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Thinking BIG! About Girls in STEM ( Million Women Mentors)


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A story about girls in STEM. …

A story about girls in STEM.

A story about building a new initiative to engage a million women and men as mentors at a time where we are losing too many girls and young women in the STEM workforce.


In the past 10 years, growth in STEM jobs has been three times greater than non-STEM Jobs. 80% of the fastest growing occupations in the United States depend upon mastery of mathematics and scientific knowledge and skills. While women comprise 48% of the US workforce, just 24% are in STEM fields, a statistic that has held constant for nearly the last decade. And, while 75% of all college students are women and students of color, they represent only 45% of STEM degrees earned each year. Too many of these young women leave STEM degree paths despite their good academic standing, often citing uncomfortable classroom experiences and climate. Even when women persist to earn a STEM degree, women are less likely than their male counterparts to work in a STEM field. STEM fields pay more and the wage gap is 92 cents on a dollar versus 75 cents in other fields.

High quality mentoring programs that connect girls and young women with STEM professionals can significantly increase the number of women who pursue and succeed in careers in STEM fields. Exposing girls to successful female role models can help counter negative stereotypes because girls see that people like them can be successful and the stereotype threat can be managed and overcome. Recent surveys report 1:3 youth will graduate college without a mentor. This must change.

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    • 1. Thinking BIG About GIRLS & Women in STEM © Million Women Mentors, an Initiative of STEMconnector® Contact
    • 2. Who Has Been a Great Mentor in Your Life?
    • 3. What Changed in Your Life as a Result of Having a Mentor?
    • 4. Could You Mentor a Young Woman Focusing on Her Career and Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM Skills) 2 Hours a Month or 20 Hours a Year?
    • 5. I can be … (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 6. Girls feel (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved Pushed out by boys In STEM Classes Pulled out by girlfriends White House Conference on Tech Inclusion
    • 7. (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 8. (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 9. The Need to Move the Needle In the past 10 years, growth in STEM jobs has been three times greater than non-STEM Jobs. 80% of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. depend upon mastery of mathematics and scientific knowledge and skills. (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 10. The Story is in the numbers…
    • 11. Others followed suit…
    • 12. Women are… (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 13. They often lack role models of success and fear failure (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 14. Graduate college without a mentor (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved Interested in a STEM career myCollegeOptions® college planning study on millions of High School Seniors
    • 15. (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 16. (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved myCollegeOptions®
    • 17. MENTORS Meaningful careers in STEM that also pay well show.. It’s hard, rewarding work (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved What education we need to get jobs Mentor 2.0 (Mentor + Sponsor)
    • 18. And companies win too In one study… Employees who mentored were promoted 6 times more often, than their peers who did not mentor. 25% of employees who mentored received a salary grade changed (as opposed to 5% of the employees who did not mentor. Employees who participated in the mentoring program had a retention rate 20% higher than those who did not mentor. #MillionWMentors Source: Wharton School of Business on Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle)
    • 19. “I have 8.3 million girls in 39 States. 80% of the National Girls Collaborative sites surveyed said they are looking for Mentors.” Karen Peterson (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved Chief Executive Officer National Girls Collaborative Project #MillionWMentors
    • 20. “Let’s Get Them a Million STEM Mentors. Let’s work on this together and (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved Edie Fraser bring in Partners.” Chief Executive Officer STEMconnector® #MillionWMentors
    • 21. Million Women Mentors ® is an initiative of STEMconnector®, designed to link “all things STEM,” is a consortium of over 120 companies, associations, societies, policy organizations, government entities, universities and academic institutions concerned with STEM education and the future of human capital. Our work spans the entire pipeline (Kindergarten – Jobs) and how STEM education experiences translate into careers. The STEMconnector® team advises and counsels our members and partners to ensure best STEM practices and scalable investments. STEMconnector®, a division of Diversified Search, LLC. Some of our other initiatives include:
