IoF Small Charity conference - A new fundraiser is coming

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  • Intro 2mins30 mins to give you a picture of the trends, needs and expecations driving your fundraisers.In each section I ll give you stats and data demonstrating needs, how we’ve responded to it and what Then we’ll talk quickly about how to encourage online fundraising vs offline.Let me introduce you toThe new fundraiserTheir motivations haven’t changed...But they have a complex set of needs and expectations.The four areas we’ve identified are:Social mediaMobileIn MemoryEmployee
  • With over half the UK population on Facebook and Twitter, social media has become part of everyday life.Giving is just one thing that people doOnline demands increase yoyFacebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Spotify - All require passwords, pins, and are vying for their attentionThe more you can consolidate and go where people are – the stickier and more effective your London marthon fundraisers will beAre you ready to help your fundraisers reach more people and raise more money through social media?
  • From 2005-2007, email was the main driver of traffic to JustGiving. From the end of 2007, social networks like Facebook overtook. This is what people are doing...
  • This is what your fundraiser is sayingNeed:People give in different placesEnabling your supporter to give where they are – delights them. They appreciate the tools which enable them to raise money
  • So what about now? Using jg people can donate without leaving fb And that maximises their donation Remember JG is a payg/standalone and we’re only successful when you are. So we’re constantly looking for ways to maximise the donations to your charity.In May 2012, 32% of donations came from Facebook, a 130% year on year growth
  • There is an organic trend and we are responding and stimulating this...Greater context and greater reach Enabling sponsors to share their donation creates a viral effect Helping their friend (your marathon fundraiser) toreach more people, with minimal effort- By sharing on Facebook they’re opening up your fundraisers’ page to an even wider pool of people
  • SOCIAL SPONSORSHIPThe key point is that facebook dominates – because that’s where the vast majority of people are 1) the volume is coming from fb2) sharing is more effective on fb – for the same number of shares, you get more people coming back (which is why they value per share is high)3) twitter and linked in – once they come the average they donate is higherFigures are from people prompted to donate post donation Last year JustGiving had 130% YoY growth in the volume of donations coming through Facebook And if we keep going at this rate up to 50% of donations made will originate with Facebook by 2015 Facebook mobile drives more donations than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube combined
  • Fundraisers can update their page.Now with videos.This is extremely powerful...The demographics here may surprise you....
  • Who has a presence on FB? Do you like the new Timeline layout?The Facebook Timeline layout provides a new area at the top of the page for you to add 255 characters of descriptive text ‘About’ your organisation.  Handicap International UK have made their copy clear and concise, so first-time visitors get a real sense of their organisation’s purpose, as well as what content they can expect by liking their page.Next to the ‘About’ section, it’s clear that Handicap International UK has put a lot of thought in to having three prominent ‘call to actions’ on the page, including ‘Donate Now’. With our Facebook Giving application installed, Handicap International UK has made it possible for supporters to donate without leaving Facebook. You can find out more about installing the app on your charity’s Facebook Timeline here. By making it even easier for people to donate, you’ll hopefully see a little added generosity – people give an average of 44% more when they donate without leaving Facebook.
  • The new timeline layout enables charities to go back in time and add important events in your organisation’s history. Macmillan Cancer Support has used the Timeline to tell the story of the charity right back to when it was founded in 1911!
  • Highlighting posts that span the width of your charity’s Facebook page is a new feature introduced in the new Timeline layout. It’s really useful if you have a particular event or appeal that you want to promote to your supporters. The Blue Cross did just this by creating an image, which they posted on their Facebook Timeline, making it span across the entire width of the page. On the image they encouraged supporters who couldn’t make the Tea Party to make a text donation instead, using our free text donation service JustTextGiving by Vodafone.
  • The new cover photo feature is a great way for your charity to have a real impact on visitors to your Facebook Timeline. By using an effective image, Meningitis Research Foundation manage to communicate their focus on research to save lives and inspire hope in their supporters.
  • Like Handicap International UK, War Child UK have used the top section of their Timeline to promote key ‘call to actions’, including an e-newsletter sign-up. It enables visitors to War Child’s Facebook Timeline to sign-up to their monthly newsletters. This is a fantastic way to add new names to your email database and ultimately recruit new donors. Check out email tools such as Dot Mailer and Mail Chimp to find out about their Facebook applications.
