The Apache Post1-1 ATTACKRECONNAISSANCEBATTALION                            V O L U M E        1 ,   I S S U E     1      ...
PAGE           2                                         Gunfighters Seal School Covenant                                 ...
VOLUME           1,   ISSUE        1                                                                     PAGE   3         ...
PAGE      4                            HHC November:                            Hello to all from beautiful Fort Riley, KS...
VOLUME       1,   ISSUE   1                                                                            PAGE     5The weath...
PAGE    6                       1                                             2    B Company       spent the majority of t...
VOLUME            1,   ISSUE        1                                                                                     ...
PAGE       8                           Family and Friends of the Desperados,                         those promoted and fa...
VOLUME            1,   ISSUE        1                                                                                     ...
PAGE   10                 Upcoming Events                 30 November: D Company FRG Meeting, 6 PM ACS Annex              ...
VOLUME   1,   ISSUE   1                   PAGE   11    Gunfighters T-Shirt—Order Yours Today!!                          Cl...
VOLUME   1,   ISSUE   1                          PAGE   12                Fort Riley Events for December
1-1 ARB traces its roots to the formation of the 1st Aviation1-1 Attack Reconnaissance           Company, 1st ID, constitu...
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Apache post 30 nov -final


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1-1 ARB Newsletter NOV 30 2011

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Apache post 30 nov -final

  1. 1. The Apache Post1-1 ATTACKRECONNAISSANCEBATTALION V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 3 0 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 1 Many Reasons To Be Thankful Gunfighters, Families and Friends, We honored the men and women throughout ourINSIDE Nation‘s history who chose to serve their country inTHIS ISSUE: military uniform on November 11th for Veteran‘s Day. The act of donning the uniform is a deeply symbolic act. It always has been and it likely always will be. It is1-1 ARB Out 2 an act that expresses a deep and selfless commitmentand About to the idea we call America. And I say idea, becauseChaplain 3 when a service member or even the President of the United States takes the oath of enlistment or office,HHC ‘Bounty 4 we all state that we will support and defend the Con-Hunters’ stitution of the United States. We don‘t say that we Above: Photo from the Apache Block III unveiling ceremony will defend the United State‘s borders against invaders,A CO ‘Devils’ 5 in Mesa, AZ earlier this month. The Gunfighters are the first or that we will fight to the death in our Nation‘s US Army unit to fly this new, state of the art attack helicop-B CO Wars, we say that we will defend the Constitution of ter. (Photo courtesy of LTC Vedder) 6‘Wolfpack’ the United States…a stack of paper, but contained and the tough, realistic training they are doing with within those pages are the ideas of liberty, the promiseC CO 7 minimal resources; We‘re Thankful for the B Co of prosperity, and a beacon of hope for the oppressed‘Ghostriders’ Wolfpack returning safely from JRTC after being around the world. And the Soldiers of this battalion gone about a month; We‘re Thankful for C CoD CO 8 train to fight for these freedoms every day. Ghostriders as they are starting to ramp up the‘Desperados’ required training to be the first Apache Block III When ordinary men and women step into the uniform company in the Army; We‘re Thankful for D CoE CO ‘Outlaws’/ 9 of this nation, they commit themselves to the per- Desperados as they keep us all safe and focused withF CO ‘Fenix’ formance of an extraordinary duty, which may entail great aviation maintenance support; We‘re thankful long separations, and sometimes ever higher costs.Announcements 10 for the E Co Outlaws who just finished up a great And the only way that we can focus to do this some- FTX and always keep us fed, fueled, and firing; and times dangerous job safely, is by knowing that ourFort Riley 12 last but not least, we‘re thankful for F Co Fenix, the Families and loved ones are prepared and willing toEvents new Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft company that is support themselves during our required absences. now part of 1-1. They will have the most time away So as we move from Veteran‘s Day to Thanksgiving, from home as they field the new system and trainAbout 1-1 13 we want to pass on that we are very thankful for the out in California over the next year and a half. It‘s aARB support that you all provide to our Army every day. tough mission for a tough unit! Whether it is in a uniform or as a Family member or a We are of course very Thankful for all of the Fami- loved one, your support is incredibly important. We lies and friends of the Gunfighters and we wish you couldn‘t honorably and selflessly serve our country so all a happy and healthy holiday season, and truly well without your support. appreciate all of the support that you provide to our And because Thanksgiving is right around the corner; Army! here are a few other blessings we are thankful for this holiday season: We are Thankful for the HHC Bounty Hunters for all of their support with the staff and LTC Ed Vedder medical Soldiers; We‘re Thankful for the A Co Devils, CSM Mike O‘Donnell CW4 Ron Porter
