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social media for lawyers - a how to guide
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social media for lawyers - a how to guide


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Social Media & Social Networking 101 How to leverage your personal and professional brand for maximum impact …

Social Media & Social Networking 101 How to leverage your personal and professional brand for maximum impact

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Media & Social Networking 101 How to leverage your personal and professional brand for maximum impact Me and @GaryVee @ Harvard Me and @McHammer @ Harvard
  • 2. “ Content is King Context is God”
      • Began computing at age 4
      • Business- HTM Degree 2009 CSUSM
      • Current Start-Up: Online Marketing & Lead Gen Agency. 2008 Teach MCC
    Then & Now Justin “Results” French Social Business Specialist & CEO
  • 3. Housekeeping Items 1. Please save all questions till the end 2. Disclaimer: Some of the methodology, philosophy, and concepts you hear today may seem extremely “out-side the box” but proven
  • 4. 1 st - Pop Quiz- What is Your Internet IQ? 1. You use Google As your primary search engine 2. You Have a GMAIL email account BONUS: You make money online 7. You Have A Blog/ Blog Regularly 5. You are active on twitter 4. You have a profile on linked-in 3. You are active on facebook 6. You Follow Justin Bieber ;)
  • 5.  
  • 6. Justin’s View of The Web What part of the internet puzzle do you need help with? Most important
  • 7. Then (20 th Century Marketing)
  • 8. Now (21 st Century Marketing)
  • 9. Outbound Vs. Inbound Marketing
  • 10. Business Problem
      • 80% of websites don’t generate traffic
      • Just having a website doesn’t mean anything now a days. How are you driving Traffic to your website ?
      • Marketing Departments don’t know IT or Sales people don’t know marketing/ IT, etc. – HUGE disconnect among departments. Whose job is social media marketing???
      • A lot of companies don’t have time to do internet marketing/ don’t even understand it!
    • (or have the personnel/ budget)
      • Time = Money
  • 11. The FUTURE of Marketing & Business Development= E-Marketing or Social Marketing Cocktail Party Suit & Tie FUN (friends / colleagues) Keywords: Social Influence & Social Capital
  • 12. The 7 C’s To Social Media Success
  • 13. What parts of an Organization does Social Media affect?
  • 14. What has been achieved for attorneys using these tools?
      • The chair of a bar association committee may read one of your blog posts and ask you to speak to the group.
      • An attorney in another part of the country may find you on LinkedIn and ask you to be local counsel.
      • A solo transactional attorney may come across your video, see your eloquent presentation style and look to you to handle litigation matters.
    • *First Mover Advantage (Beat your competition)
  • 15. Current Landscape: Social Media & Legal
      • Huge demand in people who understand social networking & social media
      • Majority of attorneys are lost and legal issues relating to social media are on the rise!
    Outside economy vs inside economy (PB) Dan Schawbel   -  ”Sell yourself, your personality, your skills and use the social networks available to you to communicate them every day.” Personal Branding Expert
  • 16. Case Study
  • 17. Twitter Tips- The Power Of Twitter
      • Twitter is word of mouth on steroids!
      • Build Relationships
      • Twitter as a business tool (current legal news, helpful legal websites, compet. Intel., help from peers, like-minded/ similar industry resources- limits your time)
      • busy professionals -Headlines (Links)
      • Basic tech behind twitter- micro blog- keywords
      • What twitter is for “ paying it forward ” – Add value
      • Interact, engage, and follow your passions
      • Become the trusted advisor/ thought leader on your area of practice
  • 18. Mistakes / Myths About Social Media/ Social Networking Mistake #1: Having more than one face on the Internet Mistake #2: Thinking you won’t make any mistakes Mistake #3: Putting out the wrong messages  Mistake #4: Posting inappropriate information  Mistake #5: Assuming that it is better to have your message in only one place on the Internet.  “ Know You, Like You, Trust You = Do Business With You” Visibility + Credibility = Profitability
  • 19. Action Items- Easy as 1-2-3
      • Reserve your full name as your domain name i.e.
      • Reserve your name on twitter @JustinRFrench
      • Start a wordpress blog- pick an area of law that interests you most and build your thought leadership on this topic (good for prospective employers) + Create Great content that people will share.
    • Bonus: Let your story un-fold online
  • 20. Thank you! More Questions? Q&A Justin R French CEO of: Social Networking San Diego 760-576-4653 [email_address] Text the word jrf to 90210 for my mobile biz card Keep the conversation going on Twitter! Use #USDLaw Follow Me On Twitter: @JustinRFrench Continued reading: How Lawyers Are Using Social Media for Real Results