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Octopus fernwärme englisch_final

  1. 1. THUECON® CEM 40 F Reliable Corrosion Protection- Mineral Coating System for District Heating Pipelines - for more than 25 years
  2. 2. What is THUECON® THUECON® is a 2-component solvent-free mineral coating which hardens Product hydraulically. The combination of selected natural minerals plus a high-grade reactive fluid component produces the ready-for-use mixture THUECON® In 1996 Manfred Förster, our chief development officer, has developed THUECON® for restoration of district heating pipelines and against History corrosion. The patented product was used for the first time in 1998 in Bucharest in Romania. Since 1998 THUECON® has a scientific expertise by the district heating research institute. Up to now it has been applied for the modernisation of district heating systems of a length of 30 kilometers in total. In Zelenograd References near Moscow, 3000 meters of district heating pipelines have been rehabilitated successfully in 2001. By now THUECON® can rely on more than 10 years of experience and successful modernisations of pipelines. octopus coating GmbH 2
  3. 3. Key in-pipe challenges Water temperatures up to 100 C, water vapour temperatures up to High oxygen saturated water 180 C Extrem in-pipe corrosion 1. After 20-25 years perforation from corrosion 2. Complete blackout of heating system 3. High, unplanned costs for the operator octopus coating GmbH 3
  4. 4. 7 reasons for THUECON® as a solution 1. 25 years and more of reliable corrosion protection 2. Resistant against technically treated water 3. Active corrosion protection effect through high pH-value 4. Temperature stability up to 180° C 5. Long lasting adhesive properties to steel High material‘s expansion coefficient, follows the longitudinal 6. extension of the steel pipe 7. 2-3 mm layer thickness offer optimum economic efficiency octopus coating GmbH 4
  5. 5. Easy and efficient applicationEfficiency by THUECON® perfomance • Processing period from mixing to application is at leastLong processing • 2 hours at +20°C period • 1 hour at +30°C • Application possible by Multiple • Centrifugating by means of a pneumatic motor Easy and application with a lamellar head efficient methods • Airless spraying application • By hand brushing or rolling Long • Material could easily pumped 150m rehabilitation • No separation of material components even with use of distances pressure of over 100 bar octopus coating GmbH 5
  6. 6. Tackling challenges from problem areasProblem area THUECON® performance • Fills holes up to size of ≤ 3mmPitting corrosion • Static improvement through imbedding of glass fibre mats in the coating, e.g. wall thickness weaking • Compensators could be sustainably protected from Challenges Compensators corrosion tackled • Weldings from pipes > DN 600 could be coated by hand Weldings in a secondary processing step octopus coating GmbH 6
  7. 7. Cleaning To ensure a high adhesion the pipe wall must be free of any separator substances such as dust, oil, grease, loose particles and instable coats. The innovative cleaning system with water super pressure more than 1300 bar and 100 l of water per minute removes all loose particles and separator substances from the pipe wall. Even the depths of corrosion are cleaned by the high-pressure water. The cleaned pipe wall guarantees secure and long lasting adhesive properties for the THUECON® coating to steel. Through the position of the cleaning nozzles and the resulting air-stream the removed material and the waste water are transported towards the "black side" out of the pipe. The clean "white side" is simultaneously dried by the air stream. octopus coating GmbH 7
  8. 8. Application method There are numerous possibilities for the application of THUECON® : centrifugation by the use of a pneumatic motor with a lamellar head, manually or mechanically. The most common method for pipelines is the coating with centrifugal device. After a couple of minutes mixing time the finished mixture THUECON® can be used for application for a few hours. The material is transported under pressure through the material delivery hose to the centrifugal device. By use of steplessly adjustable drawing technology the material hose and the centrifugal device are pulled out of the pipe with a speed adjusted to the diameter of the pipe. This speed determines the exact thickness of the coating on the inner wall of the pipe. The hydro-head of the centrifugal device is powered with 3000 up to 5000 rotations per minute by use of compressed air and throws the material on the inner wall of the pipe. The high-rotation of the hydro-head guarantees a smooth to orange skin-like appearance of the surface. After 24 hours the primary curing is achieved and the pipeline can be put back into operation. octopus coating GmbH 8
  9. 9. Octopus Coating Octopus Coating stands for a broad range of globally unique mineral Innovative coatings and paintings concerning corrosion. Octopus Coating focuses the knowledge from over 30 years of development Experienced into simple, usable products. Each product has been developed in close collaboration with users, Based on especially for specific challenges. Our partners represent products from partnership Octopus Coating in the markets of Europe, Asia and Latin America. Octopus Coating offers customers tested coating and painting systems, as Specialised well as custom solution packages tailored to customer wishes. octopus coating GmbH 9
  10. 10. We tackle challenges systematically Octopus Coating GmbH Hans-Böckler-Str. 36 30851 Langenhagen Deutschland Phone +49 511 978 20 28-0 Fax +49 511 978 20 28-14 info@octopus-coating.com www.octopus-coating.com octopus coating GmbH 10