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Gunfighters Seal School Covenant This story can fit 150-200 A great way to add useful con- soft Publisher offers a simple words. tent to your newsletter is to way to convert your newslet- One benefit of using your develop and write your own ter to a Web publication. So, newsletter as a promotional articles, or include a calendar when you‘re finished writing tool is that you can reuse con- of upcoming events or a spe- your newsletter, convert it to tent from other marketing cial offer that promotes a new a Web site and post it. materials, such as press re- product. leases, market studies, and You can also research articles reports. or find ―filler‖ articles by ac- While your main goal of dis- cessing the World Wide Web. tributing a newsletter might be You can write about a variety to sell your product or service, of topics but try to keep your the key to a successful news- articles short. letter is making it useful to Much of the content you put in your readers. your newsletter can also be used for your Web site. Micro-T H EG U N F I G H T E RI f y o u h a v e Above: Lt. Col. Edward Vedder, commander of the 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment,s u g g e s t i o n s , Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, signs an Adopt-A-School covenant on Nov 11 during a Veterans Day celebration at Wamego West Elementary in Wamego, Kan. Veterans from WWII, Vietnam, and Operationc o m m e n t s o r Iraqi Freedom were in attendance as part of the event.f e e d b a c k f o r t h i sN e w s l e t t e r , Below: Command Sgt. Major Michael O‘Donnell, the senior enlisted advisor of the 1st Attack Reconnaissancep l e a s e c o n t a c t Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment, Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, signs an Adopt-A-School cove-J u l i e P e t r u c c e l l i - nant on Nov 11 during a Veterans Day celebration at Wamego West Elementary in Wamego, Kan. VeteransT r e e n , 1 - 1 A R B from WWII, Vietnam, and Operation Iraqi Freedom were in attendance as part of the event.F a m i l y R e a d i n e s s (U.S. Army photos by Sgt. Keven Parry, CAB, 1st Inf. Div. Public Affairs)S u p p o r tA s s i s t a n t ( F R S A )a t J u l i e . t r e e n 1 @u s . a r m y . m i lo r ( 7 8 5 - 2 3 9 - 8 7 2 9 . THE APACHE POST
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 CAB Spends Veterans’ Day with Burlingame Elementary School Maj. Joshua Berryhill, operations officer for 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment, returns the salute of a Burlingame Elementary School student during the schools Veteran‘s Day Celebra- tion. Berryhill presented a student from each grade a certificate and a flag that was flown in Iraq. The school had adopted 1-1 ARB last year during their deployment to Iraq. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt.1st Class Jeff Troth, CAB, 1st Inf. Div. Public Affairs)From the Chaplaincy by CH (CPT) Daniel KorieThe 1-1 ARB Chaplain, CH Korie, has been busy thelast few weeks with a variety of events and pro-grams.Top row, from left to right: 1-1 ARB UMT organ-ized FY12 first quarter first Strong Bond Family Re-treat @ Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City, KS 28-30Oct 2011. It is part of the many things the BN chap-lain and chaplain assistant do to nurture Soldiers andFamilies of 1-1 ARB.Middle Row, from left to right: Chaplain Korieperforms the Funeral ceremony of SSG CharlotteSherry O. (Retired) at the Kansas State VeteranCemetery Manhattan KS. Part of what we do tohonor the dead.Bottom: 1-1 ARB UMT provides care in case ofcasualties by home, hospital and prison visitations.The UMT does so by training volunteer spouses asmembers of the Family Care Team that will be mobi-lized by the BN Cdr to provide assistance to theFamilies of WIA, KIA, MIA or incarcerated.1-1 ARB UMT also organized a Thanksgiving Prayerlunch on Nov 22 @ Demon DFAC. The guestspeaker and brigade chaplain Gesch was joined bythe BN Commander LTC Vedder. The CSM O‘Don-nell offered the closing prayer.1-1 ARB UMT provides coverage for the Division‘sFinancial Peace University training and does one forthe Battalion every FPU Tuesdays and Thursdaysweekly, by 1130-1300 @ the BN conference RM.