  • 30% of our traffic is via facebook – can’t be ignored.Mention that all links in preso can be clicked on afterwardsCreate stronger profile for charity on facebook – extends brand in timelines
  • More people in the world have phones than toothbrushesThese days people are on the move. And they take their mobile with them.Your marathon runners need tools that make it easy for them to fundraise, and for their friends to donate, on the fly. Are you ready to look after their mobile needs?
  • April 2010 – 6% mobileApril 2011 – 15% mobileApril 2012 – 32 % mobileApril 2012 – 15% of donations from mobileMillion pound days each day in april – 30% of those visitors were doing it via mobile
  • DOESN’T INCLUDE TEXTgamechangerEvidence of behavioural change – therefore people have gone mobile We are working in a new landscapeSite was optimised last Jan – SEE BIG SPIKESo we’ve had a 120% YoY increase in mobile browsing to JustGiving YTD (Jan – Jul 2012 vs Jan – Jul 2011)And a YoY increase in donations made through mobile of 688% Morgan Stanley projects that the mobile web will overtake the desktop web by 2014, and we’re bang on trend for that...
  • Mobile optimisation can be the difference between this – and thisTalk about snacktime here!!! Something non productive, junk food, etc. Huge demands on donors time – donations must be quick and optimisedConsider your usersIs your website optimised? (are you lidl or m and s)30% expect this as standard
  • We’ve optimised your charity’s page on JustGiving, so it looks great on a mobile phone
  • We’ve optimised your charity’s page on JustGiving, so it looks great on a mobile phone
  • As a charity – mobile on JG is optimised so you dont need to worry about thatBut how are you talking about using text?Give them the guidance to use this effectivelyRelook at your fundraising a-z and consider how text can be leveragedTell them how to use it – share examplesNote hyperlinks
  • There’s a very good chance your marathon runners are taking on the London marathon In Memory of someone.Are you ready to offer them a tailored fundraising experience and supporter care?
  • As many of your may know – we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of in memory pages on JG over the last 4 years.(31% growth in 2010-2011 alone)Estimated wsan’t good enough....
  • Up to last year while there was an in memory option it wasn’t a comprehensive solution. And yet people used it. Why?Need for non competitive teams....Same motivations (for support) but needs and expectations have evolvedThese ‘groups’s are often complex7 different pages3 different charitiesFamily supported the hospice – others cash for kidsMixture of pure in memory and event+In MemoryRemember that between 50-80 event pages are believed to be in mem motivatedComplex needs can only be served across a standalone – otherwise it enforces silos – and that doesn’t meet the supporters needs.
  • Questions to ask yourselves – Who is looking after these people within fundraisingDo they need tailored comms? They have potential to raise significantly moreAre you coding them differently?Cultivate them as long term supportersMention JG’s fundraiser support team who are trained in dealing with requests from In Mem fundraisersTalk to them – fundraisers have told us they want to hear from the charity. Don’t tread on eggshells – these supporters want to hear from you, and they have a very strong connection to your cause. Acknowledge it, communicate with them and open up.
  • Your london marathon runner is likely to work for a company!!No surprises there – but what is now important is how does that positively affect their fundraising in 2013
  • What is the trend?Despite not having specific product to serve this group.25m last year. Large piece of research and developmentNeed for brand visibilityCompetitive teamsFundraising visibility (reporting)Effective matched givingNot about siloing them off but reflecting their motivations/driversIn memory and companies aren’t mutually exclusive – the 2013 marathon runner
  • Need is there - Employee fundraising: 275 companies on JustGiving. Need is there and adoption is high. Xerox had a VLM team page last year. What does that mean for you as a charity?Since we launched our company fundraising offering in Oct 2011, over 1000 people have linked their fundraising pages to their company’s JustGiving profile. Company Fundraising links people together, creates a fundraising community and encourages friendly competition. Are you offering your corporate partners the best experience and showcase the good work they’re doing for your charity? Does your supporter care and comms reflect the needs of employee fundraisers? Who owns this income – how are you coding the pages?We have teams for the main site but also teams specifically aimed at corporates – part of something bigger
  • One of the most successful – so far
  • TIDY UP SLIDECustom code themso if you want your supporters to have this kind of experience for london marathon.....


  • 1. A new fundraiser is coming –are you ready?IoF conference: Fundraising in a small charitySally
  • 2. What we’re going to cover today1. The new fundraiser  Social media savvy  Mobile user  In Memory motivated  Employee2. Why JustGiving?3. How to get started on JustGiving
  • 3. The new fundraiser ? ? ? ?
