Building a company blog juno kughler carlson


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How one public transit agency engaged an audience and grew an award-winning blog in just six months.

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Building a company blog juno kughler carlson

  1. 1. Building A How one transitCompany Blog agency engaged an audience and grew an award- winning blog in just six months. Juno Kughler Carlson
  2. 2. In 2012, Omnitrans begana new blog featuring newsand story profiles of itspassengers and employees.It earned 1st place in theSocial Media Blog categoryin the APTA 2012 AdWheelcompetition.
  3. 3. Why is blogging so Builds online brand reputationimportant to an onlinemarketing campaign? Defines who you are and what sets you apart in your industry Identifies brand ambassadors Generates goodwill Humanizes you as a company Encourages social sharing Provides social media content Creates partnership opportunities Forms the basis for press releases
  4. 4. Blogging & your social networks:Blogging not only providesoriginal content for your socialnetworks, it also increasesaudience engagement.Thanks largely to the blog stories we’ve sharedon our Facebook page in 2012, our fanengagement has risen from 479 in January to2,402 in August—an total increase of 401%.
  5. 5. The concept: For Valentine’s Day, spotlight Marianne and Larry Rose, Omnitrans coach operators who have been married 16 years.Article posted to niche social sites oncancer survival, autism and transit.The Press-Enterprise newspaper pickedup the story for Valentine’s Day.The Roses received a letter ofcommendation from Senator BillEmerson.Marianne was able to offer support topassengers also struggling with cancer.
  6. 6. Show some heartCoach operator JoJo picked up afamily who had gotten lost neartheir stop, and the children wroteher a thank-you. Sharing touchingpersonal moments like this helpshumanize our service.
  7. 7. Some tips for blogging success:Listen: Share:When interviewing people, Add a tagline at the end of your bloglisten for interesting side articles to encourage sharing:stories that go beyond youroriginal concept. Do you like this story and want to use it for your blog or newsletter? All our stories may be freely re-posted and shared with others!Network:Think about what social Do you have a great Omnitrans story topartners might be natural share? Let us know!tie-ins for your article. Email
  8. 8. The concept:Write a passenger profile of a cyclistwho regularly uses public transit tohighlight the use of our bus bikeracks. Story was networked on social sites focusing on doulas, cycling & frugal living. Christine was identified as a public transit champion & potential brand ambassador.
  9. 9. Feature a Destination What are some of the interesting stops along your routes that your passengers might enjoy? By interviewing local businesses, you build goodwill and provide a valuable resource for your customers.
  10. 10. The concept: Interview a community college student who has been saving money through our GoSmart program.Article was posted to social sites focusingon living donors.Story was also networked withcommunity colleges who partnered withus on Go Smart.Krystle was identified as a potentialbrand ambassador. She was recognizedas a heroine by our Board Chair DickRiddell at our rebranding ceremony.
  11. 11. Say it with pictures Sharing pictures that show some of the behind-the-scenes operations of the business can help build excitement over a product or service.
  12. 12. How blogging helped our agency: Increased our online presence on industry sites, news networks and social media. Helped break stereotypes about the people who ride public transit. Boosted social media engagement and created online buzz. Raised employee and customer morale with our people profiles. Helped us identify & reward brand ambassadors to spotlight at special events and share as potential contacts for news media.
  13. 13. Comments from readers:“I was struck by how cut off from our community we can be when weride in our individual automobiles, and also how much cars keep usfrom moving our bodies and getting fresh air. Thanks for an inspiringstory.” – Susan“I would enjoy beingemployed by someone whocared as much as Omnitransdoes about your team andpassengers” – Oratio“I really enjoyed reading thisarticle. It is really refreshingto see that others’ do lookfor the good in people. Eventhe grumpy ones!” - Marice