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 HHC November: Hello to all from beautiful Fort Riley, KS. The fall season is quickly coming to an end, giving way to winter and a distinct chill to the air. It has been eight months since our return from Iraq, and the company has changed in some significant ways. We have said goodbye to many of the long-standing Bounty Hunters as they moved on to their next adventure, whether it was a new post or back to the civilian world. In their places, we have welcomed a number of Soldiers, Officers, and Families into our fold. Despite all the changes, the Soldiers of HHC have continued doing what they do best – supporting the battalion as it con- ducts its daily operations. Whether the companies of the Gunfighter battalion are conducting weapons ranges, Field Training Exercises (FTXs), or conducting training flights, the Bounty Hunters are there. The last few months have been eventful as we finally got into the swing of things back at Riley. Once we returned from block leave, the pace quickly reached a fever pitch as we began planning for company-level training, an Aerial Gunnery Exercise, and most recently a RESET Assistance Visit from the Division Inspector General‘s Office. As we planned for some big training events at the Battalion-level, we also began getting our own systems and training together at the company. Most recently, we had two of our Aviation Opera- tions Liaison Officers return from a successful rotation with TF Nightmares (3-1 AHB) to the Joint Readi- ness Training Center at Fort Polk, LA. HHC Soldiers participated in a number of events to celebrate the Halloween and Thanksgivings holidays. For Halloween, A number of volunteers took the time to design, build, and staff the first ―Haunted Headquar- ters‖ event for Gunfighter Families. Besides being a huge success, it was also an awesome time for the Fami- lies that came out to get some candy and face down the ghouls and phantoms that inhabited the building that night. For Thanksgiving, the Command Team had the honor of continuing the time-honored tradition of serving Soldiers a full Thanksgiving meal, complete with all the traditional dishes you would expect. Top and I would like to congratulate the following Soldiers: One Bounty Hunter had a recent promotion: PVT Jesse Almond to PV2. We would also like to recognize the HHC Soldiers who participated on the Battalion Flag Football team and brought home a pretty impressive trophy. You all did an outstanding job representing the determination, audacity, and ruthless pursuit of victory that has made the Gunfighters great. The following people celebrated birthdays during the month of November: SPC Michelle Higson (4th) and PV2 Jesse Almond (21th). As always, thanks again from the Bounty Hunters for all your continued support to our Soldiers and our Families. –CPT William Hale II, Bounty Hunter 6 The Bountyhunters en- joyed the Battalion’s Haunted Headquarters! At Left: Bountyhunters’ Family member Eileen Vedder and her friends.At Right: Bountyhunters’FRG Leader Sandra halegives out candy to one of the many trick-or- treaters who came by during the event. THE APACHE POST
  5. 5. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 5The weather is starting to get colder but thepace of work remains hot in Alpha Company.It‘s been a busy few months for the Devils.From completion of Battalion-Level gunnerywith minimal aircraft to the plethora of individ-ual training and classes we‘ve completed, Dev-ils have taken the lead in every task presentedto them. We look forward to some well-deserved rest with the upcoming holiday sea-son.From the day I took command the Devils‘ im-pressed me with their hard work and dedica-tion to the mission. Like a well-oiled machine, Above: 1SG Maynard Hinkle, Devil First Sergeant, back right, vis-the Devils just need to be pushed in the right ited Kennedy Primary School on Veterans Day. (Photo courtesy of A Company 1-1 ARB)direction. The work gets done to standard andthe Soldiers, NCOs, and Warrant Officers makeit happen, seemingly with ease. - Congratulations to newly promoted Warrant Officers CW3 Jeremiah Johnson and Joe Atkin-Another great example of how the Devil‘s oper- son. CW3 Atkinson just returned to the Devilsate comes from my battle buddy. First Sergeant from the maintenance test pilot course and weHinkle did some great work at a local elementary look forward to putting him to work assistingschool on Veteran‘s Day. Though he was origi- our great crew chiefs.nally scheduled to speak to just his sons firstgrade Class, he ended up speaking nearly the en- - Congratulations to Alpha Company Top APFTtire school including the special needs class. 1SG Scorers, Jesse Curry and Zachary Shimon.Hinkle presented a great picture of the Devils towell over 140 children in all, lasting the entire —CPT John Boltonschool day. ‗Devil 6‘Announcements- We will hold an FRG meeting on 7DEC at theACS Annex. We will cover the next 6-months oftraining, NTC rotation schedule, welcome newindividuals and farewell SGT Miller.- A hearty welcome to WO1 Jason Wyllie and hisFamily. Jason is new to aviation but stranger tothe Army with prior service in the Infantry.