  • 4. The new fundraiserSocial media savvy
  • 5. Then...
  • 6. People want to give in different places “You just put it on Facebook and “The best thing for me then, before you know was the link with it, boom, you‟ve got lots Facebook. of people on it and That was the easiest you‟re getting thing” [donations].”
  • 7. Now... In 2012 Facebook drove 1.8 million donors to JustGiving They gave £34 million (up 44% on 2011) Future gazing: By 2015 we estimate more than 50% of donations on JustGiving will come from Facebook
  • 8. Social giving: Greater context, greater reach  Enabling people to share their donations creates a viral effect  Each share encourages more people to give and is worth an extra £5 donation to your charity  In 2012, post-donation sharing on Facebook generated an additional £1.4m in donations to charity
  • 9. Social giving: more exposure  Your charity and your fundraisers can reach more people, with minimal effort  By enabling people to share on Facebook we‟re creating more exposure for your charity and your fundraisers
  • 10. The network effect of fundraising Your fundraisers are great brand ambassadors for your cause One active fundraiser 14.2 sponsors 160 unique visits to their fundraising page 562 friends view posts on Facebook ...and that doesn‟t include all the other ways fundraisers share their story
  • 11. Donations from Sept 2011 to April 2012 £925,817 total £21.50 average donation £4.50 value per share £55,482.48 total £25.18 average £1.80 value per share £21,912 total £33.87 average £3.30 value per share
  • 12. Some social sharing tools Sonny’s law: After every action, get people to share:  Registered for an event?  Made a donation?  Signed a petition?  Signed-up for a newsletter?  Watched a video? Ask them to share the news on Facebook and Twitter! Or you can use tools like AddThis or ShareThis They enable you to add these buttons to your website, so people can share automatically
  • 13. Social giving: the power of an update Video share worth £19 Share worth £12
  • 14. Key tools – Your Facebook presenceThis is a first – we‟ve developed apps thatenable people to donate without leavingFacebook.We have an app for your charity, so you canadd it your organisation‟s Facebook page andreceive donations..And one for your fundraisers, so that theirfriends can sponsor them.Why important? 68% of the UK population is on Facebook. In May 2012, 32% of donations came from Facebook, a 130% year on year growth!
  • 15. Charity case studies – Our top 5 Facebook timelines1) Handicap International UK – For smart use of the „About‟ and „Featured app‟ sections
  • 16. Charity case study – our top 5 Facebook timelines2) Macmillan Cancer Support – For getting creative with the timeline feature
  • 17. Charity case study – our top 5 Facebook timelines3) Blue Cross – For highlighting and promoting interesting content
  • 18. Charity case study – our top 5 Facebook timelines4) Meningitis Research – For using the new cover photo feature
  • 19. Charity case study – our top 5 Facebook timelines5) War Child – For using an email application to encourage newsletter sign-ups
  • 20. Action #1Help your fundraisers raise more through social media bysending them some of JustGiving‟s tipsTop ways of using social Top tips for fundraising Raise more by making a media to fundraise on Twitter video
  • 21. The new fundraiserSocial media savvy Mobile user
  • 22. Growth of mobilePercentage of mobile & tablet visits to JustGiving 45% More people are using 40% 40% the internet on their 35% mobile phones – 36 million people in the 30% 26% UK own a smartphone! 25% 20% When they visit 15% JustGiving on their 10% mobile, we are tailoring 10% 4% their experience, so it 5% continues to be 0% enjoyable, convenient Jan-10 Jan-11 Jan-12 Jan-13 and easy to give.
  • 23. Mobile devices are changing the game % of traffic coming from mobile devices 35 30 120% YoY increase in mobile browsing to 25 JustGiving YTD 20 Other iPad 15 Android iPhone 10 total 5 0
  • 24. Who do you want to be?
  • 25. Mobile optimisation is really important Your fundraisers and their supporters deserve the best Your charity‟s page on JustGiving looks great on a mobile phone.
  • 26. Mobile optimisation is really importantAnd we‟ve created a donation process that‟s super simple, so it‟s noweven easier for people to give on the go to your charity.
