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  • 2. STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS© Unified Insurance Network - 2013According to payscale.com, the averageindependent financial advisor earns$144,435 a year. While being independenthas its advantages, most agents andadvisors struggle to earn even half ofthat. Digging deeper into the numbers, thisaverage is greatly boosted by the top 20%of advisors.So how do the best producers beat theodds and out produce average agents yearafter year, regardless of economicconditions, competition, and marketpressures?
  • 3. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013Unified Insurance Network commissioned aleading research firm to comb throughthousands of pages of LIMRA data andthoroughly research the marketplace tocreate an exclusive report that can changethe way every independent agent runs andgrows his/her business in 2013 and beyond.Unified Insurance Network spent thousandsof dollars for the research and LIMRA spenthundreds of thousands.STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 4. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013The findings were truly shocking. While ourindustry continues to grow, there aremarket forces that are working both forand against us simultaneously, resulting ininsecurity and fear for many agents.What we discovered were7 STRATEGIESthat the most successful independent agentsemployer (and others simply overlook). We’reoffering you the chance to view these valuabletrade secrets, for only $49.STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 5. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013The majority offinancial advisors arecomplacent and notwilling to search forthe know-how toachieve massivebusiness growth. Thatswhy there is a"money pyramid“.CLIMBINGTHE MONEYPYRAMID1% of independent advisorsare doing really, really well4% are doing pretty well15% are doing okay.The remaining60% of the peoplein our professionare draggingdown the nationalaverages!STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 6. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013…having a masterplan for yourfinancial advisorpractice. A provenstrategy forattracting qualifiedprospects,converting theminto clients andmaintainingIMAGINE…STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 7. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013Included in the report are 7 threats orwhat we like to call monsters that allfinancial advisors face. They are…STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 8. © Unified Insurance Network - 20137 MONSTERS-THREATSLack ofNewSalesIdeasNew Sourcesof CompetitionBusinessSuccessionIsolationLack ofProspectsandMarketsExpensesand BenefitsGovernmentIntervention1. FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 9. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013THE DREAMMACHINELearn to create aHave you everdreamed ofoperating apractice with amarketing machinein place that isbringing in a steadystream of clientsthat are enjoyableSTRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 10. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013A targeted group of clientswith likes, dreams andpassions that are similar toyour own?STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 11. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013This machine would send acompelling message to yourtarget group, inducingqualified prospects to "raisetheir hands" and volunteerto learn more from YOUabout improving theirpersonal financial world.STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 12. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013The Dream Machine wouldalso be able to educate andmotivate your prospects totake action -- and to becomeclients. At Unified InsuranceNetwork, we can help youdesign and implement justsuch a machine!STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 13. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013Additional features of your Dream Machinethat can be tailored to reflect your uniquepersonality and style:STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 14. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013As the financialplan isimplemented,providing the newclient with anexperience of"Wow"I am reallyimpressed. Finishingup theimplementation byproviding theclient with anSTRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 15. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013Having systems in place to nurture lifetimevalue with your clients. Systems for keepingin contact with your clients so theyremember what financial products andstrategies were implemented for them.These would lead them back to you whenneeds change and solutions are modified.STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 16. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013Finally, having a program in place toorchestrate and ask for referrals.STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 17. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013To instantly learn more andreceive one of the strategies formassive business growth, whichincludes 5 simple concepts to addto your practice simply provide:yournameemailaddress.STRATEGIES FOR MASSIVE GROWTH FOR FINANCIAL ADVISORS
  • 18. © Unified Insurance Network - 2013Salt Lake City Utah Office6440 S. Wasatch Blvd, Suite 150Salt Lake City, UT 84121Office: 801-273-9026Fax: 801-424-6190Atlanta Georgia Office7100 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Suite 110Atlanta, GA 30328Office: 770-390-7500Fax: 770-390-7511www.uinmarketing.comTHANK YOU!