IPI Congress press breakfast - Data Journalism in Africa


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An overview of data journalism projects supported by AMI's www.CodeForAfrica.org initiative through CitizenLabs in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

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IPI Congress press breakfast - Data Journalism in Africa

  1. 1. News You Can Use:! Creating News Tools + Services That Give Audiences Actionable Information
  2. 2. Citizen focused: ! We build mass mobilisation tools, to give ordinary citizens “news they can use” with personalised + localised information, along with strong feedback loops to improve audience engagement. Image © http://www.flickr.com/photos/microlinks/
  3. 3. Demand driven: ! News needs to be more than just rhetoric. It needs to speak to the real-world challenges facing citizens. And, it needs to be underpinned by a economic imperatives. Image © http://www.flickr.com/photos/albanyassociates/
  4. 4. Outcomes based: ! We aim for 'outcomes' not just 'outputs'. Our metric for success is meaningful impact, that creates lasting change. We also aim for scalability and/or replication in all our initiatives. Image © http://www.flickr.com/photos/ilri/
  5. 5. Pipeline strategy: ! To build a self-sustaining ecosystem, you need catalytic mechanisms that support the germination and growth of open data champions. ! Our 'pipeline' strategy uses a modular approach to provide incremental access to resources, skills, support systems, and various acceleration mechanisms.
  6. 6. IDEAS MARKETPLACE:! CfAfrica currently supports 90 active projects across Africa, ranging from camera drones and citizen reporter apps, to fact-checking & plagiarism verification platforms, + advanced forensic data analysis, data visualization & geo-narrative platforms, and newsroom workflow tools.
  7. 7. RE-USABLE RESOURCE:! All 90+ of CfAfrica’s partner projects are built with open source code that your newsroom can immediately re-use … free of charge.
  8. 8. News Tools:! Tools need to be action-orientated to be meaningful. They should help citizens decipher & navigate the complex forces shaping their worlds. They should support evidence-based public discourse & decision-making .
  9. 9. GotToVote:! A data-driven application that helped citizens find their election registration centers, and then helped track polling results, plus allowed them to send 'peace messages' to fellow voters.
  10. 10. Star Health:! A suite of data-driven tools that help citizens check if their doctors are in 'good standing', whether their treatment / prescriptions will be covered by health insurance, and where their nearest medical specialists are.
  11. 11. FindMySchool:! A data-driven application that helps parents track & compare academic performance at schools, as well as identify schools their children will be channelled into, based on performance.
  12. 12. Liberating Data: ! By digitizing documents and knowledge within media, academia, and civil society, we're turning 'deadwood' archives into new digital 'structured data' resources, with open APIs to allow for 3rd party re-use. ! sourceAFRICA + connectedAFRICA - turning parliamentary, newsroom & university archives into machine readable data
  13. 13. Building the Backbone:! Much like the railways powered industrialisation, Africa needs data infrastructure, including data and code repositories, and an AfricanCommons resource hub. We've adopted a modular, community-centric approach. http://OpenAfrica.net ! openAFRICA.net - the continent's largest volunteer-run open data respository
  14. 14. Forensic Tools / Research Desks: ! Tracking money, deciphering contracts, and pinning down company ownership is difficult. ID creates a centralized research team to help newsrooms / transparency activists.
  15. 15. New Business:! Most African media don’t believe that granular data exists - and even if it does, they believe it is too complex for newsrooms or citizens to use meaningfully.! Proof-of-Concept prototypes that demonstrate both accessibility and ease-of-use help build diversified or new revenue streams.
  16. 16. IN THE OVEN:! Major new investigative tools currently under development by CfAfrica on behalf of ANCIR include a secure, encrypted platform for whistleblowers & journalistic sources, + a secure document analysis toolkit, + a forensic relationship / network analysis toolkit.
  17. 17. SEED FUNDING:! CfAfrica & its affiliates offer over $2m in kick-starter grants every year through the ANIC, TASC, and country-specific programmes like Hala Nigeria.! ! But it isn’t just money. CfAfrica also offers tech support & strategic advice.
  18. 18. Kickstarting A Continent: ! Building on the success of the Kenyan pilot, we have launched ‘Code’ teams in ! 4 countries, creating CitizenLabs & embedding data fellows, to build the underlying infrastructure + prototypes that produces proof that data tools work.
  19. 19. http://DataBootcamp.org Data Literacy Skills: ! We host data literacy bootcamps and masterclasses, develop course materials, and convene strategic policy roundtables + catalytic hackdays across Africa to develop data skills & knowledge. ! Nairobi Data Bootcamp 2012
  20. 20. !Argentina (LatAm) ! Nepal (Asia) ! Moldova (E.Europe) ! Jordan (M.East) Going Viral: ! The d|Bootcamp has run in 5 African countries & has also been cloned across the world …
  21. 21. Building Community! We're creating a diverse community of civic hackers, data activists and data narrators through a pan-African network of Hacks/Hackers chapters, citizen tech desks in incubators, and 'kickstarter' Code for Democracy co- creation events. !Hacks/Hackers ! Code4Democracy
  22. 22. SELF-HELP COMMUNITY:! The pan-African Hacks/Hackers community has over 30,000 people in its network, with 16 chapters in 14 countries … all experimenting with digital innovation.
  23. 23. ! !d|Roundtables strategy sessions !d|Clinic project planning !MediaParty data summits #EditorsLab hackathons
  24. 24. Partnerships: ! We're building a demand-driven eco-system of data creators + curators and data analysts + narrators, partnered with grassroots citizen movements.
  25. 25. Thank You ! @JustinArenstein