European travel 2013 to glasgow & edinburgh


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European travel 2013 to glasgow & edinburgh

  1. 1. Glasgow & EdinburghOctober 12th until October 19th 2013
  2. 2. Fun Facts• The total population is around 5.2million, around 8.5 per cent of the UK’spopulation.• The country has approximately 167.5 peopleliving per square mile.• Scotland has approximately 790 islands, 130of which are inhabited.• The most infamous Scottishdish is haggis
  3. 3. Fun Facts• The raincoat, television, telephone andpenicillin were invented by scots• Kilts, tartans and bagpipes onthe other hand were inventedby genius people out of the UK
  4. 4. Introducing this year’s committee
  5. 5. Eline BalvertChairman3rd year BachelorFiscal EconomicsIntroducing this year’s committee
  6. 6. Louise HansenSecretary3rd year BachelorInternational BusinessAdministrationIntroducing this year’s committee
  7. 7. Juliëtte van HaasterTreasurer3rd year BachelorInternational BusinessAdministrationIntroducing this year’s committee
  8. 8. Jeff RepkoPR Officer4th year BachelorInternational BusinessAdministrationIntroducing this year’s committee
  9. 9. Remco van der LeestPR Officer4th year BachelorInternational BusinessAdministrationIntroducing this year’s committee
  10. 10. Elskelien NijmeijerCoordinator3rd year BachelorInternational BusinessAdministrationVice-Chairman Asset | FIRSTInternationalIntroducing this year’s committee
  11. 11. 12 – 15 October16 – 19 October
  12. 12. GlasgowGlasgow
  13. 13. Fun Facts:Glasgow & Highlands• The very first recordedappearance of theelusive Loch NessMonster occurred in565 AD.• It is home to the oldesttree in Europe
  14. 14. Overview of the preliminary programDay Part of the day WhatSaturday 12th Afternoon Flight + arrival in GlasgowEvening DinnerSunday 13th Whole day Highland tourMonday 14th Morning Visit University of StrathclydeAfternoon Market & City ChambersEvening Comedy clubTuesday 15th Late morning Company visitAfternoon Transport to EdinburghGlasgow
  15. 15. Accommodation Glasgow:Euro Hostel
  16. 16. Edinburgh
  17. 17. Fun Facts:Edinburgh & Scottish People• Edinburgh was the firstcity in the world to haveits own fire-brigade• The Bank of Scotland,founded in 1695 nearEdinburgh, is the oldestsurviving bank in theUK and the consideredas the initial bankprinting the banknote inthe European continent.
  18. 18. Overview of the preliminary programEdinburghDay Part of the day WhatTuesday 15th Afternoon Arrive in EdinburghEvening DinnerWednesday 16th Morning City TourAfternoon Visit Parliament and Arthur’sSeatEvening Pub crawlThursday 17th Morning Company visitAfternoon Company visitEvening Whiskey tasting and DinnerFriday 18th Morning Company visitLunch PubAfternoon Edinburgh Castle & free timeEvening Party like hellSaturday 19th Afternoon Leaving to Amsterdam
  19. 19. Accommodation Edinburgh:High Street Hostel
  20. 20. What is included? Flight tickets Hostels Breakfast Transfer from Glasgow to Edinburgh Transportation within the cities Highland tour Some cultural activities Company visits
  21. 21. What is NOT included? Travel and health insurance Most of the dinners and drinksOther personal costs Visum (if needed)
  22. 22. Other information Down payment at registration: 50 euro (at registration) Second payment in June: 150 euro Final payment in September: 175 euro Two Participant dinners will be held at Studio;one before and one after departure During the trip you are expected to attend the company visits, thecultural activities are not required to attend but highly recommended We will visit companies who represent different fields of IBA and IM;Accounting, Finance, Organization & Strategy and Marketing.
  23. 23. Subscription Subscription: May 8th, 9:00, Room E1.14 First come, first serve Do not forget to bring two copies of yourpassport/ID card at subscriptionDo not forget the 50 euro’s at subscription
  24. 24. Fun Facts• Sean Connery and J.K. Rowling are Scottish• Scotland has the highest proportion ofredheads in the world. Around 13% of theScots has red hair, with 40% carrying therecessive gene.• The official animal of Scotland is aUnicorn
  25. 25. Questions?You are always welcome to send an email toetc@asset-firstinternational.nlor come by at our room (E1.14)