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This is why you should be looking at mobile as a viable platform for your business. Mobile statistics collated from the internet, how it affects your business and why you need to optimise your internet solutions for mobile
Guiding change in mobile culture, mobile innovation and mobile business.
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Mobile innovations - Mobile Optimisation

  1. 1. The Mobile Age And Your Business
  2. 2. Why Mobile? What does it mean to your business 1 The statistics 2 The importance of Web optimization 3 Mobile and Social Media 4 Mobile Commerce 5 Mobile Innovations Why mobile is the primary channel to engage your customers Mobile devices are the no the platform of tomorrow they’re the platform being utilized NOW! Statistics of mobile users on social media platforms Mcommerce the Rising Star What we can do for your business
  3. 3. Why Mobile? What are the statistics saying? 2014 is the year mobile will takeover from the desktop as the PRIMARY channel through which consumers will interact with you brand. Here are some other facts: • • • • • • • • 75% of consumers worldwide browse via mobile devices 60% of local searches are performed on a mobile device 50% of mobile users use their phone as their primary internet device 50% of customers accessing information on the go 81% of smartphone users have done product research from a smartphone 50% have made a purchase. 80% of time on mobiles spent inside apps 80% of mobile device owners use their device watching TV 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7 Mobile is transforming industry, if you’re not optimized for mobile you’re a dinosaur. Let us help you optimize your IT solutions for a mobile future.
  4. 4. The Importance of Web Optimization Mobile and cloud bring a new age of connectivity. • • • • • 30% of businesses are optimized for mobile 40% of customers will leave your site if its not optimized 23% of sales are made online. This stat is rising each year 23% of customers will not buy on a site that is not optimized 26% of browsers will not return if a site is not optimized These statistics point to greater sales, a competitive edge, brand building and deeper customer interaction. Get connected, Get Social, Get Mobile
  5. 5. Mobile & Social Media Strong link between social media and mobile use • • • 200 million people watch youTube on mobile devices 30% of time spent on mobile devices is accessing social media 50% of twitter access is via mobile devices. • • • 189 Million facebook users are mobile only 2 new members join linked in per second 18-34 y/o watch youtube than any cable network • • • 91% of mobile internet access is for social media 79% of desktop internet access is for social media 74% of mobile users use their device to check email
  6. 6. •Mobile Commerce The Rising Star MOBILE COMMERCE IS ALREADY HAPPENING. It’s not just the future it being leveraged right now. Are you engaging your customers via this platform? Are your competitors? DIFFERENTIATION Initially businesses that have mobile optimized sites and mobile apps will differentiate themselves from their competition. WHAT DOES THIS TELL US? Many businesses will be defined by their mobile, social and cloud solutions. 20% of smartphone users scan product barcodes. 12.5% compare prices. 75% of users use their smartphone to make online purchases 52% Use their device while in store to help with purchasing decisions
  7. 7. •More Reasons to Go Mobile If it’s not obvious enough yet here’s some more stats. According to technology research giant Gartner, mobile is this years leading technology, which will drive changes in infrastructure and operations management. 99% • Of smartphone owners use their mobile browser at least once a day 95% WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU WITH THE MOBILE PLATFORM: • Better engage customers • Improve business efficiency • Provide innovative solutions to current business issues • Expand your reach • Raise your presence • Make your data more available • Of smartphone owners use their devices for local search 50% • Of consumers will NOT return to a mobile sire that is not working properly 18% • Of web traffic in the US is mobile traffic. • 24% in Africa and 20% in Asia.
  8. 8. Get Connected, Get Social, Get Mobile