Barry O'Reilly, Social Impact, Impact through innovation
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Barry O'Reilly, Social Impact, Impact through innovation

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  • 1. Technology changes how you deliver your mission Social Impact Program
  • 2. Who we are To better Humanity through software… and be a model 21st century socially responsible business Sustainable Excellence Software Champion Business Justice Social
  • 3. Technology that’s driving change: These big 2 !   Mobile !   Cloud
  • 4. Mobile!   Hard to visualize the growth, spread, ubiquity of the tech •  Fastest growing adoption of any technology, ever* •  Near ubiquitous access •  Nearing global usage saturation (80+% estimate, phone count)
  • 5.
  • 6. % Population covered by signal (2009)source:
  • 7. % Market penetration (2010)calculation: mobile connections / populationsource:
  • 8. How does this change your operation?!  Reach everyone!  Have a conversation!  Invert the power structure
  • 9. Cloud!   Mobile phones allow everyone to be heard—by contrast, the cloud lets organizations be everywhere at once.!   Complex definitions aside—it allows one to create a signle technical operation that is accessible, visible and usable everywhere.!   AND it encapsulates all the technical complexity needed so that it can be built, ran and managed by experts outside your organization.!   Mobile is most powerful backed by Cloud—be everywhere and engage anyone.
  • 10. What’s it mean to me?!   Access to technology without needing to be technologists (it’s some one else’s problem)!   Central management of remote infrastructure (it’s some one else’s problem)!   Global reach!   Global scale!   Expertise and cost are barely barriers anymore
  • 11. Put Mobile & Cloud Together and you can!  Converse!  Empower (and invert)!  Reach!  Scale scale scale!  Taking offline on
  • 12. Examples! Motech Mobile Midwife! CycleTel! uReport!  Yes Youth Can
  • 13. Scale: Motech Mobile Midwife! Grameen saw opportunity—studies showed the regular visits from community health workers to pregnant mothers improved health outcomes (lowered maternal mortality, improved neo-natal health)!  Can’t send a community health workers to every pregnant woman [maybe should aim for?]!  Can you get some of the benefit by reaching everyone via Mobile (SMS/Voice) AND target the community health workers attention to cases most in need
  • 14. Scale: CycleTel
  • 15. Empower & Reach: Yes Youth Can!  A program to productively engage youth in rural areas!  Build a sense of community!  Provide community based lively hood opportunities
  • 16. Converse & Empower: uReport
  • 17. Balance Scale and Local innovation Country Province (districts) District Villagee
  • 18. How can you...!  Extend your reach?!  Scale your impact?!  Empower the disempowered?!  Invert the power structures? #thoughtworks #sip