jace Wallace
  • 17. Future Living ConceptOpen, bright minimalist living with new accent elements Lawn and pools are now integrated into the house. Rooftops are the backyard. Glass walls and floors to bring the outside in New technology: Holographic TVs, computers, pictures and more Make use of current and new buy catalogue and store content to decorate New futuristic outfits and robots! Concept : Jace Wallace
  • 18. Prelim World Features Concept Dried up ocean like the Aral Sea to explore and find artifacts District 12 type area where “naturalist” live in a more rustic style Traversable dam for a large impact element Energy Farms to explore for harvestables Suburbs showcase future living Future Eco City takes advantage of 12-15 buildings and current trends for efficient Travel World Magnetic Levitation train for fast transport around world Environment frames the future and supports the fun things to do in a futuristic setting Concept : Jace Wallace
  • 19. In Game
  • 20. Thank You! Enjoy Sims 3 Into the Future!