Renewable energy


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WWW Model. Waste Work on Waste

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  • Renewable energy

    1. 1. Renewable EnergyMichal Blaszkiewicz29.11.2011
    2. 2. Project Overview• How to use renowable resources we are surrounded with and use them to create new energy.• In this project would like to present concept how can we help environment by obtaining energy from waste and reuse it to create alternative sources of energy.
    3. 3. Waste Work on Waste System• The energy is everywhere, why not take something that is already used and benefit from it?The Green Conept o Develop a way to obtain energy from waste o Reuse that energy to create new one.
    4. 4. Gasyfication of car tires and rubber waste.• In present times we are facing constant increase of deposits of rubber waste simultaneously we dont have a system that could process them on a global scale.• Globally 20-30% of rubber waste is being reused every year. So what is happening with the rest… ?
    5. 5. Car Tyre Energy - The rest can be utilized to produce clean energyo Help the environmento Create energyo Develop new technologies We can do it by designing WWW Model.
    6. 6. ‘’Waste Work on Waste’’ Model
    7. 7. From one ton of car tires thanks to special system calledtyre gasyfication and combustion we can recover 8000 kWh of clean energy. Which is 20% more energy if we would use COAL. 70-80% Where Value of carbon can Where 5% is 20-30% go beyond is ash carbon is ash 80% Energy value Energy value 8 6 MWh MWh Energetic value of Coal Energetic value of Car Tire
    8. 8. Opportunities Possibility of creating a cheap and clean alternative or emergency Possibility of source of energy, Short payback running new time of environment investment friendly One gasifier is Energetic able to return its Iniciatives investment in one Possibilities year. and benefits for industry by using WWW Gaining new system Improve resources and profitability therefore gaining in energy more consuming independence industry
    9. 9. SummaryTaking into account efficiency of thermal processes it canbe seen that the energy potential of 14 kg of gaseous fuelobtained from waste rubber equal to 112 kWh completelycovers the energy demand for thermally processing 90 kg ofplastic waste.As you can see, already in the initial stage of WWW System"Waste work on Waste ".
    10. 10. My personal Energy is ability to discover the world, therefore expand and broaden my mind by learning about new cultures, languages and developing new interests and ideas. It is an opportunity to grow personally by experiencing as much as possible. Gracias