IoF Small Charity conference - Community building & social media


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IoF Small Charity conference - Community building & social media

  1. 1. Community building andraising money throughsocial mediaIoF conference: Fundraising in a small charityMichelle FortuneCharity Support Specialist
  2. 2. What we’re going to cover today1. What is social media?2. Facebook & Twitter – the basics3. Using social networks4. Engaging people5. Keeping people interested6. Case study7. Sharing & fundraising
  3. 3. What is social media? ....sharing of information through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
  4. 4. What is social media?
  5. 5. Social Networks – Facebook & TwitterFacebook users create a profile page that At the heart of Twitter are small bursts ofshows their friends and networks information information called Tweets. Each Tweet isabout themselves. 140 characters longPeople can „like‟ your page or add you as a You can access information that interests„friend‟ – you then become part of their you by „following‟ relevant people andnetwork and your news is visible in their organisations. Their tweets then appear in„newsfeed‟ your „twitter feed‟You can create a comprehensive profile You can develop a very basic profile andincluding status add photos, videos and conversations inupdates, images, videos, notes, groups and your Tweetsyour „wall‟. There is no character limit
  6. 6. Social media trends – A few Facebook stats 68% of the UK population is on Facebook 50% of those return to the site daily This is where people are! And they‟re talking...and sharing........can you really afford not to be here too?
  7. 7. Using Facebook & Twitter Set your self some objectives – what do you want to achieve from your pages? Check out charities that work in a similar way to you – how are they using Facebook & Twitter? Example – If you‟re a hospice charity, follow another hospice charity for 2 weeks to see what they do, what they post and how they respond to their followers and friends. Tip – if they use a particular campaign more than once then you know it‟s working for them.
  8. 8. Getting people to engage with you Signpost & promote Tell people your on Facebook & Twitter – add links to your accounts on your emails Promote it offline too – add your Twitter handle or Facebook page link on leaflets, posters or articles. As people to „like‟, „friend‟ or „follow‟ you and then even ask them to spread the word to their online networks too.
  9. 9. Getting people to engage with you Write great content! Starts slow with Facebook while youre starting out. Try adding 1 – 2 new pieces of content a week Dedicate some time to looking through your Facebook & Twitter feeds. You don‟t need to check in constantly throughout the day. Take the time to check your newsfeed, comments and new „friends‟ Only speak when you have something to say! Listen & respond - make the communication 2 way. Tweet, post and also respond to people.
  10. 10. Getting people to engage with you Look at the way other charities are doing it Share other peoples information if you dont have any of your own yet Share stories, facts and interesting bits of information that may be relevant to your charity or interesting to your online community There‟s no need to reinvent the wheel. Share the resources that JustGiving has already written
  11. 11. This is your ‘online community’ “An online community is a social network of individuals who interact through specific social media, potentially crossing geographical and political boundaries in order to pursue mutual interests or goals” - Wikipedia  Your developing your own online community  It‟s a new supporter base that you can engage with  Once you have the interest of your online community, you can ask for their support
  12. 12. Keeping people interested If you‟re promoting something new or taking a different angle on the way you talk to your online community, check to see that its working Check your insights! If you have fewer friends or likes, check your insights to see when they left and why. Discover who is engaging with you on Facebook by age, gender and location See who is talking about your charity in the last month Learn what content is most interesting and engaging
  13. 13. Starting out with social media
  14. 14. Starting out with social media
  15. 15. Case study – Child’s i Foundation There was a tweet....
  16. 16. Case study – Child’s i Foundation
  17. 17. Case study – Child’s i Foundation There was an email...
  18. 18. Case study – Child’s i Foundation
  19. 19. Case study – Child’s i Foundation Then we heard this on Facebook...
  20. 20. Case study – Child’s i Foundation
  21. 21. Case study – Child’s i Foundation
  22. 22. Case study – Child’s i Foundation
  23. 23. How did they do this? They had a great online community that they‟d taken time to build When the call to action came, in this case to help Joey, people responded They promoted it across their networks – Facebook, Twitter and also by email and on their website. They thanked people afterwards and engaged with the people supporting the cause. They kept people updated every step of the way They asked people to share the message and spread the word – which they did
  24. 24. A little bit about sharing....JustGiving has made it easier for donors and fundraisers to share informationon Facebook too. This opens up fundraiser‟s pages to a wider pool of people.
  25. 25. After every action on JustGiving, we encourage you to shareThe Social media communityYou can share all kinds of actions to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & even by email1 share can be worth up to....... Community building through sharing & retweets
  26. 26. A little bit about sharing.... Do your own sharing too. Ask and people will share. Check out these free online tools to help you on your way:
  27. 27. One last thing.....  Your supporters can now donate to your charity without leaving Facebook at all by adding a donation tab app