3 Easy ways to control High BP


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High BP - leading silent killer , unless we take proactive steps in measuring our BP , assess the risk factors for it , it can have serious outcomes at times . Health screening , diet & Lifestyle modification as well as optimum dose adjustments is the key to management of Hypertension .

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3 Easy ways to control High BP

  1. 1. 3 Easy ways to control high BPJust For Hearts – Health , Heart, Lifestyle& MoreIndia’s fasted growing Health portal
  2. 2. Author Dr Manisha Deokar Preventive Cardiologist Just For Hearts
  3. 3. Blood Pressure – what it is ?• Blood pressure ispressure of bloodin your arteries.• changes alongwith contractionand relaxation ofHeart .
  4. 4. What does number means ?•Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm of hg.• The top number represent higher level ofyour blood pressure when your heartcontract and pump the blood to arteries, it iscalled as Systolic Blood Pressure ( SBP ) .•Second number represent lower level ofblood pressure as your heart relaxes inbetween two contractions and is called asDiastolic Blood Pressure ( DBP )
  5. 5. Age at diagnosisHigh BP – Hypertension -means your blood pressureremains constantly higherthan normal.Though common age ofpresentation of high bloodpressure is 45 to 50now days hypertension isalso detected at higher agegroup like 30 to 35.
  6. 6. Why at young age ? • Stress •Addictions – smoking , alcohol • Lack of exercise • Wrong food choices , junk food •Obesity .
  7. 7. Symptoms of B.P• Mostly asymptomatic• Persistent headache• Giddiness,• Fainting,• Nose bleeding,• In very high levelblood pressureperson usually lands upwith stroke of heartattack
  8. 8. Complications•If not detected in time ,most of the cases arediagnosed withcomplications of High BPlike Heart Attackand paralysis .•Also long standinguncontrolled hypertensionis leading cause of kidneyfailure
  9. 9. Before reaching a diagnosis of High BP•Don’t get panic with one highreading of BP•Only one high reading of bloodpressure does not means youare suffering from high bloodpressure,•Record on two differentoccasions ,Preferably 15 daysapart Quiet condition•.Record in sitting and supineposition
  10. 10. Easy steps to control BP Health screening• Blood sugar, BUN , Creatinine•Lipid Profile•Urine Routine• ECG ,• Stress Test ,•2 D EchocardiographyAdvanced tests are requiredfor young cases ..
  11. 11. 2 Diet & Lifestyle modificationGeneral principles include•Preferably Vegetarian diet•Low fat•Less oil intake•Low salt•Regular exercise•Stress relaxation ways like Meditationand Yoga•Stop smoking & no or reduced alcoholintake
  12. 12. 3 Start & adjust dose of drugs Start of Anti HypertensiveDrugs Its advice to start withone dose ofantihypertensiveat one time and increaseits dose to maximumpossible before we anotherantihypertensive drug
  13. 13. Targets for Normal BP•Target your bloodpressure to 120/ 80 ormaximum 130/80 mm hg•Regular blood pressuremonitoring in one monthis essential•Self monitoring of bloodpressure is alsoencouraged
  14. 14. Any Questions ?•Feel free to discuss all your querieswith us on Just For Hearts PublicForum•Easy to sign up ,• Free registrations•Answers by healthcare expertsfrom Just for Hearts .
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