Modern lifestyle & heart diseases Just for Hearts


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Just for Hearts takes a look at modern lifestyle and its ill effects on overall health. As nowadays hectic schedules, irregular meal timings and wrong food choices taking a toll on your health, it has become necessary to force on lifestyle management.

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Modern lifestyle & heart diseases Just for Hearts

  1. 1. Modern Lifestyle & Heart Diseases
  2. 2. YOGA-THONPlace- Times Square, New York Date- 21st June,2010
  3. 3. But current scenario in India is Total percentage of death in India due to cardiovascular diseases age group 25- 69 MALE FEMALE TOTAL 26.3 22.5 24.8
  4. 4. LifestyleIt’s the way of living by• an individual• families• communities• even nationsIn relation with the physical, psychological, economical, social and cultural aspect.
  5. 5. Diet Community Daily Gatherings Routine Changes take Inter PersonalRelationshi place in Occupation ps Family Work Structure Culture
  6. 6. Let’s go back for sometime…
  7. 7. Earlier and ‘original’ lifestyle followed by Indians Diet and Food habitsFresh fruits Simple &nutritious foodUse of Banana Home madeleaf spices
  8. 8. Occupations Farming Manual work- Carpentry, Pottery etc.
  9. 9. Family StructureAlmost 4 generations living under one roof
  10. 10. Transport
  11. 11. Communication
  12. 12. Community gatheringsNurturing the culture by celebrating festivals together
  13. 13. Truly Healthy Lifestyle Regular routine Pollution free No use of machinery for Environment householdReligious impact Family- A primary Availability of fresh school of life food
  14. 14. Indian Lifestyle changed due to1.Industrialisation2.Globalisation3.Displacements4.Foreign trips5.Cable networks6.Easy availability of communication devises7.Many ways of transport/commuting
  15. 15. Change in working style and thuschanged daily routine - Call Center
  16. 16. Changed Food HabitsJunk food Social drinking Responsible for High Cholesterol & Blood sugar
  17. 17. Easy Transport Facilities Less walking
  18. 18. Increased Work Pressure
  19. 19. Increased Stress Level
  20. 20. Today’s lifestyle
  21. 21. HeartVarious Conditions -•Normal (relaxed)normal rate and blood pressure•Under pressureincreased rate and blood pressure• Pressureimproved performance•Chronic pressure (stress)hypertension and chest pains
  22. 22. Stress and Heart• If stress is intense, and stress hormones are not ‘used up’ by physical activity, our raised heart rate and high blood pressure would put tension on arteries and cause damage to them.• As the body heals this damage, artery walls scar and thicken, which can reduce the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart
  23. 23. Sometimes going BACK is good…
  24. 24. Let’s follow a Healthy Lifestyle
  25. 25. It might seem at times that you can move mountains, but don’t forget, after the move you will need a lot of rest…
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