Consulting profile Juergen Jaeger


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Consulting profile Juergen Jaeger

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Consulting profile Juergen Jaeger

  1. 1. CONSULTING PROFILE JIS Jäger Info Service Jürgen Jäger
  2. 2. VALUE PROPOSITION  Experienced CTO  Founder of start-up companies (> 10 years experience)  Expertise in Big Data, BI and software development  Expertise in Open Source marketing and business development  Available for CTO, CTO in residence or business development engagements with start-up companies to leverage the analytical process in the BI or Big Data as Data Scientist  Track records of engagements • Owner and partner at Addinsoft (XLSTAT) for 8 years: revenue and customers quadrupled • Founder and owner at Logmetrix start-up for an eCRM solution. Company sold to Thales and Com&stay • Project director and owner at Pertinence for BPM software now part of Dassault systemes
  3. 3. CONSULTING DOMAINS  CTO and software architect for Big Data: • CTO at Addinsoft for a statistical Excel plug-in running on different platforms containing over 250k lines of code • Associated software developer and module owner at IBM (IBM software process) • CTO at Logmetrix start-up for an eCRM solution. Development, testing and maintenance of the software suite • Integration of eCRM solution into existing Thales software • Development of an EIS prototype for Cegid • Development and deployment of an MIS for SHD • Development of software for BASF for running parallel calculation
  4. 4. CONSULTING DOMAINS  Technical pre-sales and consulting for software, Data Scientist: • Project director at Pertinence. Presales, proof of concept and consulting for data mining software at major Pharmaceutical and Aeronautic customers applying continuous improvement (6 Sigma, total quality). Customers included Johnson & Johnson, Volvo Aero, Airbus, EADS, Capital One, Bosch, Siemens, BMW, Sanofi, Toyota F1 • Senior Consultant at Thales: Presales for a CRM solution and customer specific data mining developments. Banking, editors and marketing customers • Lab-based consulting at IBM for a data mining product and partner support. Banking, insurance and other sectors. Customers included BCH (now Bankia), Lyonnaise de Banques, Schindler • Consulting for Deutsche Bank analyzing web and video logs of an intranet solution at Logmetrix
  5. 5. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Since 12/2005 Managing Owner at Addinsoft in PARIS - Responsible for build process of the XLSTAT product (an Excel Add-in for statistical analysis) running on Windows and MacOS platforms - Porting of source code of the algorithms to C++ and configuration management of the code for more than 8 years - Management of the German market (support, translation) and of technological partnerships (Microsoft Excel TAP and Intel Premium Partner) - Research and development of new product modules for customer requirements in the fields of DOE, SPC and statistical analysis 01/2004-09/2005 Project Director at Pertinence in PARIS - Consulting in the domain of continuous improvement (6 Sigma, total quality) at major pharmaceutical and aeronautic customers - Relationship management with German consulting customers - In charge of internal Taskforce for the definition and deployment of new consulting modules for the pharmaceutical, aeronautic and nuclear industries 02/2002-01/2004 Senior Consultant at KALIMA (a branch of THALES) in PARIS - Consulting in the domain of Data Mining and CRM for banking and insurance customers - Responsible for the internal Data Mining competence center - Supervision of software development in the field of Data Mining - Functional and technical integration of software from Logmetrix into the Kalima software offering 02/2000-02/2002 Founder and CTO of Logmetrix in PARIS - Development of eCRM (customer relationship management via Internet) Software suite including Webmining tools - Management of a 25 person team on 3 products as CTO - Board member, responsible for the software strategy - Implementation of the first product prototype and the overall technology - Responsible for the product’s marketing roadmap 07/1997-02/2000 Developer and responsible for roadmap at IBM in BÖBLINGEN Third mission - responsible for customer feedback analysis concerning the Intelligent Miner product - Member of the Intelligent Miner project office, specialized in customer requirements Second mission - Member of the “professional services” team for Intelligent Miner product - In charge of the technical scenarios for technology fairs (CEBIT) First mission - Owner of 2 software components (statistical algorithms) - Associated software engineer in the “Intelligent Miner” product team
  6. 6. CONSULTING ENGAGEMENTS AND INTERNSHIPS Since 1995 Working Freelance as JIS (JÄGER INFO SERVICE) based in ANDERNACH, Germany. 04/2004-12/2005 Missions in Germany, France, USA and other countries - research and development of statistical software components - test and quality improvement in the development process - marketing and technical presales 06/1998-08/1998 3 months consulting for BASF in LUDWIGSHAFEN Development of a tool for parallel calculation 11/1995-12/1996 10 months at SHD in ANDERNACH & 06/1991-07/1991 Design and development of software including an EIS solution 06/1995-10/1995 9 months at CEGID Informatique in LYON & 12/1995-06/1996 Development of an EIS (Executive Information system) 12/1996-1/1997 2 months at AUDI AG in INGOLSTADT Logistics planning in the fields of JIT (just-in-time) and GVZ (intermodal exchange center of goods) 09/1996-11/1996 3 months at IBM Entwicklung GmbH in BÖBLINGEN Porting and testing of a Data Mining product (Intelligent Miner) under AIX and WINDOWS
  7. 7. TECHNICAL SKILLS AND RESEARCH Technical skills Programming languages: Java, C++/C, VB Modeling: UML, XML, RUP Platforms: Windows; UNIX; Linux; MacOS; OS/390; Domino; WebSphere; Apache Database and BI: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, Business Objects Statistics and Data Mining: SAS, SPSS, SPLUS, Intelligent Miner, XLSTAT, R, Tableau Configuration management & request track: Clearcase, Clearquest, CMVC, CVS, Bugzilla, Subversion 2010 “Certification of appreciation” award from Microsoft for the participation in the Excel 2010 TAP (technology adaption program). Only 50 companies worldwide were selected by Microsoft. 2010 “Recognition Award” from Intel for partnership program. Received the premium partner level in the Intel program In 2000 Author of an American patent in the field of Data Mining during work at IBM: “Method, computer program and data processing system for data clustering” used by IBM 1999-2002 Member of the European Commission’s “Expert-Evaluateur” candidates (field: Data Mining)
  8. 8. OTHER PROFILE INFORMATION Languages German : native speaker English, French : fluent (spent more than 15 years in France) Spanish : reading and writing Russian : basics Working experience - over 8 years in Germany - over 13 years in France - over 10 years in start-ups and grown-ups - over 15 years in innovative companies within the IT sector International consulting experience and business development in: Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Sweden, USA, South Africa and Monaco Contact information: Jürgen Jäger 15, Rue Jacquemont 75017 PARIS Mobile +33 (0) 686407004 Email Skype jjaeger2 Linkedin