I theatre membership campaign


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I theatre membership campaign

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  5. 5. iTheatre Membership & Loyalty ProgramCreated by
  6. 6. Customer Membership on Member BoardingA AcquisitionG Membership Membership Retention RewardsEN Membership ReactivationDA Campaign Advocacy, Thought Leadership
  7. 7. CustomerMembershipAcquisition
  8. 8. Sample eDMThe iTheatre staff willbe able to send anintroductory eDMto its leads andcontacts through theCRM Membership &Loyalty Solutions
  9. 9. The iTheatrecontacts willreceive the introEDM, informingthem of itsMembershipProgram.Since iTheatre willbe targetingdonors, audiencesand volunteers,there would be aseparate eDM foreach market.
  10. 10. DonoriTheatreIntro eDM
  11. 11. AudienceiTheatreIntro eDM
  12. 12. VolunteeriTheatreIntro eDM
  13. 13. The CRM MembershipSolution will allow thesending of the eDMthrough various emailaccounts…
  14. 14. As well as show webpage views andinteractions, no. ofrecipients who openedthe eDM, as well as thenumber of bouncedbacks.
  15. 15. As well as show webpage views andinteractions, no. ofrecipients who openedthe eDM, as well as thenumber of bouncedbacks.
  16. 16. All Intro MembershipeDM will contain a link,directing users to theonline membershipform in iTheatre website
  17. 17. Users will be directed first to iTheatreMembership Landing Page
  18. 18. They cansign up asiTheatrevolunteers..
  19. 19. ..as iTheatredonors…
  20. 20. ..or asiTheatreaudiencemembers.
  21. 21. After they have successfully filled theonline form, they will be directed to the“Thank You” page, finalizing themembership registration process.
  22. 22. Next step will be ….
  23. 23. MembershipOn Boarding
  24. 24. Users will be informed ofthe approval of theirmembership applicationvia a welcoming eDM.There will be separateeDMs as well for the…
  25. 25. VolunteersWelcomeEmail…
  26. 26. AudienceWelcomeEmail…
  27. 27. And theDonorWelcomeEmail…
  28. 28. A welcoming kit wouldbe mailed to thedonors, the market whowould be contributingthe most of the financialsupport.
  29. 29. The nextchallengingstep will be..
  30. 30. MembershipRetention
  31. 31. To keep membersconstantly engaged,updated andinterested, monthlyeDMs will be sent tothem.
  32. 32. Sample August eDM
  33. 33. Sample SeptembereDM
  34. 34. Sample October eDM
  35. 35. MembershipRewards
  36. 36. Plans ofkeepingmemberswill becreated
  37. 37. RewardeDMs will besent tomembers,creating asense ofexclusivity.
  38. 38. Sample rewards can bediscount tickets to avariety of iTheatreproductions.
  39. 39. Donors, volunteers andaudiences will all receivespecial rewards, relevantto their membershipstatus.
  40. 40. Other rewards foraudiences can includefree workshops, meetand greet theactors/actress of iTheatreproductions, etc.
  41. 41. Rewardprograms areone way ofensuring theretention ofmembers bykeeping themhappy andengaged.
  42. 42. For memberswho aren’tthat engagedin any effortsthe iTheatrecampaignmay bring,there’s alwaysthe….
  43. 43. MembershipReactivation
  44. 44. The iTheatre staff willbe able to identifyinactive members,those who haven’tparticipated in anytheatre productions,may they be avolunteer, a donor oran audience.
  45. 45. These inactivemembers will bereminded of theirstatus via the “WeMissed You” eDMwhich will be sentusing the CRMMembership Solutions.
  46. 46. “We MissedYou” AudienceeDM
  47. 47. “We MissedYou” DonoreDM
  48. 48. “We MissedYou” VolunteereDM
  49. 49. Efforts such as the “WeMiss You” email will beeffective in regaininglost members andreminding them of themany benefits andprivileges of theiriTheatre Membership
  50. 50. To keep members in theirtoes, as well as invite newones, an advocacy would beimplemented instrengthening the over-allmembership campaign ofiTheatre organization whichwould be the next step…
  51. 51. MembershipReactivation
  52. 52. To encourage thegeneration of todayto become activelyinvolved in theatre,social media siteswould be used.Youtube and blogswould be fully utilizeto awaken the youthto their creativepotential when itcomes to theatre arts.
  53. 53. iTheatre would advocate its objectives ofraising awareness of the nature andvalue of family centered theatre, howvital it is to let talented kids flourish andenhance their creative talents when itcomes to theatre arts and how fun andde-stressing it can be for the wholefamily to watch theatre productions, notto mention the lessons kids can get fromit.
  54. 54. iTheatre would stimulate the imagination of kids andimpart valuable lessons as well through blog articlesand youtube videos which will mostly be aboutinspirational quotes from theatre productions.
  55. 55. Sample bloglayout and article and iTheatre youtube channel
  56. 56. Aim of Blog:- Impart valuable lessons- Inform about upcoming productionsAim of Youtube:- Showcase of theatre productions- Teaser videos for plays
  57. 57. These channels would be effective in spreading theword about the activities and the advocacy of theiTheatre organization. A steady supply of content forthese sites would be ensured through continuousiTheatre productions.
  58. 58. iTheatre Membership & Loyalty ProgramCreated by
  59. 59. Thank You!Have anice day!