  6. 6. PAGE 6 1 2 B Company spent the majority of the 6 3 last month inFort Polk, LA at the Joint ReadinessTraining Center (JRTC) in Clockwise, from top left: 1. Apaches on the 4 tarmac; 2. You can see the sheer force that thesupport of Task Apache generates; 3. CPT Leslie Shafer, B CO Commander, middle front, information at a brief- Force 3-1 ing; 4. SPC Sprinzl, B CO, receives an award from COL Morgan, CAB Commander; 5. Apache in ‘Nightmare.’ panoramic view; 6. Apache in flight over JRTC training area Here are some (US Army Photos courtesy of SGT Keven Parry, 1st CAB PAO) pictures fromtheir time at the 5 JRTC. THE APACHE POST
  7. 7. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 7 Tis the season once again. The season filled with jack-o-lanterns and turkey legs, Santa Claus and Christmas trees. It‘s a time when we look back on all the good from the past year as we prepare to welcome the New Year. While Charlie Company remains busy and focused to be the 1st Company in the Army to receive Apache Block III training at Mesa, AZ in conjunction with an NTC rotation at Ft. Irwin, Ca., the season reminds us to take a look back. As we look back on the past year I can‘t help but think of all the great things we have accomplished in Charlie Company. Going back to February and early March, one of the most memorable events of the year was our safe return from Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn 10-11. After our year long deployment the Ghostriders returned home to friends, Family, and the good ole American lifestyle. Upon redeployment we made available the one thing Soldiers had gone without for so long, time. Time with Family, time withAbove, (From left to right CW2 Kevin Harms, daughter Jocelyn, friends, time away from work, and time to yourselves. It seems after the muchwife Tiffany, and son Liam): Kevin Harms has the honor of beingpinned CW2 by his wife and family (Photo courtesy of C Company 1-1 ARB) needed relaxing schedule we started back on the only pace we really know, full steam ahead. In the heat of the summer we started preparing for our upcoming aerial gun-nery. We faced a difficult schedule with limited time, resources, and the ever changing Kansas weather. Still, Charlie Company pulled to-gether and accomplished the mission at hand. It was a true team effort with contributions coming from each and every individual enabling thesuccess of the collective whole. After gunnery, we continued steaming ahead and haven‘t looked back. We have been attending numerousschools for our professional development. We have continued receiving, sending away, maintaining, and flying the most technologically ad-vanced attack weapons platform in existence. All of which take a considerable amount of time and effort on everyone‘s part. Well done!We have taken the time to celebrate together at unit functions; formals, company/battalion FRG meetings, hail and farewells, fall apple days,and a haunted headquarters.We have also had to do one of the hardest things that comes after a deployment. We have said goodbye to many Ghostriders, some leavingfor new duty stations while others that left not only said goodbye to C Co but the Army as well. We are thankful for the opportunity tohave served with and along side them in the company and wish them all the best. We have also had the opportunity to welcome many newfaces to the Ghostriders team and continue to do so. We have had the honor of promoting and re-enlisting deserving individuals while oth-ers continue to step up and take on more responsibility and do so effortlessly. It has truly been a great year with a list of accomplishmentstoo long to include. Tis the season indeed. It‘s the time of the year where we celebrate friends and Family. We give thanks for the manythings in our lives we have been blessed with and lend a helping hand to our neighbors in need. As you read this with your loved ones in thenext room or by your side, instead of over Skype or a phone call half way around the world, I think you will agree it truly is the most won-derful time of the year.Ghostriders!CPT Adam Marr, ‗Ghostriders 6‘Announcements-Congratulations to SPC Harrington and his wife Danielle on the birth of their first child Ki-mora Harrington! Born on Oct. 28, 2011, she weighed 7lb, 11oz and 20‖ long.-Ladies Bunco Night!! Spouses, friends, and Family of Charlie co are invited to join us for a fungame of Bunco! We will be playing Bunco the first Thursday night of every month. Our firstBunco night is set for December 1st at Captain and Mrs. Marr‘s house (2006 Deer Trail, Junc-tion City, KS) starting at 6:30pm! Bring your favorite dessert!-Charlie Co Christmas Party Dec 16th: Wear your tackiest Christmas sweater and you mightjust win a prize! We will also play ―Dirty Santa‖ or ―White Elephant‖!! ($15 maximum for thegift) Time and location have yet to be determined.-We would like to recognize Charlie Co Funds Custodian Jennifer Hardin. Jenn and her hus-band will be PCS‘ing to Korea next month. Thank you for your hard work and dedication toour company! We have been so fortunate to have you on our team! Above, From left to right SGT Esterly, SGT Young, SGT Feist: SGT Young is honored with a going away gift as he and his wife depart the Ghostrider team for their new duty station in Korea. (Photo courtesy of C Company 1-1 ARB)
