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  • Credits: http://www.care.sg/web/html/ www.volunteersingapore.com
  • PI presentation

    1. 1. inary Idea P relim IP o uths, C e opic: Y ngaporT :C ARE S i ga n ization ong, Vania Ta rget or he rry Che Fong, C ulianne Lee Done by: Mao le Goh, J l a , Miche Chaner
    2. 2. 1. Summary 2. Reasons 3. Objectives 4. Project plan • Fortnightly sessionContent: • Fundraising concert 5. Resources • Human resources • Physical resources 6. Potential problems and solutions 7. Evaluation
    3. 3. SummaryPlan a community involvement project, in line withthe co-curriculum programHelp youths who are within the same age groupPropose to CARE SingaporeConduct fortnightly sessionFund-raising concert in December (“we CARE”)
    4. 4. AboutCARE Children-at-risk empowerment Association Reaches out to youth Aspire, help and motivate individuals to develop their potential Divert youths from crimes, negative peer influence and self-harm
    5. 5. Reasons A number of students with behavioral problems or are at risk of dropping out of schoolSchool drop-out rate/%2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 3.2 2.6 2.3 1.9 1.6
    6. 6. Number of youths arrested between 7 & 19 years of ageArrest rates 2006 2007Number of Juveniles 1987 2131arrested (7-15 yrs)arrestedNumber of Youth arrested 4280 4526(7-19 yrs) arrestedNumber of admissions to 467 477MCYS Juvenile Homes:Boys 346 364Girls 121 113Three of the most common offences for arrest (7-19 years of age)Cases 2006 2007Shop theft 1,260 1,294Other theft (include theft of 591 520bicycles, theft from motorvehicles and theft frompersons)Rioting 500 461
    7. 7. Objectives Find ways to imbibe in them values increase their confidence, their awareness Allow participants to have better self-control
    8. 8. Project Plan
    9. 9. Fortnightly sessionsEnrichment classesLife skills talksGroup bonding timePeer tutoringGames (Captains ball, soccer etc.)
    10. 10. Fortnightly sessionsWhen: Saturday eveningsWhere: CARES headquarters function room
    11. 11. Fortnightly sessionsTime Activity Conducted by2.30pm-4.00pm Enrichment classes Volunteers/guest speakers4.00pm-5.30pm Group time + peer Group I/C + volunteers tutoring5.30pm-5.45pm Break time -5.45pm-6.30pm Games Group I/C / Game I/C6.30pm-7.30pm Dinner Volunteers
    12. 12. Fund raising concert Participants will learn various skills Fund raising concert: allow participants to show case their talents Participants will have a sense of Funds raised would be used for future activities
    13. 13. Resources
    14. 14. Physical resources Venue: CARE Headquarters Musical instruments, props, sports equipment and stationery Venue for concert: Community centers/school
    15. 15. Human resources Students from ACJC Trainers who are experience in performing arts Guest speakers Founder of SPLAT!: Dominique Lim
    16. 16. Attractive aspects
    17. 17. Attractive aspects of project Meets the needs of CARE• A very integrated programme• Help youth to lead a balance life and have a positive• mindset Involve youths in the fundraising project•
    18. 18. Attractive aspects of project Provides an opportunity for those who have a• strong passion for youth Money earned from fund-raising will ease financial• burdens Allows interaction within community•
    19. 19. Potentialproblems and solutions
    20. 20. Participantsattendance Participants may refuse to come for the following session Not feasible with small number of participants Time Constraint Other commitments
    21. 21. Solution Games and activities Bonding sessions Learn new skills Peer tutoring
    22. 22. Insuf ficient volunteers No fixed number of volunteers Unable to help out due to other commitments (CCAs) Volunteers may not want to volunteer regularly Unable to find guest speakers
    23. 23. Solution Inform the organizing committee 5 days in advance should they be unable to attend Find a replacement and brief them on the task Class CIP (community involvement project) Link up with companies that deal with youths
    24. 24. Financial issue Sponsors needed to support to ensure the sustainability of the project Money needed to fund the concert and fortnightly sessions
    25. 25. Solution Sponsors from some charitable organizations (Lee foundation , NCSS-National Council of social service) Annual Flag day Donations• Raise funds through the sale of concert tickets
    26. 26. Fund-raising concert• People may not be aware of the concert• Curious to know what the concert is about
    27. 27. Solution• Inform schools• Schools can encourage their students to attend• Create a video• Booths to be set up at community places, such as libraries
    28. 28. Evaluation• Feasible• Money can be collected from fund-raising• Volunteers can be committed to help the participants• Participants will be willing to come down for sessions and rehearsal
    29. 29. THANK YOU!Credits:•www.care.sg•www.volunteersingapore.com•Google Image