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Conference produced by CIR-strategy.com the independent management consultancy specialising in service design strategy

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I heat2012 simondaniel-moixa

  1. 1. Energy / context monitoringTSB DSM/Smart Power Projects, Southend - RSH Chris Wright, CTO Monitoring workshop – 13th Nov 2012, Cambridge www.moixatechnology.com
  2. 2. MOIXA R&D ACTIVITY Experience & insight across multiple R&D grant & client pilotsSmart Meter BANTER – Commercial Energy Integration Monitoring & behaviour change Eurostars LCNF - BRISTOL DC microgrids Demand management for DNO/LV RSH SOUTHEND Residential Monitoring & behaviour changeDC SIG Smart Power & DSP Studies IOT Demonstrators Various AC DSP Real time energy monitoring Data sources Energy Efficient GB Electricity DC DSP Demand Project Computing (DC) EST / Elephant in room DC Load/Storage DSP Imperial / Carbon trust Storage DECC – Assured Peak Reduction DECC – Grid Storage
  3. 3. Insights - DC load > 45% in 2020AC demand stable – slow moving goodsDC growing – fast product change cyclesThe past might not be a good guide to the future Past devices basis for planning? • Historic demand well mapped • Real-time meters – emerging Future Added Demand Volatility? • EVs & Electrification of heat Source: Pilgrim via Moixa/DECC • What if IoT x 10 by 2020 (Cisco)Growing. Always on • ARM 150bn+ chips by 2020 • Robotics, 3D printing, batteriesPeak DSM difficult • Assisted living / medical © 2011 – Moixa Technology Ltd Commercial in confidence. Patent Pending www.moixatechnology.com
  4. 4. DSP Household day profileValue points to Consumer / ToD Meter Tariffs / UtilityNetwork : DNO, LV upgrade, STOR, peak plant, wind DC Peak opportunity? Source: GB Electricity Demand / DECC / Intertek Accessible household AC peak shift?
  5. 5. Software based – DC monitoringInference - Network Scan (MAC address tracking)Explicit - DC Socket Monitoring (£) but future standardPrecise DC device use provides real-time occupancy, Deviceadoption, extra data for AC Fusion/Disaggregation
  6. 6. Hardware based - monitoringStandard e.g. Alert Me : 10 secdata, single point of measurement,low cost, self install, large data setalready available. Smart Meter: accurate billing data, default is 1/2 hour data, possible to get Khz data for disaggregation (smarts needed in home). Standard, reasonably low cost.Bespoke monitoring solution: Whenyou need a system that delivers againstspecific objectives there is often nochoice but to design a bespoke system.
  7. 7. Southend-on-Sea – RHS project Project to test innovative retrofit energy efficiency technology 45 homes, single location, social landlord Moixa developed monitoring: - Electricity (5 channels) – clamp on meter + mains voltage - Pulse count input for gas meters - Temperature & Humidity - CO2 in some houses - Remote Temp / Light / opening (868Mhz RF) - Custom – air flow / additional CO2 etc in some houses
  8. 8. TitleBody Text
  9. 9. TitleBody Text
  10. 10. What is the data used for?Analysis / atatus / alertsApp specific language,allows coding for alertsaround very specificconditions: since thereis a support resource wewill engage individuals ingoal setting.We will see what works.
  11. 11. Prompts to actionZigbee linked alert light – looked at a fewalternatives with the residents, but this wasjudged by them to be their preferred.
  12. 12. Cost comparisonRHS project: £1000 approx per houseDev cost: £500, hardware £300, install £200Some interface software costs on topAlert Me: £50 per house?Smart Meter: £200 per house? Including Khz?EST study: £4000 per house approx
  13. 13. But what we need to know is…We have been looking at what you can actuallyhave an effect on, what parts of the load in atypical home is there any point in attempting tomodify, as it strikes us this is what you want toknow…. Maybe Probably No Point
  14. 14. DSP Change.. Reasonable?Lighting Please turn out lights until dayAudio Please watch later on iplayer?VisualICT Please don’t go on-line yet?Cooking How about a cold salad instead?Washing No?. At least wash a bit later?
  15. 15. We are testing novel retrofitAddress:- Smart appliances slow adoption- Low awareness of ‘smart/delay’ features onappliances- Fixed use cycles (cleaners, workers, mothers)With novel retrofit device to improve:- Awareness- Inventory of DSM washing appliances- Solar run hours or shifted hours on DSM
  16. 16. System overview
  17. 17. Grid services - peak DC shiftLED/CE load reduction & Storage Shift to PV/night Automated - Peak Shift with Moixa System WH Battery discharging 700 600 Battery charging 500 400 300 200 Load reduction with solar PV 1000 Initial Total Load Resulting Total Load Profile with battery
  18. 18. TSB funded project Banter
  19. 19. Non intrusive, prompts to behaviour change
  20. 20. Tailored and adaptable product & service
  21. 21. Resilient network, layered system
  22. 22. CONTACT Chris Wright, CTO chris@moixaenergy.comwww.moixatechnology.com London, NW1 0207-734-1511