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The cocoa trees membership campaign
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The cocoa trees membership campaign






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    The cocoa trees membership campaign The cocoa trees membership campaign Presentation Transcript

    • 2,000 licensed customer 15 serviced industriesusers Including but not limited toWe have 2,000 licensed advertising, distribution ,customer users, strengthening F&B/restaurants , healthcare,our hold in market. hospitality, manufacturing, marine, retail, telecommunication.50 highlyconsultants experienced Why ChooseWith 50 highly esteemed &experienced consultants Asterisk(averaging an experience of 10years and more), we have 24 years in the businessproven our expertise in the field. Founded on 1988, we are one of the market leaders in implementing & deploying business application software solutions.
    • Products & ServicesEnterpriseResourcePlanning Customer Relationship Management Business Intelligence Online Media Mobility
    • Asterisk and EaZy ConceptsWe build and deploysolutions, we We Marketare the R & D and Sell CRM Team solutions
    • ATE Consulting (Palate.sg) Card Membership SystemOver 60K Implementation and MemberMembers Portal Development coveringCovering more than 40 RestaurantsIndividual, Family /Merchantsand CorporateMembership Shoe Mart (SM Advantage Card) More than 5 Million Active Members Membership Implementation Customer Service Management Member Experience Enhancement Experience
    • Building Customer CRM Connections: A CRM Workshop/Seminar Workshop for For QSR Group Thai Airways Of Malaysia CRM Workshop Clients CRM Workshop for Tourism MalaysiaCRM for Real Estate attended by more Workshop than 30 Directors representing their worldwide market
    • Asterisk BuildCRM Practice Solutions Sell Applications CRM Practice Deploy Fast Up/Cross Sell Add-Ons
    • The Cocoa Trees Membership CampaignCreated by
    • CustomerMembershipAcquisition
    • Sample eDMThe Cocoa Trees staffwill be able to send anintroductory eDMto its leads andcontacts through theCRM Membership &Loyalty Solutions
    • The Cocoa Treecontacts will receivethe intro EDM,informing them ofthe re-launch of itsMembershipProgram.
    • The CRM MembershipSolution will allow thesending of the eDMthrough various emailaccounts…
    • As well as show webpage views andinteractions, no. ofrecipients who openedthe eDM, as well as thenumber of bouncedbacks.
    • Intro eDM for the TheCocoa Trees MembershipRe-launch Campaign
    • Intro Membership eDMwill contain a link,directing users to theonline membershipform in The Cocoa Treeswebsite
    • Users will be directed first to The CocoaTrees Membership Landing Page
    • Then they willbe directed tothe OnlineMembershipForm.
    • After they havesuccessfully filled theonline form, they willbe directed to the“Thank You” page,giving them furtherinstructions on how tofinalize themembership process
    • Next step will be ….
    • MembershipOn Boarding
    • Membership applicationsare subject to the approvalof The Cocoa Treesmanagement.
    • Once membershipapplication has beenapproved..
    • Users will beinformed of theapproval of theirmembershipapplication via awelcoming eDM.
    • Further instructions will beprovided to complete themembership process.Users will be informed of theapproval of their membershipapplication via a welcomingeDM.
    • Within a week,successful membershipapplications wouldreceive a welcoming kit,containing themembership card andvouchers worth $20 andS50.
    • Members can use the $20 and $50 to purchase products from any The Cocoa Trees branch.
    • Members can also bring refer theirfriends to join The Cocoa TreesMembership program, therebystrengthening the purpose of theprogram by increasing itsmembers.
    • The nextchallengingstep will be..
    • MembershipRetention
    • To keep membersconstantly engaged,updated andinterested, monthlyeDMs will be sent tothem.
    • Sample June eDM
    • Sample July eDM
    • Sample August eDM
    • Certain promotionssuch as the “Kaki”campaign, a referralprogram where amember gets pointsevery time he/shesuccessfully refers afriend to themembership programwhenever they visitany The Cocoa Treesbranch could beimplemented.
    • Another promotion formembers to acquire pointssuch as checking in using theirFacebook accounts will beimplemented, encouragingmore visits to any The CocoaTrees branch and making everyvisit a fun experience.Next step will be…
    • MembershipRewards
    • Plans ofkeepingmemberswill becreated
    • RewardeDMs andEvent eDMswill be sentto members,creating asense ofexclusivity.
    • Members are rewardedpoints every time theypurchase products fromany The Cocoa Treesbranch
    • To inform them of theiraccumulated points, aRewards eDM will besent to them.
    • The Rewards eDM willinform them of theproducts they can buyfrom any The CocoaTrees branch, using theiraccumulated points.
    • The Events eDM will informthem of special events thatthey can attend, which areonly exclusive for The CocoaTrees members
    • The Cocoa Trees Events caninclude Chocolate-Tastingparties, Chocolate DayParade, Chocolate RecipeDay and anything relevantto chocolates.
    • Exclusiveevent invitesand rewardprograms areone way ofensuring theretention ofmembers bykeeping themhappy andengaged.
    • For memberswho aren’tthat engagedin any effortsThe CocoaTreescampaignmay bring,there’s alwaysthe….
    • MembershipReactivation
    • The Cocoa Trees staffwill be able to identifyinactive members,those who haven’tmade any purchases inthe last month at anybranch.
    • These inactivemembers will bereminded of theirstatus via the “WeMissed You” eDMwhich will be sentusing the CRMMembership Solutions.
    • Efforts such as the “WeMiss You” email will beeffective in regaininglost members andreminding them of themany benefits andprivileges of their TheCocoa TreesMembership
    • To keep members in theirtoes, as well as invite newones, an advocacy would beimplemented,strengtheningthe over-all membershipcampaign of The CocoaTrees.
    • Campaign Thought LeadershipAdvocacy
    • Sometimes, aCHOCOLATE can sayit all.And sometimes, aCHOCOLATE can domore.
    • The Cocoa Trees not only offersa hearty supply of all kinds ofchocolates, we are alsospreading the word about thebenefits of consuming the rightamount of chocolate.
    • The Cocoa Trees would showcase the advantage ofconsuming chocolates through blog articles, whichwould be effective in explaining further theenhancements and benefits that one may derive fromeating chocolates, such as ……
    • Providing Decreasingmore the risk ofantioxidants strokeLowersbloodpressureand more
    • Sample blog layout and article
    • The Cocoa Trees Blogwould start an advocacyon the health benefits ofchocolate, encouragingpeople to eat more of it,provided only the rightamounts are consumed.
    • The Cocoa Trees Blogwould championchocolate-lovers, givingthem more reason toconsume an adequatesupply of chocolates.
    • The Cocoa Trees BlogAdvocacy
    • Thank You!Have anice day!