Imagine (sample)


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Three pre-teens and their teacher get trapped in a parallel world. A world that bends to their imaginations... a world completely empty. Aside from the malevolent being with nasty plans for them...

A pair of sequences from a full length spec screenplay. Full script it available upon request.

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Imagine (sample)

  1. 1. Imagine (Sample) ByJustin O’Hanley
  2. 2. INT. AQUARIUMThe Supreme paces back and forth through the aquarium,looking up as the door opens.Mr. Pond and Felix stick their head into the room. THE SUPREME Here for the crystal, are you?He gestures and the door swings open fully. THE SUPREME No please, come in. Have a look at it, I don’t care.Slowly, Mr. Pond and Felix step into the room, the doorshutting behind them. Their eyes find an eerie green glow.Off to the side, a green crystal, palm sized, hovering a fewfeet off the ground. THE SUPREME You know? I don’t think I could possibly overestimate you enough. So please. Try to take it. Just walk right up to the crystal, pick it up, get out of this room alive. MR. POND You’ve got a fine bit of hubris there, considering you’ve seen what my students can do.The Supreme has a look around the room. THE SUPREME I don’t see anything else in here, Mr. Pond. If your boy was able to imagine up something big enough to stop me, he would have. FELIX Look again.The Supreme rolls his eyes and looks behind him. THE SUPREME Yeah? And? FELIX Look. Again.
  3. 3. 2.The wall appears to come to life. A strange shape, blendingin with the environment perfectly, plops to the ground.The Supreme stares. A pair of intelligent eyes blink open.SPLAT. The Supreme gets a face full of ink.It is a massive cuttlefish. FELIX Mr. Pond, get the crystal!Tentacles flash out and ensnare The Supreme. With a scream,he’s lifted into the air. MR. POND Felix! FELIX Don’t worry. I’m instructing it to just hold him. Get the crystal!After a second, Mr. Pond nods. He runs to the crystal. THE SUPREME No!All the fish tanks along the wall shatter at once, watergushes forth from them all.Mr. Pond grabs the crystal. There’s an electric crackle. MR. POND Yeow!The water keeps gushing and gushing. The room is quicklyfilling up.Mr. Pond looks from the water level to the crystal, which isgiving off green electric sparks. MR. POND Felix, the crystal! Give it a box!Turning from the cuttlefish and The Supreme, Felixconcentrates on the crystal.It’s encased in a metal box. MR. POND Felix, what have you learned about electricity and metal?Felix slaps his forehead. Then the box becomes wood.
  4. 4. 3.Mr. Pond snatches it out of the air as the water reachestheir necks.The Supreme struggles to break free of the cuttlefish. THE SUPREME Bring it back! You can’t leave me here! No, no!But Mr. Pond and Felix wrench the door open and burst outinto the hallway. Shutting the door, they run.**********EXT. SPACELeaving the museum behind, the shuttle shoots off throughthe void of outer space.INT. SHUTTLE JENNA WOO!Mr. Pond grins giddily at the stars around them.EXT. SPACEAhead, massive pillars materialize. Atop them are circularmetallic objects.The Balls o’ Static crackle to life and shoot electric boltsin the direction of the shuttle.INT. SHUTTLE JENNA Take evasive action! MR. POND You’re the one flying! JENNA I know! I was in the moment!She twists the steering wheel.
  5. 5. 4.EXT. SPACEThe shuttle veers right as bolt after bolt just miss them.INT. SHUTTLEMr. Pond clings to his armrests for dear life.Tyler and Felix grab a handhold as well, but theirconcentrated looks don’t change.In its box, the crystal throbs greener and greener.EXT. SPACEThousands of slots open up on the pillars. Out flycountless, smaller Balls o’ Static.They fly off towards the shuttle, crackling menacingly.INT. SHUTTLEJenna glimpses out the window as smaller bolts ofelectricity fly all around them.Out the window, Balls o’ Static fly into sight.Jenna squeezes her eyes shut for a second. Looks down. Onthe control panel, a new flashing button. "Laser."She punches it.EXT. SPACEOn the top of the shuttle, a laser emerges from a hiddencompartment. It begins firing rapidly.INT. SHUTTLEAll around them, the Balls o’ Static explode into bits. Butmore and more are catching up. JENNA Asteroid field!Mr. Pond cringes and closes his eyes.
  6. 6. 5.EXT. SPACEThe shuttle angles upwards, flying into a swarm of massiveasteroids.The shuttle weaves past rock after rock. Behind them, theBalls o’ Static pelt the asteroids.The shuttle makes it through the field intact. The starsseem to be rushing toward them fast.INT. SHUTTLE MR. POND It’s the edge of the bubble!Jenna pushes the steering wheel forward. Tyler and Felixopen their eyes. The crystal’s light is shining brighter.EXT. SPACEThe green light shines inside the ship. Growing, evenbrighter, seeming to swallow the whole of space...