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Ladies Learning Code: Editing Edition Ladies Learning Code: Editing Edition Presentation Transcript

  • Filmmaking 101Intro to Video Editing with Adobe Premiere
  • Overview -10:00 to 10:20 - Introduction/ Basic Film Theory Tutorial10:20 to 10:40 - Activity 1 - Assign Groups, Pick Subject, Develop Questions10:40 to 11:00 - Principal Photography Tutorial/ Post Production Tutorial11:00 to 11:30 - Editing (Pt 1): Organizing Footage11:30 to 11:45 - Distribution Tutorial11:45 to 12:00 - Activity 2 - Sign Up To And Develop YouTube Account12:00 to 12:15 - How To Shoot An Interview Tutorial12:15 to 2:00 - Film Interviews + Lunch02:00 to 4:40 - Editing (Pt 2): Cutting the video04:40 to 5:00 - Activity 3 - Upload video/ Share with the world!
  • 1. Pre-Production - Vision, Directors Treatment,Beat Sheet, Question List, Release Paper2. Principal Photography - Shooting, LocationSound3. Post-Production - Editing, Effects, Sound,Titles, Colour, Exporting----------------------------------------------------------------4. Distribution - YouTube, Vimeo, Sharing,Tagging, Embedding
  • #ladieslearningcode
  • Pre-Production
  • Vision• What is your end goal? • What does it say? • How does it say it?• What does it look like?
  • Activity 1Step 1: Get Into GroupsStep 2: Pick TopicNuit Blanche, The Toronto Zoo, The EX, Ontario PlaceStep 3: Create Questions
  • BizMedia Video Appearance ReleaseDate: __________, 2012.Customer Name: I ______________________, in consideration of my engagement as a participant(the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged), hereby sell and deliver to The BizMedia Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, the “Company”), an irrevocable, perpetual,universal assignment of all my right, title and interest including, but not limited to,copyright and other intellectual property rights and all other proprietary and privacy rightswhich I may have in any photographs, negative prints, video, illustrations, or otherimages in whatever form whatsoever and all related materials created by the Companyor its representatives, in which I am included or depicted (collectively, the “Images”). This grant includes the irrevocable right for the Company throughout the world touse, reuse, store, publish, retouch, alter, reproduce, digitize, create derivative works of,distribute, publicly perform and publicly display the Images in any modified or alteredform, whether or not in conjunction with my name, for inclusion in the Company’scatalogues, websites and/or press releases. I further consent to the use of any narrative,sound, audio, text, action, program, effect or other matter that may be used inconnection with the Images and I irrevocably waive any (i) moral rights in the Imagesand (ii) right I may have to inspect or approve any of the Images.Participant’s Name: ________________________________Participant’s Signature: _____________________________Guardian/Parent Signature: ______________________
  • Principal Photography
  • Post-Production
  • Shot Types:ECU = Extreme Close UpCU = Close UpMED = MediumLONG = Long
  • LONG = Long
  • LONG = Long
  • MED = Medium
  • MED = Medium
  • CU = Close Up
  • CU = Close Up
  • ECU = Extreme Close Up
  • ECU = Extreme Close Up
  • Video (Interviews, B-Roll, Sequences) Interview Interviewee Interviewee-ShotType.filetype B-Roll By Subject Subject-ShotType-Action-FileNumber.filetypeAudio bins Interview By Name (Day/Location [optional]) Name-Location-audionumber.filetype Location Subject-AudioNumber.filetype Music song.filetype
  • Titles TitleName-VersionSequences (Interviews, Edit) Interviews Interview-Name-Version Edit Name-Version
  • Activity 2 Editing: Step 1Organize Footage
  • Distribution
  • Activity 3Create YouTube Channel
  • How To Shoot An Interview
  • Group 1 records interview footage (20 min)Group 2 records interview footage (20 min)Group 3 records interview footage (20 min)Group 4 records interview footage (20 min)Group 5 records interview footage (20 min)
  • * Did you do your homework... (Vision/Directorstreatment/ etc.)* Research - the more you know about the person theeasier it is to connect. Vision + Connection = greatinterviews* Location: best to choose a place that has a relationshipto the person or subject* Eyeline: what kind of eyeline is the best for your video?
  • Activity 4Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Job1 - DirectorJob 2 - CameraJob 3 - AudioJob 4 - Slate & NotesJob 5 - Interviewee
  • Activity 5 Editing: Step 2Cutting Your Video
  • Export Settings:Format – H.264Preset – YouTube HD 720p 23.976
  • Activity 6Upload & Share Your Video!
  • #ladieslearningcode @justinbsmith