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Getting Oriented with MapKit
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Getting Oriented with MapKit



Slides of a presentation I did at 360iDev in Denver in September 2009. Sample code is available at E-String.com

Slides of a presentation I did at 360iDev in Denver in September 2009. Sample code is available at E-String.com
Let me know if you have any questions.



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Getting Oriented with MapKit Getting Oriented with MapKit Presentation Transcript

  • Getting Oriented with MapKit Julio Barros Julio@E-String.com
  • Why Maps? • iPhone is a mobile / pocket computer • Where am I? • How do I get somewhere? • What’s near me? Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Dark ages (pre 3.0) • Static map images • Web view with Javascript shenanigans • Exit out to google maps Julio Barros E-String.com
  • MapKit • New in iPhone 3.x • Embed map in your app • Uses Google map tiles • Familiar map UI Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Important Classes MKMapView MKAnnotation (protocol) MKAnnotationView Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Important Classes MKMapView MKMapViewDelegate MKAnnotation (protocol) MKAnnotationView MKPinAnnotationView Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Simplest Example • MKMapView ... just a view • Or use Interface Builder • Don’t forget to add mapkit framework Julio Barros E-String.com
  • That was easy Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Show User Location Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Showing a particular area on the map Latitude Span Center “best fit” not exactly what you set Longitude Span Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Regions • MKCoordinateRegion Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Denver, Colorado Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Demo data plist of Brewery information: name, address, latitude, longitude Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Loading Demo Data Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Local area Julio Barros E-String.com
  • MKAnnotation Julio Barros E-String.com
  • MyAnnotation Class Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Adding Annotations Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Default Pins at annotations Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Customizing pins • MKPinAnnotationView • MKMapViewDelegate - set a delegate Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Our purple pins Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Custom markers • MKAnnotationView Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Customizing the view Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Customizing the Callout Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Tapping the call out view Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Reverse Geocoding • Geocoding : address to coordinates • geocoder.us other services • Reverse geocoding : coordinates to address Julio Barros E-String.com
  • MKReverseGeocoder Julio Barros E-String.com
  • MKPlacemark • Address info including, country code, country, postal code, administrative area, sub administrative area, locality, sub locality, thoroughfare, sub thoroughfare • Conforms to MKAnnotation • Has address dictionary with Address Book keys Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Number of pins • Try to limit annotations to ~100(?) • Implement region change delegate methods • Create and manage your own clusters Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Challenges • Anchoring an object to a location on the map and having it scale. • Shapes - neighborhoods • Lines - routes / paths • View space to Geo Space - (CGPoint)convertCoordinate:(CLLocationCoordinate2D) coordinate toPointToView:(UIView *)view - (CLLocationCoordinate2D)convertPoint:(CGPoint)point toCoordinateFromView:(UIView *)view Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Legal limitations I’m not a lawyer but think carefully before using this for: vehicle/fleet tracking routing cacheing tiles geocoding / mass reverse geocoding Read the TOS http://code.google.com/apis/maps/iphone/ terms.html Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Possible Options • OpenStreetMap.org (OSM) - map/tile data • Route-Me - OSS map view • Cloudemade.com - services around OSM • geocoder.us (among others) Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Resources • MapKit Framework Reference - Apple • Using Map Kit with Bill Dudney - PragProg • Using Map Kit ... Bill Dudney - Wednesday Julio Barros E-String.com
  • Thank You Julio Barros Julio@E-String.com http://www.E-String.com http://twitter.com/JulioBarros Also on Face book and Linked In Julio Barros E-String.com