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  • 1. Litter Locker II Refill Price : CHECK PRICE Average Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 TECHNICAL DETAILS: q Odor Barrier Litter Locker refill cartridge for Litter Locker II Cat Litter Disposal System q 7-layer plastic bag which completely locks in odors q Refill lasts up to two months per cat q Easy to refill q Read morePRODUCT DESCRIPTION:The Litter Locker System is proven to help Cat Owners dispose of litter clumps easily and keep their home smellingfresh. Cat Lovers use Litter Locker because soiled cat litter must be scooped from litter on a daily basis. Disposing ofsoiled litter in your home trash or outside is a nuisance – especially when keeping a clean litter box and controlling odoris of primary concern. Litter Locker refills are part of an easy-to-use system that locks in odors. Read morePRODUCT DESCRIPTION:The Litter Locker II bag refill cartridge fits inside the Litter Locker II Hygienic Soiled Litter Disposal System (soldseparately) to create an odor-concealing disposal option for soiled cat litter. The bins front handle holds the top of abag tightly closed, working with the bags odor-blocking multilayer film to keep litter smells locked inside. One bag refillcartridge can last up to two months per cat. Bag Refill Cartridge At a Glance:Odor-concealing disposal bag featuresa multilayer film and holds up to two Lasts up to two months per catweeks of litter. View larger. Multilayer film on bags conceals odors Refill cartridge sits in top of bin for easy bag replacement
  • 2. Bag Refill Cartridge Lasts up to Two Months Bags stay sealed inside bin to keep smells insideThe Litter Locker II bag refill cartridge can last up to two months per cat. When Each bag holds two weeks worth ofthe current bag becomes full, open the bin, cut the bag from the refill, and knot litterthe top for easy disposal. Pull down another length of bag from the refill, tie aknot in the bottom, and close the container to continue using the Litter Locker II.Each bag holds up to two weeks of litter (for one cat).Multilayer Film Seals in SmellsThese bags have an odor-concealing, multilayer film that ensures smells stay contained. The Litter Locker II is designedto keep bags sealed. Once youve scooped the litter into the bin, close it and pull the handle on the front, dropping theclumps to the bottom of the bag. Release the handle and it will spring back into place to close the top of the bag,sealing away unwanted odors.Whats in the BoxLitter Locker II bag refill cartridge.
  • 3. Litter Locker II HygienicSoiled Litter Disposal System Litter Locker II Refill
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