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Hitlers - disciples - handlangers
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Hitlers - disciples - handlangers


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Geschiedenis: Hitlers - disciples - handlangers …

Geschiedenis: Hitlers - disciples - handlangers

I use my own material and material from colleagues who have presented their work also on internet.

I claim nothing. This is merely educational fair use.

Educational fair use:

"the fair use of a copyrighted work (...) for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright"

But I claim nothing, All trademarks, works and images used are properties of their respective owners. If I violate any form of copyright please contact me and I will give credit.

Published in: Education, News & Politics

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  • 1. HITLER’S DISCIPLES Unit III The Third Reich
  • 2. Hitler’s Disciples
    • The Men behind The Man
      • Hitler relied upon the support of thousands of followers to build and manage the National Socialist movement
      • For help in planning and managing the Nazi “state,” Hitler selected the friends and party members he felt were most loyal and dedicated
      • Top party leaders were given positions of power with the promised incentive of future wealth
    • Hitler’s Disciples
      • Hermann Goering
      • Rudolf Hess
      • Josef Goebbels
      • Alfred Rosenberg
      • Heinrich Himmler
  • 3. Hitler’s Disciples
    • Hermann Goering
      • Background
        • Son of a wealthy judge
        • Popular and decorated WWI “ace” pilot
        • Joined the Nazi party as a prize recruit in 1921
        • Becomes addicted to morphine after being shot in Beer Hall Putsch
      • Pre-Third Reich leadership
        • Appointed by Hitler to command the SA in December 1922.
        • Used his aristocratic background and war-hero status to recruit political and financial support from conservative business and army elites
  • 4. Hitler’s Disciples
    • Rudolf Hess
      • Background
        • Son of a wealthy German merchant
        • Twice-wounded WWI vet who reached the rank of lieutenant
        • Joined the Nazi party in 1921 after hearing one of Hitler’s first speeches
        • Became one of Hitler’s closest friends
      • Pre-Third Reich leadership
        • Helped Hitler write Mein Kampf while both were imprisoned at Landsberg
        • Served without official party rank as Hitler’s personal secretary
  • 5. Hitler’s Disciples
    • Joseph Goebbels
      • Background
        • Born into a strict, working-class Catholic family in 1897
        • Studied history and literature at the University of Heidelberg
        • Rejected from service during WWI because of a crippled foot/leg
        • Joined the NSDAP into 1922
      • Pre-Third Reich leadership
        • Regional business manager  District leader  Reich Propaganda Leader
        • Designed propaganda posters and articles, staged parades, organized street and beer-hall brawls
  • 6. Hitler’s Disciples
    • Alfred Rosenberg
      • Background
        • Born in Russia in 1893 where he joined a eventually joined a pro-German group
        • Supported the Russian monarchists during the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia before escaping to France and moving to Germany in 1918
        • Rosenberg joined NSDAP in 1923 and became Hitler’s close friend
      • Pre-Third Reich leadership
        • Served as editor of Nazi-sponsored paper V oelkischer Beobachter
        • Founded the League for German Culture in 1929, then appointed to coordinate NSDAP ideological training and education programs
  • 7. Hitler’s Disciples
    • Heinrich Himmler
      • Background
        • Son of a very religious Catholic teacher who had once tutored the Bavarian Crown Prince
        • Served as an officer cadet at the end of World War I
        • Joined the NSDAP in 1923 and participated in the Beer Hall Putsch
      • Pre-Third Reich leadership
        • In 1929, Hitler appointed Himmler to head his personal bodyguard, the black-shirted Schutzstaffel (SS),
        • Himmler worked to make his small force of 200 men a superior organization within the Nazi “state”