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Published on Canadian Strategic Partnership Overview Canadian Strategic Partnership Overview

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  • 1. 1
    Strategic Partnership ProposalSpring 2011
  • 2. JustFundraising
    The team has assisted over 27,000 groups raise a combined $57 million to date. Our customers’ needs vary from a soccer team needing $1,000 to attend an out-of-state tournament, to an elementary school needing to raise $25,000 for a new playground. We even help individual students raise $2,000 or more for their dream school trip to Europe.
    Whatever the group or cause, and whatever the fundraising objective, we always do our very best to help our customers achieve their goals. Our entire team has one common goal – to help you raise more.
    We are firm believers that you can achieve whatever goals you set, and we are thrilled to help you reach yours!
  • 3. Our Mission
    JustFundraising’s mission is to be the leading online fundraising resource for America’s youth market. JustFundraising will continue to leverage the power of the Internet to provide youth groups with quality traditional and innovative fundraising programs, higher profit margins,key strategies to successful fundraising, faster and more convenient service.
    We will continue to provide coaches, teachers, pastors, principals and other group leaders with a complete fundraising resource and the best customer service in the industry.
    Experienced, Customer Focused & Market Leaders
  • 4. Who We Are
    JustFundraising ( has specialized in providing fundraising programs for youth markets for 12 years. Our team’s experience in the fundraising market has allowed us to become one of the most successful and respected fundraising companies. meets the needs of the fundraising market by offering a complete online fundraising resource which offers a bigger selection of products, better customer service, unique online fundraising tools and valuable content. Always with a customer focused attitude.
    Experienced, Customer Focused & Market Leaders
  • 5. 5
    Scratch Cards
    Scratch & Help cards are the most preferred scratch card program in fundraising. They offer a fun and unique way to raise significant funds. Your group will earn up to 100% profit.
    Our Products:
    The best mix
    of traditional, innovative
    and profitable fundraising products to meet the needs of
    your users.
    PrePortioned Cookie DoughOnly the highest quality ingredients go into each cookie. Creamy butter, fresh whole eggs, premium nuts, wholesome rolled oats, and the finest chocolate.
    Discount Cards
    $6 profit for your group on every card sold. Your group name is printed on every card! Supporters enjoy 20 discount offers, this card is easy to carry, it fits in your wallet!
    Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
    Premium Jack Link's beef jerky sticks make for a perfect snack and an excellent fundraiser! Your group will have no problem selling this name brand fundraising product.
    Candy Bars
    Get the best value for your group and your customers with Cadbury’sCaramilk ® chocolate. There is no other chocolate in fundraising that compares favourably to Cadbury. These bars sell themselves.
    Easy to sell in many popular shapes and flavors including carosel rounds, lips and hearts. Maynards® Juicy Squirts and Sour Cherry Blasters also available.
  • 6. Finally a partnership opportunity that meets your revenue needs
    and your users’ fundraising needs.
    The JustFundraising partnership will benefit your organization:
    • Generate a constant flow of income for your organization
    • 7. Meet the growing fundraising needs of your users
    • 8. Put more funds in the hands of your users to spend with you and your sponsors
    • 9. Compliment your organization’s products and services
    Ideal for both your organization and its users
    without any cost or additional work.
  • 10. JustFundraising Works with You
    We make it simple and profitable for your organization:
    • You simply refer your users to us for their fundraising needs
    • 11. All your referrals are tracked so you get paid for every order
    • 12. You get a complete fundraising web site and store for your users
    • 13. You are provided with everything you need to promote us as your fundraising partner:
    -Web site banners -Helpful fundraising articles
    -Promotional flyers -Promotional ads
    -Free fundraiser samples -Newsletters
    With very little effort your organization will
    generate income and help your users.
  • 14. Earn More Income for Your Organization
    Revenue Sharing Plan: Your organization will earn income through revenue sharing on all order dollars (sales $) from customers referred by you to us.
    • Payment monthly for a constant flow of income
    • 15. Detailed monthly sales report
    • 16. Full tracking of all referrals from first contact to final order
    The best revenue share plan:
    • Unlimited income opportunity
    • 17. Direct reward for any additional promotion done
    • 18. A simple formula for easy tracking and payment every month
    JustFundraising guarantees sales by offering
    the fundraisers your users are looking for.
