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How To Track Investment In SEO
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How To Track Investment In SEO


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A presentation from Neil Walker on how to track investment in SEO.

A presentation from Neil Walker on how to track investment in SEO.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. How to track investment in SEO against returns
      Neil Walker
      Just Search Ltd
    • 2. Who am I?
      Who am I? Neil Walker
      Position: Chief Technical Officer
      Company: Just Search Ltd
      • Search Engine Optimisation
      • 3. Pay Per Click
      • 4. Analytics Qualified
      • 5. Conversion Rate Optimisation
      • Worked or been involved with SEO for over 2500 clients in the UK and nearly 5000 clients for Pan Europe.
    • 6. Disadvantages of SEO over PPC
      You can’t work out traffic for SEO?
      You can’t track conversions in SEO?
      You can’t rank 1st page instantly in SEO?
      You can’t work out organic CTR?
      You can’t predict required budgets in SEO?
      You can’t optimise 100’s of phrases in SEO?
      More people click on sponsored adverts?
      You can’t improve website conversion rate with SEO?
      You can’t do SEO without PPC?
      SEO costs less than PPC?
    • 7. Learning Objectives
      The purpose of this seminar is to show you how to create a factual SEO Business Plan / Case by:
      Predicting organic traffic to your website
      Analysing the potential income
      Studying the investment required
      Working out profit & loss for your business plan.
      Carrying out ongoing tracking of your predictions
      Looking at long term goals by reviewing the potential from ranking between positions 10-5 against 3-1.
    • 8. Google’s Domination
    • 9. Click Through Rates
    • 10. Organic vs.. PPC Click Through Rates Pt.1
    • 11. Organic vs.. PPC Click Through Rates Pt.2
    • 12. Organic Click Through Rates (Eye Tracking 2004)
      People have been interested in CTR for many years.
      This image was highlighted by SEO based on research from Cornell University from 2004
    • 13. Organic Click Through Rates (AOL 2006)
      August of 2006 AOL leaked millions of search records
    • 14. Organic Click Through Rates (Google 2010) Pt.1
      This month GWT enhanced their Top Search Query Function.
      At Just Search we compiled sample data from 100 clients across 1500 key phrases.
    • 15. Organic Click Through Rates (Google 2010) Pt.2
      We took the data and also segmented in by Key Phrase length, again this revealed some interesting information about ranking No.1
    • 16. Organic CTR
      From the collated data we can now make an educated guess at the Click Through Rate if your website ranks on the first page for a given keyword
      Position 2-10 = CTR 4.85%
    • 17. Conversion Rates
    • 18. Website Conversion Rates
      PPC is a good way to find out your website’s conversion rate, however if you do not have this luxury, there are a number of sources which can give you an idea of Average Conversion rates.
    • 19. Website Conversion Rates
      From the collated data we can now make an educated guess at the conversion rate of your website
      Average Conversion Rate = 2.9%
    • 20. Keyword Analysis
    • 21. Keyword Analysis Pt.1
      Use a tool to give you the predicted traffic i.e.
    • 22. Keyword Analysis Pt.2
      We now have the following data:
      • CTR on Ranking Organically between 2-10
      • 23. Average Website Conversion Rate
      • 24. Exact predicted Monthly Traffic per keyword
      We now need:
      • Potential Timescale to gain results
      • 25. Average Gross Profit per service / product.
      • 26. Average Order Values
    • 27. Income, Investment & Timescales
    • 28. Predicting Timescales
      This requires expertise!!
      • If you’re client-side, then get estimated timescales from a potential SEO provider
      • 29. If you’re agency-side, then look at all the factors required to gain a ranking and use your experience to predict a timeline.
    • 30. Investment Required
      Again client-side – You will get potential cost from your SEO Provider.
      Agency-side – You need to think about:
    • 31. Potential Income
      Finally, to put your business plan together you need to know your potential Gross Profit %.
      • Either an average GP
      • 32. Or even better a GP per product.
      You will also need to look at your potential Average Order Values or Product / Service Prices
      • Carry out market research
      • 33. E-commerce site / service site
    • 34. Quick Overview
      You should now have the following data:
      • First Page CTR
      • 35. Website Conversion Rate
      • 36. Potential Keywords & Traffic
      • 37. Predicted Timescales
      • 38. Investment Required
      • 39. Average Order Value
      • 40. Average Gross Profit
    • 41. Financials
    • 42. Putting it together
      Use Excel to put all your information together
    • 43. Pivot Table
      Create a Pivot Table
      Analyse the potential income you will start receiving for each keyword for each month.
    • 44. Investment
      Your SEO Company advises it will cost you £2500 pcm
      Will you make a profit?
      How long will it take you to break even?
      How long will it take to pay back your investment?
    • 45. Profit & Loss Year 1
    • 46. Payback
    • 47. 2 Year Profit Forecast
    • 48. Tracking
    • 49. Ongoing Tracking
      Use Google Analytics
      Set up Conversion Goals
      Set up Goal Funnels
      Set up E-commerce tracking (if applicable)
      Set up Webmaster tools and monitor CTR
      Set up web ranking reports to monitor positions
      This will allow you to track the Business Plan you are working towards
    • 50. Google Analytics – Custom Reporting Pt.1
      You can drill down by Source, then display:
      By Keyword.
      This tells you which keywords are making money!
    • 53. Let’s look at Real Data!
    • 54. Real Data – CTR & Conversion(Month 11)
    • 55. Predictions vs.. Actual Data
    • 56. Actual P&L Year 1
    • 57. Actual Payback
    • 58. Future Goals
    • 59. Traffic vs.. Investment
      • 12 months later you are ranking on the first page
      • 60. Average Ranking positions of 10 to 5.
      • 61. How much is a top 2 position worth to you?
      • 62. How much are you willing to spend?
    • 63. Traffic vs.. Investment
      • 23 x more traffic in No.1
      • 64. 5.6 x more traffic in No.2
      • 65. 3.7 x more traffic in No.3
      It is very likely that companies may need to double or triple SEO budgets to gain positions 1 & 2, this is well worth it!
    • 66. Overview
    • 67. Learning Objectives - Recap
    • 68. Question / Debate