    • 22. 120 STEMconnector® STEMcouncil Members Include: Cisco, Tata Consultancy Services, Sodexo, Pepsico, Apollo Group, ADP, UST Global, Chevron, Adecco, BP, Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical, ATT, Intel, Verizon, KPMG, US Department of Defense, ASU, Samsung, DMACC, Walmart, US Department of Energy, Monsanto, 3M, Alpha Corporation, and more! 100 Women Leaders in STEM 100 CEO Leaders in STEM 100 Diverse Leaders in STEM
    • 23. A team is built (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved #MillionWMentors
    • 24. Launched January 8th (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved #MillionWMentors
    • 25. OUR GOALS Increase the percentage of U.S. high school girls © Million Women Mentors planning to pursue STEM careers Increase the percentage of U.S. young women pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields Increase the percentage of U.S. women staying in STEM careers
    • 26. © Million Women Mentors
    • 27. © Million Women Mentors
    • 28. “China does not discourage their daughters in STEM” © Million Women Mentors Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth
    • 29. 22+ sponsors and 56+ partners
    • 30. Top 9 Breakthroughs 1] 170,000+ pledge commitments from 1,200+ sources 2] 22 sponsors and 56 national partners reaching 30+ million girls/young women (as of Sept. 22) 3] Briefing and strategy sessions with 130+ corporations and 10 branches of government and significant inventory by U.S. Department of Defense 4] Release of Women in STEM – Realizing the Potential (with Tata Consultancy Services), 5] Launch of Million Women Mentors bi-weekly e-newsletters (average open rate of 30%), 6] 10 million twitter impressions and significant news stories (Christian Science Monitor, Roll Call, U.S. News and World Report, Huffington Post,, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.), 7] 13 U.S. Senators and Congresswomen engage at U.S. Senate event (and Op-Ed written by Senator Gillibrand for Huffington Post), 8] Support from high-profile brand ambassadors: Debra Sterling (GoldieBlox), Tena Clark (DMI Music – Emmy Winning Producer), Actor Hil Harper (CSI-New York), Simona de Silvestra (Formula One, Race Car Driver) 9] Mentor Fireworks – 22+ states sign on through National Girls Collaborative Project, STEM networks, and three Lt. Governors lend their support (championed by Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa)
    • 31. MISSION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Balaji Ganapathy - TCS Michael Norris – Sodexo Patrice D’Eramo - Cisco Maria Velissariou - PepsiCo To support the engagement of one million Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) mentors (male and female) to increase the interest and confidence of girls and young women to persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers. LEADERSHIP COMMITTEES & FUNCTIONS 1990 M Street NW Suite 550 Washington, DC 20036 Office: (202) 296-3009 TECHNOLOGY Chair: Balaji Ganapathy – TCS Staff POC: AJ Shah, Julie Kantor, Dr.Dane Boyington 1. Strategy for launch of the MWM phase II website 2. Develops an interactive mentor to partner matching database 3. Develops a technology infrastructure for capturing matrices and outcomes 4. Responds to other committee technical needs 5. Suggests appropriate technological improvements to MWM team COMMUNICATION & BRANDING Chair: Michael Norris - SODEXO Staff PoC: Lorena & Julie 1. Simplify and refine key MWM messaging 2. Manages all marketing collateral 3. Develop and package MWM results, official events and recognitions 4. PR/Social media strategy 5. Develops MWM Brand Ambassador strategy 6. Organizes and manages Town Hall to the US CORPORATE & BD STRATEGY Chair: Jane Oates Staff PoC: Edie, Julie & Lorena 1. Defines MWM corporate outreach Strategy 2. Mobilizes Corporate pledges and provide linkages to state partners 3. Explores MWM management & consulting Services 4. Explore MWM and Corporate Co-branding opportunities STATE & FEDERAL STRATEGY Hon Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds Sheila Boyington 1. Mobilizes mentor pledges & mentoring opportunities by state 2. Provides support and leadership for mentoring activities by state 3. Shares best practices & hosts communications with all participating states 4. Mobilizes Federal & government pledges PARTNER ENGAGEMENT Chair: Patrice D’Eramo - CISCO Staff PoC: Julie Kantor & Partnership Manager 1. Activate and leverage core opportunities with each partner 2. Research new partners 3. Position top partners for corporation/government matching 4. Raise visibility of partner outcomes 5. Others (TBD) GLOBAL STRATEGY Chair: PepsiCo Edie Fraser & Talmesha Richards 1. Develops the MWM Global outreach Strategy 2. Mobilizes global sponsorship MWM LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE STRUCTURE
    • 32. State Campaign Pledges • California – 10,000 • Georgia – 10,000 • Iowa – 5,000 • Kentucky – 2,015 • MAGIC – Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC 9,600 • Montana – 5,000 • New York – 10,000 • North Carolina – 3,000 • Oklahoma – 1,300 • Oregon – 5,000 • Pacific NW – Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington 3,000 • Pennsylvania – 3,000 • Southern New England – Massachusetts, Rhode Island 10,000 • Tennessee – 10,000 • Texas – 20,000 • States in the Process – Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico and New Jersey, Utah 22 States confirmed Lt. Gov Reynolds Iowa, Tennessee and Gov Patrick of Massachusetts Mobilize Corp Community in Partnership #MillionWMentors
