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Weight loss is a process which needs motivation, mentoring and right choice to achieve the goal. Weight loss plans fail due various reasons one of them is lack of right information and motivation. Refer to Just for Hearts weight loss plans and Free telephonic consultation to start your Health journey!

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Weight loss plan

  1. 1. Concerned about Weight??Concerned about Weight??Helpline No: 09266802992
  2. 2. Find out how much overweightFind out how much overweightyou are:you are: Calculate your Ideal Body Weight with a simpleformula Ideal Body Weight (kgs)= Height (cms) – 100For ex: If your height is 150cms,150 – 100 = 50kgsIdeal Weigh is 50 kgsHelpline No: 09266802992
  3. 3. Not is Ideal Range??Not is Ideal Range??Here are some secrets toget into Ideal Body WeightHelpline No: 09266802992
  4. 4. Secrets to Lose WeightSecrets to Lose WeightHelpline No: 09266802992
  5. 5. Eat Small & Frequent MealsEat Small & Frequent Meals Helps to boost metabolism Burns more calories Tend to consume fewer calories in next meal Helps in losing weightHelpline No: 09266802992
  6. 6. Eat Lots of Fruits & VeggiesEat Lots of Fruits & VeggiesControls appetitePromotes weight lossReduces cholesterolHelpline No: 09266802992
  7. 7. Drink Plenty of WaterDrink Plenty of WaterKeeps you hydratedPromotes weight lossHelpline No: 09266802992
  8. 8. 30 Minutes is the KEY!30 Minutes is the KEY!30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least 5days a week helps in losing weight.Helpline No: 09266802992
  9. 9. No time to follow on your own??No time to follow on your own??Need a Support?Need a Support?Our Dietitians will help youONLINEHelpline No: 09266802992
  10. 10. Why Just for Hearts?Why Just for Hearts? Access your plan from anywhere No geographical limitations Counseling with Experts over Call/Chat/Skype Customized Plans as per your needsJust for Hearts Online diet plans are great way to behealthy from comfort of your home!Helpline No: 09266802992
  11. 11. Online Weight Loss PlanOnline Weight Loss Plan Key Features Expert Dietitians Available Well managed online profile Access your plan from anywhere Meet us at our offices in selected cities Easy Registration Transparent privacy and return policy Your satisfaction is our goalHelpline No: 09266802992
  12. 12. How does this plan work?How does this plan work?Helpline No: 09266802992
  13. 13. Know More..Know More..View Sample Weight Loss PlanTo know more about OnlineWeight Loss Diet Plans Click Hereor call us on 9266802992Helpline No: 09266802992
  14. 14. Just for Hearts also offersJust for Hearts also offersONLINE SERVICESONLINE SERVICESAsk a doctorPublic ForumDiet plansAsk a SpecialistONSITE SERVICESONSITE SERVICESHealth SessionsHealth Check-upsCardio wellnessCentrewww.justforhearts.orgFollow us on:Click Here to subscribe for MonthlyNewsletter