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Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
Basic Seo Site Checks
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Basic Seo Site Checks


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Some Simple Checks that can be made with a website

Some Simple Checks that can be made with a website

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Basic SEO Site Checks
    By Gemma Neesham
  • 2. Canonicalisation
    Canonicalisation means being able to access the site through more than one URL
    Google sees these as three different pages even though essentially they are all the home page of the site. This causes duplication problems.
    Resolution: Addresses 2 and 3 need to be redirected to address 1
  • 3. Can Google see the site
    Check how many pages of the site are included in Google’s index using the site command:
    If no pages are cached then Google has not included the site within its index
  • 4. Check for Hidden Text
    What constitutes hidden text?
    • Text which is the same colour as the background
    • 5. Text which is styled to be hidden e.g. Display:none
    By hiding text from the user the search engines think that you are trying to fool them, and it can result in your site being penalised
    Resolution: Either remove or display the content on the page
  • 6. Alt Text
    Alt text should simply describe the image
    It shouldn’t repeat keywords over and over again
  • 7. Meta Structure
    <meta name=“description” content=“description of page” />
    <meta name=“keywords” content=“list of keywords” />
    Check for correct length:
    Does the meta structure contain the keywords?
    (Main Keyword, Unique selling point, call to action)
    Does each page have unique meta data?
    Use Google’s site command
  • 8. XML Sitemap
    Does your site have an xml sitemap?
    This is a sitemap to be read by Google
    This sitemap should list all the pages in your site in xml format
    This sitemap can then be submitted to Google Webmaster tools to help the pages of the site to get included within its index.
    Useful Resource:
  • 9. Google Analytics
    Check that Google Analytics has been installed
    Google Analytics gives you insight into who is viewing your site and where they are coming from e.g. Google, Yahoo, other websites.
    If you are an e-commerce sight it can also track your online profits
  • 10. Any Questions??