The Pigman


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The Pigman

  1. 1. The Pigman Book By- Paul Zindel PowerPoint by-Justin Ehrenpreis
  2. 2. Part 1 Vocabulary
  3. 3. antagonistic hostile
  4. 4. anxiety fearful; nervous
  5. 5. avocation Hobby, phase
  6. 6. compassion Care, sympath y for others
  7. 7. eerie Strange and scary
  8. 8. mortify Very embarrassed
  9. 9. nocturnal Active at night
  10. 10. patron Person who supports artist or writer
  11. 11. ritual Customary actions
  12. 12. subliminal unconsciously
  13. 13. subsidize To provide financial ($)
  14. 14. distort Twist the truth
  15. 15. omens Clue to what will happen
  16. 16. prevarication To lie
  17. 17. Part 2 Questions
  18. 18. How dose John feel about school? John hates school
  19. 19. How did he act on his feelings when he was a freshman? He was immature and set off bombs in the bathroom
  20. 20. How does he act on them now? Now he writes on desks
  21. 21. What does this change in behavior tell you about him? He is slowly growing up
  22. 22. What do you think of Lorraine? Was a kind and caring person b/c she felt bad for the typing teacher for her sick mother in her living room.
  23. 23. What does Lorraine think of John? She thinks he’s cute b/c she says that he has great eyes. She thinks he has problems form his family. She says he distorts things.
  24. 24. Does Lorraine have good self- esteem? She has poor self-esteem b/c her mom often put her down. Ex- “your not a pretty girl”
  25. 25. Give example that shows Lorraine has compassion? She felt sorry for Ms. Stewart who had a sick mother in her living room.
  26. 26. What does John think of Lorraine “needs”? John Thinks Lorraine needs confidence.
  27. 27. What was the new game that John, Lorraine, Dennis and Norton made up? They made the telephone marathon game.
  28. 28. Why is Norton a social outcast? He stole a bag of marshmallows
  29. 29. Why did Norton try to call women instead of men? Women tend to talk longer than men.
  30. 30. How did Lorraine and John meet the Pigman? for a prank
  31. 31. What was Mr.Pignati like on the phone? Was talkative, friendly, and lonely.
  32. 32. Why is John in trouble at home? what do you think of his behavior and are his parents right to be angry? John glued phone. His behavior is child like. Yes, b/c his parents should be angry.
  33. 33. What do John and Lorraine disagree about? Why do they each feel the way they do about it? The disagree in collecting money for the L+J Fund. Lorraine thought maybe they are poor. John s fine with taking the money.
  34. 34. What do you think of Mr. Pignati? He seems lonely.
  35. 35. Why dose Lorraine dislike the Barron Park zoo? Lorraine dislikes the zoo because she doesn’t like to see the animals behind those bars in cages and there way they get fed.
  36. 36. What are three omens Lorraine refers to in chapter six? The three omens are… - A little boy - A woman selling peanuts -The peacock
  37. 37. Who is Mr. Pigniti’s best friend and friendship with his friend? Bobo is the Pigmans best friend. Bobo is a baboon. He always smiles when ever he sees him and he smiles back.
  38. 38. What dose Mr. Conlan want John to do for a living? He wants John to work at a coffee shop exchange.
  39. 39. What dose John wants to do? He wants to be a actor.
  40. 40. Dose Bore have good intentions (wants the best) for John? Yes because he wants him to have a good life and be able to pay the bills.
  41. 41. What did John think of Mr. pignati’s house? -nice -creepy pigs everywhere -Mrs. Pignati’s stuff was still there
  42. 42. What really happened to Mr. Pignati’s wife? Why do you think he lied? She died He doesn’t think anyone should know about it
  43. 43. Who did Lorraine wish her mom was more like? Why? Lorraine wish her mom was more like the pigman because he is fun
  44. 44. What omen did Lorraine see on the subway? What did the woman say? The old lady was the omen and she told them that death was near.
  45. 45. What did the Pigman buy for Lorraine and John at Beekman’s? Than what did Lorraine and John do next? He bought them roller skates, food, and stockings for Lorraine's mother. Than they went to the pet store and roller skated out.
  46. 46. What made Norton go berserk? The kids teased him.
  47. 47. How does Norton act now? Acts tough and is a bully who shop lifts and starts fights.
  48. 48. What nickname dose Norton call Lorraine? Norton calls Lorraine screech owl.
  49. 49. Why is Norton so interested in Mr. Pignati? What does he tell John he is going to do? What does John say at the end of chapter 9 he will do to Norton? He wants to steal stuff form Mr. Pignati. John says he’ll kill Norton if he hurts the Pigman.
  50. 50. What happened to Lorraine’s father? Why did the marriage between her mother and dad end? Lorraine’s father is dead and he cheated on his wife.
  51. 51. What did John and Lorraine have to tell Mr. Pignati? L and J found wasn’t a charity and wasn’t represented as a charity.
  52. 52. Why was Mr. Pignati feeling sad? Mr. Pignati felt sad b/c Bobo wouldn’t eat.
  53. 53. What was Mr. Pignati put on and what happens to him? • Mr. Pignati put on roller skates, was playing tag and had a heart attack.
  54. 54. What was happening to the Pigman? What did John do? He got a heart attack. John called the police that brought an ambulance to the hospital for Mr. Pignati.
  55. 55. Who did John and Lorraine say they were at the hospital? They said they were Mr. Pignati’s kids.
  56. 56. Where did Mr. Pignati ask John and Lorraine to go, what did he want them to do? Mr. Pignati ask John and Lorraine to visit Bobo.
  57. 57. What happened between Lorraine and John when they went back to the Pigmans house? The were like husband and wife.