IPI Congress press breakfast - Data Journalism in Africa
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IPI Congress press breakfast - Data Journalism in Africa



An overview of data journalism projects supported by AMI's www.CodeForAfrica.org initiative through CitizenLabs in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

An overview of data journalism projects supported by AMI's www.CodeForAfrica.org initiative through CitizenLabs in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.



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IPI Congress press breakfast - Data Journalism in Africa IPI Congress press breakfast - Data Journalism in Africa Presentation Transcript

  • News You Can Use:! Creating News Tools + Services That Give Audiences Actionable Information
  • Citizen focused: ! We build mass mobilisation tools, to give ordinary citizens “news they can use” with personalised + localised information, along with strong feedback loops to improve audience engagement. Image © http://www.flickr.com/photos/microlinks/
  • Demand driven: ! News needs to be more than just rhetoric. It needs to speak to the real-world challenges facing citizens. And, it needs to be underpinned by a economic imperatives. Image © http://www.flickr.com/photos/albanyassociates/
  • Outcomes based: ! We aim for 'outcomes' not just 'outputs'. Our metric for success is meaningful impact, that creates lasting change. We also aim for scalability and/or replication in all our initiatives. Image © http://www.flickr.com/photos/ilri/
  • Pipeline strategy: ! To build a self-sustaining ecosystem, you need catalytic mechanisms that support the germination and growth of open data champions. ! Our 'pipeline' strategy uses a modular approach to provide incremental access to resources, skills, support systems, and various acceleration mechanisms.
  • IDEAS MARKETPLACE:! CfAfrica currently supports 90 active projects across Africa, ranging from camera drones and citizen reporter apps, to fact-checking & plagiarism verification platforms, + advanced forensic data analysis, data visualization & geo-narrative platforms, and newsroom workflow tools.
  • RE-USABLE RESOURCE:! All 90+ of CfAfrica’s partner projects are built with open source code that your newsroom can immediately re-use … free of charge.
  • News Tools:! Tools need to be action-orientated to be meaningful. They should help citizens decipher & navigate the complex forces shaping their worlds. They should support evidence-based public discourse & decision-making .
  • GotToVote:! A data-driven application that helped citizens find their election registration centers, and then helped track polling results, plus allowed them to send 'peace messages' to fellow voters.
  • Star Health:! A suite of data-driven tools that help citizens check if their doctors are in 'good standing', whether their treatment / prescriptions will be covered by health insurance, and where their nearest medical specialists are.
  • FindMySchool:! A data-driven application that helps parents track & compare academic performance at schools, as well as identify schools their children will be channelled into, based on performance.
  • Liberating Data: ! By digitizing documents and knowledge within media, academia, and civil society, we're turning 'deadwood' archives into new digital 'structured data' resources, with open APIs to allow for 3rd party re-use. ! sourceAFRICA + connectedAFRICA - turning parliamentary, newsroom & university archives into machine readable data
  • Building the Backbone:! Much like the railways powered industrialisation, Africa needs data infrastructure, including data and code repositories, and an AfricanCommons resource hub. We've adopted a modular, community-centric approach. http://OpenAfrica.net ! openAFRICA.net - the continent's largest volunteer-run open data respository
  • Forensic Tools / Research Desks: ! Tracking money, deciphering contracts, and pinning down company ownership is difficult. ID creates a centralized research team to help newsrooms / transparency activists.
  • New Business:! Most African media don’t believe that granular data exists - and even if it does, they believe it is too complex for newsrooms or citizens to use meaningfully.! Proof-of-Concept prototypes that demonstrate both accessibility and ease-of-use help build diversified or new revenue streams.
  • IN THE OVEN:! Major new investigative tools currently under development by CfAfrica on behalf of ANCIR include a secure, encrypted platform for whistleblowers & journalistic sources, + a secure document analysis toolkit, + a forensic relationship / network analysis toolkit.
  • SEED FUNDING:! CfAfrica & its affiliates offer over $2m in kick-starter grants every year through the ANIC, TASC, and country-specific programmes like Hala Nigeria.! ! But it isn’t just money. CfAfrica also offers tech support & strategic advice.
  • Kickstarting A Continent: ! Building on the success of the Kenyan pilot, we have launched ‘Code’ teams in ! 4 countries, creating CitizenLabs & embedding data fellows, to build the underlying infrastructure + prototypes that produces proof that data tools work.
  • http://DataBootcamp.org Data Literacy Skills: ! We host data literacy bootcamps and masterclasses, develop course materials, and convene strategic policy roundtables + catalytic hackdays across Africa to develop data skills & knowledge. ! Nairobi Data Bootcamp 2012
  • !Argentina (LatAm) ! Nepal (Asia) ! Moldova (E.Europe) ! Jordan (M.East) Going Viral: ! The d|Bootcamp has run in 5 African countries & has also been cloned across the world …
  • Building Community! We're creating a diverse community of civic hackers, data activists and data narrators through a pan-African network of Hacks/Hackers chapters, citizen tech desks in incubators, and 'kickstarter' Code for Democracy co- creation events. !Hacks/Hackers ! Code4Democracy
  • SELF-HELP COMMUNITY:! The pan-African Hacks/Hackers community has over 30,000 people in its network, with 16 chapters in 14 countries … all experimenting with digital innovation.
  • ! !d|Roundtables strategy sessions !d|Clinic project planning !MediaParty data summits #EditorsLab hackathons
  • Partnerships: ! We're building a demand-driven eco-system of data creators + curators and data analysts + narrators, partnered with grassroots citizen movements.
  • Thank You ! @JustinArenstein