  • 19. Earn More Income for Your Organization
    Revenue Sharing Details:
    Your organization will earn revenue for each and every of your referrals that orders from us.Simply based on a percentage applied to order dollars:
    20% on allCategory 1products (Scratch & Discount Cards)10%on allCategory 2products (Cookie Dough) 5%on allCategory 3products (Lollipops, Beef Jerky & Candy Bars)
    Unlimited Revenue Possibility for Your Organization
    Example is based on a $75 average revenue share per order.
  • 20. All orders from your referrals are tracked:
    In all cases, when your referrals request a sample or place an order,
    the information is automatically entered into our database.
    Through Your Web Site:
    All of your referrals will be tracked coming through a banner on your web site, an e-newsletter, promotional e-mail or other web-related medium. We will apply your partner code to all links leading to from your web properties.
    Through Direct-Mail / Publication Promotions:
    Wherever your organization promotes through your publication mediums, a campaign code will be used to tag your referrals. Also, a unique URL will be published as to direct your referrals to your customized JustFundraising store.
    By Phone:
    On any direct-mail or web related promotional material, a toll-free number and dedicated operator number will be included. All callers are asked to identify what operator number they require and the source that directed them to JustFundraising.
    You will earn revenue for each and every of your
    referrals that orders from us. Guaranteed!
  • 21. What JustFundraising will do to promote our partnership:
    • Provide a full transaction fundraising store customized for your organization
    • 22. Provide all e-mail promotions and content (mailed by you or us)
    • 23. Provide valuable, fresh fundraising information for your web site’s fundraising page
    • 24. Provide valuable, fresh fundraising information for your e-newsletters and other publications
    • 25. Mail out fundraising samples and information to your users as they request them
    • 26. Include any of your organization information in our mail outs or e-mails to your users
    We will provide everything necessary to promote our partnership.
  • 27. Current Strategic Partners
  • 28. Our Vendor Partners
  • 29. What Our Customers Are Saying:
    Thanks to JustFundraising, the Norwalk Mariners will be fully outfitted with new equipment, and the players are receiving full uniforms, without the parents having to pay hundreds of dollars. Thanks!!!- Richard S. Kurtzman, Norwalk Mariners
    Our Softball team has used the Scratch Card program twice now! A huge success, raising about $2,300 each time! I highly recommend this to other teams needing to raise a lot of money, quickly! - Gail Fosatti, Foothill Softball
    I want to say a special thanks to Vicky for all her help in filling my orders in a timely fashion. I was down to half a case and decided we needed more pops. By the time she had our order the next case was on my doorstep within two working days. Thanks again for your speediness and prompt filling of our orders. It has been a very pleasant FUN-raiser!!!
    - Joan Perez, Garden Spot Soccer Club
    Thank you SOO much for taking care of that for me! I was very worried. I have already placed an order for a sample kit but thank you so very much for the offer. It's nice to know there are still "caring" business people in the world!
    - Myra Dunton, HHS Flag Squad - Captain
    Customer satisfaction is the corner stone of our corporate culture.
  • 30. Advantage Summary - Why Partner With JustFundraising:
    • Best revenue share plan with unlimited revenue potential
    • 31. Largest Selection of quality products meeting the needs of your users
    • 32. Value added fundraising information resource for your users
    • 33. Compliment your organization’s services with fundraising
    • 34. Customizable online fundraising store with your organization’s look
    • 35. The most automated fundraising shopping cart on the web
    • 36. The most professional customer service available in the fundraising industry
    • 37. No effort and investment of resources on your organization’s part
    • 38. JustFundraising’s many proven years experience in the fundraising market
    • 39. Partnership synergy yielding long term growth for both partners
    Our goal is to build a long term partnership and to work closely
    with your organization so to ensure growth and success for us both.
  • 40. How to get started:
    Please contact JustFundraising’s Partnership Department and we will be happy to answer your questions and get started building a solid partnership.
    Contact Info:
    Michael Regina, Online Marketing Manager
    Fax: 888-440-7448
    Mail: 1310 Route 9, Champlain, New York, 12919
    Other Partnership Options:
    • Flat Advertising (flat fee based on ad metrics for banners, links, print media ads)
    • 41. Pay Per Referral (flat fee paid per qualified referral)