    • 33. Taking Action Pledges, Partners and Sponsors Contact:
    • 34. How Companies Can Get Involved STEP 1: PLEDGE TO MENTOR – Pledge _____employees to mentor and engage in building, recruiting and retaining a Diverse STEM workforce. Work with Million Women Mentors Consults Team on corporate strategy and connections. Start by identify current efforts underway that meet MWM reqs and then ‘blow them out’ by setting a three year goal. (see p. 37-43). Invite MWM team to webinar for ERG groups etc. to introduce with your leadership. STEP 2: CONNECT W/ MWM PARTNERS – Companies can identify geographically focused pockets of opportunities using webportal, MWMconsults (for Sponsors) and infographic map. MWM Partners are girl and young women serving non-profits, associations with STEM professionals, research institutions, and national media outlets. (Partner list p. 36) STEP 3: THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & SPONSORSHIP – Help build movement through active role on Leadership Council or working group with focus on: technology portal, communications and branding, partnership strategy, state networks, cities, federal and global strategies. Benefits include: thought leadership position across industries, branding visibility/development, customized mentoring consulting. Contact:
    • 35. MWM Sponsors Platinum Sponsors ($100,000+) Gold Sponsors ($50,000) Silver Sponsors ($25,000)
    • 36. (National Girl Serving Non-Profits, Associations and Media) FOUNDING PARTNERS STEMconnector® National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) Npower MentorNet STRATEGIC PARTNERS American Association of University Women (AAUW) Academy Women Alhambra Chamber of Commerce American Geophysical Union American Institute of Architects (AIA) Arizona State University (ASU) Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) Black Girls Code Business Professional Women Foundation (BPW) Center for Women in Business Diversity Women Enterprising Women MWM Partners eWomen Network First Girls Inc. Girlstart Girl Scouts Global WIN Great Minds in STEM Howard University InnovateEducate Information Technology Senior Management Forum Junior Achievement Latina Style LearningBlade Lean In Manufacturing Institute MENTOR National Mentoring Partnership Meridian myCollegeOptions National 4-H Council National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC) National Women’s Political Caucus Foundation (NWPC Foundation) Nepris New York Academy of Sciences Public Leadership Educational Network Sally Ride Science Skills USA Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Success in the City Teach for America TechBridge United Negro College Fund US2020 U.S. News and World Report Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN) YWCA USA Contact:
    • 37. % of your workforce ? © Million Women Mentors
    • 38. What “Pledging” Means By logging onto and clicking “Pledge to Mentor” individuals, organizations, and companies are entering the process toward becoming one of the “million” mentors. Through this agreement with MWM, a commitment is made to mentor a girl in STEM for 20 hours out of the year. Through this mentorship process, along with your help MWM hopes to provide the information necessary to help girls and young women persist and succeed in STEM programs and careers. Join the Million!
    • 39. MWM Pledges – 1,000 and Up
    • 40. Face to face mentoring Online mentoring Paid internships or apprenticeships Workplace mentoring at your company Sponsorships 5 Pathways to Mentor 20hrs Minimum Per Year (just 2 hrs/month) Action: Make Your Multi-Year Pledge at (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 41. MWM Matching Technology Portal Connects #MillionWMentors (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved + many more
    • 42. MWM Resources All Found on
    • 43. Mentor Action Guide Suggested activities for 12 weeks of mentoring #MillionWMentors
    • 44. CREATING YOUR STATE’s MOVEMENT STATE LEADERSHIP ASSISTANCE and TOOL KIT AVAILABLE TO BUILD FROM: CONTACT - Sheila C. Boyington: Senior Advisor , STEMConnector ®and President – Thinking Media/Learning Blade – TOOL KIT INCLUDES: • Frequently Asked Questions • Guide to State Plans , Goals and Pledge • Steering Committee Formation • Sample Agendas for Monthly Phone calls • State Champion Agreement • Letter from Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds , IA • Standard Presentation • One Page Flyer • MWM Brochure • Mentor Action Guide • Other materials Contact: Sheila Boyington – Senior Advisor, STEMconnector and President, Thinking Media/Learning Blade – © Million Women Mentors #MillionWMentors
    • 45. Thanks for believing in me yesterday (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 46. I am a STEM worker Today (C) STEMconnector all Rights Reserved
    • 47. MWM Calendar • December 4th – State Partners Town Hall • October 21st – Women in STEM Boston Conference • November – MWM Campaign • January 2015 – National Mentoring Month and Potential Cities Launch • January 8th – MWM Anniversary • January 13th – Leadership Council Meeting and global strategy with teleconference option • March 8th/9th – International Women’s Day and MWM Announcements • March 23rd – 27th – MWM States Week • March 24th– Leadership Council Meeting & MWM Conference and Recognition Day
    • 48. To engage with the Million Women Mentors Movement, please contact: Twitter Hashtag: #MillionWMentors