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  • Market TransitionAs we have heard, customers are moving to cloud. What is important to understand is that many times it is not premise or cloud, but premise and cloud. We have a unique architecture that allows us to deliver the same user experience on prem/off prem/hybrid.
  • Neutral Tandem HCS

    1. 1. Wholesale HCSNeutral TandemNovember, 2011
    2. 2. Neutral TandemCompany Overview
    3. 3. Neutral TandemCompany OverviewGeneral• Founded in 2003, HQ in Chicago, and established service in 2004• IPO in Nov. 2007, publicly traded on NASDAQ under “TNDM”• $200M Revenue FY 2010• Strong balance sheetCore Business• We are the leading provider of direct voice termination services in the U.S.A. Our coverage is more extensive than even AT&T or Verizon.• Direct termination capability to over 530M numbers in the US• Located in 189 markets• Terminate over 11B minutes per month• We operate the largest Tandem and SIP routing network in the USA, and the 2nd biggest globally.• Provide services to wireless, cable, competitive landline and VoIP service providers
    4. 4. Neutral TandemCompany OverviewCompetitive Advantage• Successfully implemented an open business model with demonstrable customer value:  Direct Interconnections – inclusive of transport to the serving MSC  Strong “Network Effect”  Neutrality, with an accompanying focus on operational excellenceThe Recent Acquisition of Tinet SpA:• Redefines Neutral Tandem as a global IP-based network services company focused on delivering connectivity for domestic US and International voice, Internet, data and video services• Enables us to leverage our core competencies, expand our global footprint, accelerate our Ethernet and International voice initiatives and offer a range of new data solutions• Neutral Tandem is now a leading global provider of IP Transit and Ethernet services• * Top 10 Global provider of IPv4 backbone services• ** Number one provider of IPv6 backbone services worldwide
    5. 5. Neutral TandemCompany OverviewGlobal Business Highlights Neutral Tandem +• Combined Operations in over 70 SEAT + TLE W A M Countries PORT M T N D M M V E O LAND N MINN T N BO EAPO I W N MH +• 4th Largest Tier I IP-Transit R I D W S D MILW LISI + AUKE M DE ITR CLEV + Y A + ST HART ON FORD NEW SAN Y I CHIC E+ + OI COLU P O ELAN + PHIL NEW provider by volume + FRANC N V SALT LAKE N E A AGO I + I +N T MBUS A INDI H D + M NJ DE YOR JER K ADEL ISCO CINC DWASHINSEY C C+ M L ANAP W V GTON, PHIA• CITY INNA Over 600 inter-connected A U T DENV O ER K S O + OLIS K TI ST V A N D.C. LAS . TY + CHAR carriers LOS + VEGA S PHOE N O LO A UI N C S LOTT ANGE + NIX K R ATLA+ C E S M NTA• Compelling Ethernet, Exchange LES SAN DIEG A Z M DALL T + AS L S A L G A O A HOUS and IP Transit Services X +TON + ORLA TAMP NDO + F A MIAM L+ I PUER TO RICO Tinet Proprietary and Confidential
    6. 6. Neutral TandemProducts Local/National Transit Service Transit voice calls from one competitive carrier to another Access Services NT is the access homing tandem in LERG NT eliminates the need to deploy a switch and build out a Gateway Tandem Service network to PSTN One connection accesses NT’s footprint of Ethernet lit EtherCloud buildings CommonPoint SIP Peering and Routing to International and Domestic carriers G.722 enabled with direct connectivity to other Hi-Def High Definition Routing carriers 5th Largest Tier 1 IP Transit provider offering Internet IP Transit (TINET) connectivity throughout the world Neutral Tandem has expanded from the “Go-To” domestic voice carrier to a robust, International service provider offering valuable next-gen solutions. Proprietary and Confidential
    7. 7. Neutral TandemSelect US Customers 110+ US Service Providers Directly Interconnected with Neutral TandemMobileCLECCableIXC Proprietary and Confidential
    8. 8. Neutral TandemHCS Wholesale Market andReseller Requirements
    9. 9. Hosted ServicesCollaboration Market Opportunity Gartner Predicts 2010: Video, Cloud and UC Services Loom Large in Enterprise Communications
    10. 10. Wholesale HCSSolution Categories Hosted Collaboration Solution Management System Web Mobile IP Communications Messaging Collaboration Applications Customer Enterprise Social TelePresence Care Software Optimized Scalable Open Virtual Platform System Architecture Architecture
    11. 11. Wholesale HCSBenefits of Cloud Delivery End-Customer• More Features – richer feature set as compared to premise solution• Expenditure shift from CAPEX to OPEX• Higher Availability – 24/7/365 monitoring• Focus IT resources on core business• Streamline business processes• Accelerate business strategies• Mitigate risk of technology obsolescence VAR• Cisco UC is the global market leader• Increase agility and speed of deployment• Low cost of entry into “Hosted” delivery model• Steady, predictable monthly revenue stream• Work with Cisco technology you already know and implement• Integration of adjacent VAR vertical specific applications• Deliver consistent experience – better customer retention• Maintain account ownership
    12. 12. Wholesale HCSSolution Categories• Partnership requirement between VAR and NT • Active participation in 360 feedback loop • Pipeline creation • HCS marketing • Assign necessary project leads • Pass credit check• Cisco certifications and requirements • Advanced UC • MSCP Express* • 24/7 Tier 1 support for end-users • Partner in good standing with Cisco