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Family and Friends of the Desperados, those promoted and farewell to the longtime The last few months have seen some great train- Desperados who are moving on to other units ing and growth for Delta Company. After taking or the civilian workforce. Special recognition command of the Desperados in September, I have goes to the Families of SGT Webster, PFC Cruz, found our Soldiers to be extremely capable and PFC Rigby and PFC Wise who have welcomed motivated. It takes each and every Soldier to new baby Desperados. Congratulations! make our fleet of Apaches fly and every Soldier is Lastly, thank you to you friends and Family who doing their part. support us in what we do. Defending this nation The month of November saw over 20 of our is no easy task for the Soldiers or their loved Soldiers deploy with Bravo Company to the Joint ones. As a leader, I thank you for your contin- Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Louisiana. ued support and sacrifice in an era of frequent While there, our deployments. Soldiers were able Some of your to maintain 10 Soldiers have Apaches for ―Task deployed many Check out the times and some Force Wolfpack‖. Training centers, have yet to de- ‘Desperado’ ploy. Regardless, such as JRTC, ensure that our each of them Facebook® page! raised their right skills are sharp for the next time we hand and swore http:// deploy. Our ef- an oath knowing they would stand forts also prepare pages/1-1- a ground brigade in harm‘s way. of Soldiers to For this I amDesperados/2576326909 extremely hum- deploy and inte- 14290?sk=wall grate with aviation bled and hon- assets. Any Above: Maintainers from D Company work on one of the Apache‘s in prepara- ored to be a ground Soldier tion for Gunfighter 6‘s latest flight. (Photo Courtesy of D Company 1-1 ARB) member of the will tell you that Desperado team. aviation, especially ATTACK aviation is the great- I look forward to seeing all of you at our FRG est force multiplier they could ever have. We meeting on November 30th at 6 PM at the ACS welcomed back our Soldiers from JRTC just in Annex. Childcare for 30 children will be pro- time for the Thanksgiving holiday. vided for free and there will be food. We hope If there is one constant in the army, that constant to see you there. is change. Over the past few months we have had DESPERADOS! numerous Soldiers promoted along with several new arrivals and departures. Every time we have a promotion or departure we hold a formation so CPT Dan O‘Donnell that we can properly recognize that Soldier‘s con- tributions to our mission. I‘d like to take this 785-375-4032 opportunity again to say congratulations to all THE APACHE POST
  9. 9. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 9Greetings Outlaw Family, events to hone their Warrior Task better prepare us for our upcomingI am CPT Robert Pugh and I have and Battle Drills which has devel- rotation to the National Trainingthe honor and privilege of com- oped our Junior Soldiers to become Center, Gunnery exercises, and tomanding your Family members of leaders. They performed a four day complete our support collectivethis amazing Company. November Field Training Exercise (FTX) in tasks. As the upcoming holidayhas been an extremely productive which they were placed in demand- seasons approach I ask that youmonth for our Outlaw team and ing situations and have far exceeded maximize this time with your loved my expectations of junior leaders. ones and have a safe holiday sea- Fundraisingthere has been some amazing train-ing going on. While I have been at During their FTX they conducted son. Events:the Joint Readiness Training Center platoon and squad sized Infantry Very Respectfully, maneuvers as well as developing E CO FRG willassisting in the Task Force Night- Outlaw 6mare mission I have heard nothing their basic Soldiering skills in order be giftbut great things from those who to emphasize the small disciplinesstayed behind at Fort Riley. They of Soldiering. We are emphasizing wrapping at thehave conducted several training these disciplines in order to help Main PX on 18Hello