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Social Media Marketing for Retail Success (101)
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Social Media Marketing for Retail Success (101)


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Social and search basics, suggestions, tips and tricks and real life retail business screen shots for a shopping center in Kona, Hawaii.

Social and search basics, suggestions, tips and tricks and real life retail business screen shots for a shopping center in Kona, Hawaii.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing For Retail Success Presented by: Julie Ziemelis. Ziemelis Communications S
  • 2. Social Media Is Not A FadS “Although social media is a relatively new form of communication, it has become the primary way retailers and customers are interfacing”, Ryan Holmes, founder of HootSuite. “By introducing a social media strategy into a retail organization, marketing teams can rapidly increase their customer engagement and drive sales.”
  • 3. Social and SearchS 1. Your customers are talking about you online if you are in the conversation or not.S 2. Potential customers are reading and reacting to what they read on Google and the web.S 3. Studies conclusively show people respond to their friends recommendations and word of mouth before advertising.
  • 4. The New RealityS No one will listen to what YOU say about YOUR company.S The downside: Ignoring customer reviews and recommendations on the web will affect in store sales.S The upside: By engaging with people willing to share their experiences with you, you can create a better customer experience, share what you did and create fans that will spread your message WILDLY and for FREE
  • 5. Social Engagement and MonitoringS 1. Google your company and see what people are saying about you.S 2. Join Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yahoo, UrbanSpoon, FourSquare, etc so you can respond to customer reviews.S 3. Address the issue, apologize, promise to do better and ask for another chance.S 4. THANK PEOPLE who write nice reviews.S Don’t forget: It’s all in the public eye..for a VERY long time!
  • 6. Social Is MobileS Tourists and residents are checking for places to enjoy and discover on their mobile phones.S Geo-location recommendation sites like FourSquare are growing exponentially.S Facebook, Twitter, Yelp-all have mobile apps to help people get recommendations from their friends and other people.S People are checking Google from their mobile phones. S Are you there?
  • 7. Proactive Social EngagementS Create a Facebook business page and give your customers a place to:S Get updates about promotions and special eventsS Learn more about your products/services and your passion for your businessS Connect with you directly and share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions.S Drive sales by posting pictures of products and your fans enjoying your store.
  • 8. What Does Google Say?SLet’s go online with Lanihau Center Retailers
  • 9. How Yelp shows customerswhat others are saying at aglance:
  • 10. Tips and TricksS 1. Get found: Get your business listed on Yelp, UrbanSpoon, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, FacebookS 2. Engage fans: Encourage the people you know who had a great experience with you to say so online.S 3. Monitor your web presence: Thank and reward your fans and respond to poor reviews..IN PUBLIC.S 4. Rinse and repeatS 5. Shhhhh…Google your competition and see which sites they show up on. Be there, too.
  • 11. THANK YOUS Julie Ziemelis, Ziemelis CommunicationsS Contact me: www.JulieZiemelis.comBlogging my opinions --- Things to do in KonaS RESOURCE FOR YOU: the-retail-industry