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Today mobile phones are becoming an addiction. This is not only for adults but also school going kids. It has become a part of our lifestyle but the health hazards as a result of this can not be …

Today mobile phones are becoming an addiction. This is not only for adults but also school going kids. It has become a part of our lifestyle but the health hazards as a result of this can not be ignored.
This issue was touched upon by Dr. Ravindra L. Kulkarni, Director, Just For Hearts, in an event organised by the Cellular Operator Association of India and AUPSI. The aim was to spread health awareness and inform the ill effects of our new lifestyles.

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  • 1. Heart, Health, Lifestyle & More… For Cellular Operator Association of India www.justforhearts.org
  • 2. A discussion on ‘ Mobile Radiations and Health’ With Dr Ravindra L. Kulkarni Just For Hearts www.justforhearts.org
  • 3. Few Facts
    • We are exposed to electromagnetic radiations without realizing while we are
    • Outside - from radio towers, TV towers, etc
    • Undergoing a medical examination like an x-ray
    • Even while using everyday home appliances such as microwave ovens, laptops, heaters, air conditioners, etc
    • Mobile Transmission Towers emit similar radiations
  • 4.
    • Thus we have always been exposed to these radiations but we noticed that they ‘could’ be harmful only after the advent of mobile phones.
  • 5. How are these waves measured?
    • The invisible lines of force that surround ANY electrical device that is turned on after plugging in are called Electric & Magnetic Fields ( EMF ) or Radio Frequency ( RF ) Energy
    • RF Energy is emitted from communication devices, radio, TV broadcast, satellite communication, etc
    • The Unit Of Measure for RF Energy that can be absorbed by the human body is called ‘ Specific Absorption Rate’ or SAR
  • 6. How much is too much or harmful?
    • The permissible limit (as per international standards) of SAR for handsets/mobile phones is 2 W/KG.
    • Non –Ionising Radiations mean they are not strong enough to cause any harm/damage to human cells leading to genetic disorders, etc
    • Radio Frequency Range required by cellular phones lies in the non-ionizing band of the spectrum and do not have enough energy to cause any genetic damage or pose any health risks.
  • 7. WHO Concludes…
    • “ Recent surveys have shown that the RF exposures from base stations range from 0.002% to 2% of the levels of international exposure guidelines, depending on a variety of factors such as the proximity to the antenna and the surrounding environment. This is lower or comparable to RF exposures from radio or television broadcast transmitters.” WHO Fact Sheet May, 2006
  • 8. What you should remember..
    • Too much of everything is bad, hence dependence on any technological device should be minimal.
    • Cut down on mental and physical stress, which are inevitable in today’s lifestyle.
    • Everyday exercise regime that suits your needs and body will keep your cells recharged
    • This will go longer in keeping you healthy rather than worrying about mobile radiations!
  • 9. Website :  www.justforhearts.org Email:  [email_address]  ,  [email_address]    Direct :  +91 20 27610671 , +91 20 67306537 Mobile : +91 94223 00251 Blog :   justforhearts.wordpress.com    Twitter :  twitter.com/justforhearts   Facebook :  facebook.com/justforhearts Linked In :  linkedin.com/pub/dr-ravindra-lkulkarni/15/258/4ab   www.justforhearts.org
  • 10. www.justforhearts.org