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The Power Lead System is a POWERFUL system and business opportunity that allows you to market A Complete All-in-One Marketing System from Priceless Possibilities. This system includes EVERYTHING you need to start making money immediately. The income potential is staggering thanks to a breakthrough in commissions called accelerated leverage.

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  • 1. Earn A Very Lucrative Income Solving The #1 Need For Virtually Anyone Looking To Earn Income Online
  • 2. What Is The Power Lead System?
  • 3. What Is Our Unique Twist On 100% Commissions?
  • 4. Why Is NOW The Time To Promote The Power Lead System SERIOUSLY?
  • 5. The Power Lead System Is An ALL In One Marketing System That Can Help Virtually Anyone Building a Home Based Business
  • 6. As Well As Any Small Traditional Business
  • 7. And Anyone Looking To Make Money Online
  • 8. It Has The Ability To Create UNLIMITED Lead Capture Pages Its So SIMPLE & EASY to create professional lead capture pages in just minutes!
  • 9. UNLIMITED Sales Pages
  • 10. UNLIMITED Email Campaigns
  • 11. Powerful Contact Management System
  • 12. Simple But Highly Effective Ad Tracking System
  • 13. Unlimited Sub Domains So Members Can Create Unlimited Web Pages That We Host
  • 14. And MUCH More! And we’re confident you’ll be blown away at the value. As a matter of fact, many of our clients have told us that they’d never seen so much value for such a low price!
  • 15. It Also Includes A FREE Lead Generating System
  • 16. That You Can Give To Anyone (Which Generates Leads For You) While They Keep It FREE Forever!
  • 17. You Get Paid When Anyone Upgrades To Our Paid Membership (Just $30 Per Month)!
  • 18. You Get $20 Of The $30 Every Month Forever For Everyone Who Is On Your PAYLINE!
  • 19. Every Other One Of Your First 10 Customers Go On Your PAYLINE
  • 20. So #1, #3, #5, #7 and #9 Go On Your PAYLINE Making You $20 Per Month Each PLUS …
  • 21. After 10 Customers, You Keep 4 Then Pass Up 1 Customer To Your Sponsor…
  • 22. So You Would Keep #11, #12, #13, #14 & Pass Up #15
  • 23. This Repeats Indefinitely Where You Keep 4 & Pass Up 1
  • 24. The Exciting Thing Is, Everyone On Your PAYLINE Will Pass Up Ever Other One Of Their First 10 Customers To You Plus Every 5th Sale Thereafter
  • 25. This Is Known As Our “Accelerated Leverage” Compensation Plan
  • 26. However What Is So UNIQUE & Powerful With Accelerated Leverage Is That When You Pass Up Someone You Don’t Get ZERO
  • 27. You Get A 50% Match Every Month On The Income Earned From Your Pass Ups!
  • 28. Which Creates Tremendous LEVERAGE From OTHERS Passing Up Members To YOU!
  • 29. Imagine Having Top Marketers Under You Passing Up 5 Of Their First 10 Customers To You (Plus Every 5th Customer After Their 10th)! Imagine having big name marketers under you where they are passing up every other customer to you!
  • 30. Priceless Possibilities Has Been Creating Custom Websites For The Home Based Business Niche Since 1999!
  • 31. Michael Price Has Invested Approximately $200,000 To Learn From Top Marketers
  • 32. HeTrained Tony Robbins Sales Force In 1998!
  • 33. In 2001, He Was Trainer Of The Year (Out Of THOUSANDS) For The MLMIA!
  • 34. Priceless Possibilities Has Invested Millions Of Dollars In Programming
  • 35. And Offered Our Service At $30 Per Month For Over A Decade BUT …
  • 36. We Have Never Had An Affiliate Program For Members!
  • 37. And Many MEMBERS Have Been BEGGING Us To Add An Affiliate Program! We have had a private affiliate program since 2008 where affiliates have paid us thousands of dollars to promote our service because its that good!
  • 38. So For The First Time Ever, We’re Adding An Affiliate Program For ANYONE Thanks To Neil Guess Who Created The POWER LEAD SYSTEM!
  • 39. That Includes A TWIST On 100% Commissions!
  • 40. Soon We Will Have A $150/Month Service Where You Get $100/Month From Every Sale PLUS …
  • 41. You Get Another $100/Month When Anyone Under You Passes Up Every Other Sale!
  • 42. For Every 1 Person Referred It Has On Average Lead To 13.03 More People In Just 33 Days!
  • 43. So If You Wait, The 1 Person You Could Have Told WILL Hear About The Power Lead System From Someone Else And …
  • 44. That Person Could Make A Lucrative Income From Your Prospect (Who Of Course Refers Others)
  • 45. We have been using, promoting, and selling the marketing systems from Priceless Possibilities for over FIVE years! We know then inside and out, AND we support our team! Join Us Today!
  • 46. We have been using, promoting, and selling the marketing systems from Priceless Possibilities for over FIVE years! We know then inside and out, AND we support our team! Join Us Today!
  • 47. Darryl Stewart & Julie Weishaar support@yourownmarketingsystem.com 435-691-5225 | 914-522-6411