to everyone! DEC from 1000I am 1SG Clifford Bell from Echo Company 1-1 ARB. Our Warriors and your Family members have been leading -1900.the way in both personal growth and leadership training over the course of November. This month we sent SPC F CO FRG willLloyd, SPC Gallup, and SPC Richards to the Warrior Leaders Course (WLC) located at Camp Ashland, Nebraska.All three individuals did an outstanding job and graduated on the 18th of this month bringing pride to the Echo be giftCompany Family. We also had the opportunity to send SPC Boyle and CPT Pugh to the Joint Readiness TrainingCenter where they participated in helping the Brigade train for the upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. Both wrapping at theplayed a key role in Task Force Nightmare‘s superior mission down there and contributed to their overall success Main PX on 9of their mission. I ask the Family members to assist us in taking care of their Warriors during the holiday seasonsby using the Household 6 (Commanders Override) when necessary in order to prevent alcohol related incidents, DEC from 0900and domestic disputes as they indulge in normal holiday festivities. With max leave fast approaching please assist -1500. Comeyour Warriors in developing their leave plans so that we may better support the Company‘s mission as well asprovide some deserved time off. We appreciate all your support, hard work, and sacrifice and wish you well during out and supportthe upcoming holiday seasons. these twoVery RespectfullyOutlaw 7 FRGs!!The Fenix Family, inventory. The unit is slowly growing We would also like to thank LTC Ved-F (Fenix) Company 1st AV REG is 1st stronger and most of our Soldiers are der and COL Morgan for the out-Infantry division‘s newest Unmanned 1st term Soldiers excited about the standing support we have received inAircraft System (UAS)… the Gray opportunity to become part of Army building this company. Thank you toEagle. We are very happy to be part of History. 1SG Tony Farinosi and I would the 1-1 ARB FRG for the warm wel-the Gunfighter Family. like to thank Candace Kattes and Sierra come we have received and we look Cobb for taking time out of their busy forward to being a part of this greatFenix is in the early stages of its trans- schedules to lead our FRG. It has been a Battalion.formation from a unit that did not full workload since the first day 1SGexist in January 2011 into a unit that Jeffrey D Stokes, CW3 Farinosi was handed the keys to thewill test and field the Army‘s Gray company and instructed to build a unit FENIX 6Eagle UAS for entry into the Army that will give the Army the Gray Eagle.
  10. 10. PAGE 10 Upcoming Events 30 November: D Company FRG Meeting, 6 PM ACS Annex 5 December: F Company FRG Meeting, 6 PM ACS Annex 7 December: A Company FRG Meeting, 6 PM ACS Annex 9 December: F Company Gift wrapping, 9 AM to 3 PM Main PX 9 December: F Company FRG Holiday Party, 6 PM Battalion Classroom 13 December: 1-1 ARB Steering Committee Meeting, 5:30 PM Battalion Class- room 19 December through 2 January, 2012: Half-Day Schedule and Christmas Exodus 23—26 December: Christmas Training Holiday 25 December: Merry Christmas! 30 December through 2 January: New Year Training Holiday 1 January 2012: Happy New Year 2012!!! 13 —16 January: Martin Luther King Jr. Training Holiday 27 January: 1-1 ARB Winter Ball THE APACHE POST
  11. 11. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 11 Gunfighters T-Shirt—Order Yours Today!! Close up view of graphic
  12. 12. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 12 Fort Riley Events for December
  13. 13. 1-1 ARB traces its roots to the formation of the 1st Aviation1-1 Attack Reconnaissance Company, 1st ID, constituted on 15 February 1957 at Fort Riley,Battalion KS. Later redesignated as 1st Aviation Battalion, one of the first aviation units to employ helicopter gunships and reconnaissance helicopters in unison to conduct search and destroy teams, commonly referred to as "hunter/killer" teams. Currently stationed at Fort Riley, the Gunfighters continue to provide invaluable reconnaissance and lethal attack helicopters fires forBattalion Headquarters the Soldiers of the Big Red One.BLDG 802 Marshall Avenue The Gunfighters are commanded by LTC Edward M. Vedder.Fort Riley, Kansas 66442 CSM Michael P. O’Donnell is the senior enlisted advisor.Find us on Facebook(r) at http:// This is the informational newsletter of 1-1!/pages/ Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division that contains both official and unofficialGunfighters/113862645304342 information. The inclusion of non-official information in this newsletter has not increased the cost to the United States Government in accordance with DoD 425.8-M.Gunfighters!