  • 27. What to do when online isn’t an optionJustTextGiving by Vodafone is the UK‟sfirst free text donation service You receive 100% of every donation Over 50m mobile users in the UK empowered to give instantly and spontaneously It‟s for your supporters too - they can receive text donations to their fundraising pages Click here to find out more about Free marketing materials for your charity – posters, letter templates JustTextGiving and a banner
  • 28. Key tools – text donations + how it works for donors They see your charity‟s unique six-digit code on an advert, poster or banner They send a text that includes your charity‟s code and an amount (for example, CHAR17 £10) to 70070 They‟ll then receive a thank you message and a link to an online form Here they can confirm whether or not they‟re a UK tax payer That way, your charity benefits from an extra 25% through Gift Aid
  • 29. Charity case study – text donationsA charity that has felt the impact of textdonations is Acorns Children‟s Hospice.It publicised a text code during afootball match and raised £7,500!JustTextGiving is perfect for events justlike this. It also works well for:- Cake bake sales- Bag packing at supermarketsThese days people carry less cash, butthey always have their mobile phone! Click here to read this case study
  • 30. Action #2Encourage your supporters to set up a text code onJustGiving and send them tips on how to use it: How to set up a text code 5 text fundraising tips
  • 31. The new fundraiserSocial media savvy Mobile userIn Memory motivated
  • 32. In Memory growth on JustGiving  31% growth between 2010 and 2011 31%  Donations are 40% higher than average 20%  12% of fundraising in 2012 49% has been linked to In Memory 57%  The top 3 categories are: 1. Running/marathons 2. Other Occasions 3. Walks
  • 33. JustGiving In Memory Collection
  • 34. Action #3Identify which supporters are raising money in memory. Howcan you tailor your comms to these supporters?Based on our research, we suggest: Using the data available to tailor your approach Talking to them Offering them as much support as possible
  • 35. The new London marathon fundraiserSocial media savvy Mobile userIn Memory motivated Employee
  • 36. £25m raised by companies on JustGiving in 2011
  • 37. Fundraisers want to run with their colleagues  Branding  Quick and easy to set up  Reporting  Teams  League tables  Multi-charity partnerships  Long term partnerships  Employee choice of charity
  • 38. Help your corporate partners raise more “JustGiving‟s Company Fundraising profiles are absolutely brilliant and we recommend them to all our corporate partners. I don‟t think we would have raised as much money as we have without it. When we mention JustGiving to our partners, their faces light up - they love it.” - Macmillan
  • 39. Action #4Are your corporate partners one of the 400 companies whoalready have company profiles on JustGiving? If yes – you can encourage your fundraisers to connect to their company. If not, put them in touch with JustGiving and we can help them set up a Company Fundraising profile
  • 40. Digital fundraising – Why bother? Youll raise more money  People are more generous when they give through a website. The average online donation is £30, compared to £15 offline. You’ll make it easy for people to give  50m mobile phone users are ready to give instantly and spontaneously You’ll benefit from automatic Gift Aid reclaim  A whopping 85% of online donations are eligible for Gift Aid, compared to only 43% offline. You’ll be where the people are  A third of people on JustGiving find us through social networks.
  • 41. Why JustGiving?You can trust us with your fundraising because we’re experts in giving We have more than a decade‟s experience in online giving. All of our fundraising tools are built with this expert knowledge, so you‟re in safe hands.Automatic Gift Aid reclaim We automatically reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf – no paperwork for you and an extra 25% on every eligible donation.Its easy for your supporters to raise more We‟ve developed tools for anyone to support your charity at the click of a button. And if your supporters need any help, they can call or email us any day of the week.You’ll have all the tools you need to fundraise all year round Our ongoing investment in world-class technology means your charity automatically benefits from the latest fundraising – such as text giving, facebook fundraising and direct debit donations.
  • 42. How it works – getting started on JustGiving1. Register your details at We‟ll then email you a few simple forms to fill-in.2. Fill in the forms and pop them in the post to us.3. Once we receive your completed forms, well have you registered on JustGiving within 24 hours• Online support:• Email:• Phone: 0845 078 2065
  • 43. Sally
  • 44. About JustGivingWe believe everyone is naturallygenerous and people give when they can.Our founders – Zarine Kharas and Anne-Marie Huby – pictured a world where givingwas easier, more enjoyable and inspiring. In2001 they founded JustGiving and started tomake it happen.We’re proud to say we’ve been growingthe world of giving ever since investingour fees in world-class technology andhelping raise over £1 billion for thousands ofcharities and local causes.We’re creating a future where donating isso inspiring that it becomes part of everydaylife. Where giving is a given.We’d love you to join us.