Going mobile, being social - lessons from Facebook and JustGiving


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More than half of traffic to JustGiving (and your website) comes from mobile and tablet devices. In this presentation we share our experience of going mobile and responsive and give you plenty of tips to follow to make sure your content is great for mobile. Facebook also share their best practices on being social on mobile - because being mobile means being social. And by learning how social content works on mobile, you will help your organisation reach more people.

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Going mobile, being social - lessons from Facebook and JustGiving

  1. 1. Going mobile, being social – lessons from Facebook and JustGiving Lynn Sutton Non Profit Lead – EMEA Facebook.com/business Jonathan Waddingham Social & Labs Product Manager @JustGiving @jon_bedford IoF National Convention July 2014
  2. 2. What we’ll cover Facebook in the UK Advertising and organic reach JustGiving mobile stats Optimising (mobile) sharing Case studies Q&A
  3. 3. Lynn Sutton Non Profit Lead – EMEA
  4. 4. • Facebook is growing! • Newsfeed is becoming more competitive • Relevancy is key
  5. 5. • Know the content you are competing against • Focus on a few key messages • Your fans are your advocates – use them! • Leverage any celebrity endorsements • Remember – not all feeds are created equal
  6. 6. 1. Set up a campaign to achieve your goals 2. Target the right audience 3. Create best practices for all types of campaigns 4. Choose the right campaign bidding 5. Measure success
  7. 7. Smartphone usage in the UK 30.2% 50.9% 62.2% 2011 2012 2013 http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplanet
  8. 8. Mobile and Tablet visits to JustGiving
  9. 9. Visits to JustGiving from mobile Facebook
  10. 10. Mobile Facebook has overtaken desktop Facebook
  11. 11. Ok, so why does that matter?
  12. 12. How would you sum up your campaign in a Facebook post?
  13. 13. Think about the content that people share Title: needs to beeye catching and includea strong call to action Description: needs to add context, emotion and urgency URL:adds trust Usegood images
  14. 14. Do the same for Twitter
  15. 15. Includea call to action Mention youraccount or relevant hashtag UseTwitter cards to pull more information into Twitter More calls to action and context Add trackingcodes to your URLs Tweets are 140 character stories
  16. 16. Twitter cards https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards
  17. 17. Twitter cards pull more content onto Twitter
  18. 18. You can make tweets much more interesting
  19. 19. More clicks = win!
  20. 20. Add suggested accounts post tweet https://about.twitter.com/resources/buttons#tweet
  21. 21. Why bother? Pre-populated tweets have double the click through rate (CTR) Increased CTR on Twitter by >50% through Twitter card integration Structured Facebook shares have 2-3x CTR of standard likes
  22. 22. Obsess about content Why should people care? What imagery do you have? What’s the call to action?
  23. 23. Our mobile journey Jan 2011 July 2012 October 2012
  24. 24. The impact of mobile optimisation
  25. 25. Mobile social sharing
  26. 26. Mobile users share more
  27. 27. “People want to give where they are”
  28. 28. Slacktivism is a myth
  29. 29. Slacktivism is a myth (especially on mobile)
  30. 30. Mobile campaign successes
  31. 31. #nomakeupselfie www.facebook.com/cancerresearchuk
  32. 32. #nomakeupselfie • Mobile first • (charity second) • SMS donations • Shareable
  33. 33. #nomakeupselfie http://bit.ly/JGselfie 30% of mobile & 26% of desktop donors shared their donation The peak of 9,000 concurrent users was at 22.00 on Wednesday 500,000 visits from Facebook from over 11 million impressions in one day
  34. 34. Stephen Sutton
  35. 35. Stats behind the campaign £2.7 million raised online, £1.5 m by SMS 9 m pageviews March-June, 1.7m peak day 43% mobile, 42% desktop, 16% tablet 33% of all traffic from Facebook sources 17% of all traffic from Facebook mobile www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Sutton-TCT
  36. 36. Stats behind the campaign www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Sutton-TCT
  37. 37. What you can learn from this? Ask “what if” we go viral? Not “how do we go viral” Make sure your operations team are available 24/7 Monitor social around the clock, be ready to take opportunities Have SMS and mobile donation services ready Make sure internal decision making can be quick when needed
  38. 38. Mobile usage will only increase
  39. 39. Mobile users share more
  40. 40. Mobile is social, social is mobile
  41. 41. Thanks! Lynn Sutton facebook.com/business Jonathan Waddingham @jon_bedford blog.justgiving.com