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Project presentation-w-results

Project presentation-w-results






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    Project presentation-w-results Project presentation-w-results Presentation Transcript

    • Project Presentation With initial Results Umberto Margiotta – Juliana Raffaghelli Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
    •    Learning and Educating in times of crisis (LLP presentation 2012) Complex social tissue, where cohesion depends on the interdependences and differences (EU2020) Intergenerational learning (IL) bring to the fore the question of “differences” that enrich (ET2020)
    •     Developing the adult learning sector – currently the weakest link in the LLL chain Renewed focus on increasing participation, especially of those furthest from learning Reinforcing the role of adults’ learning institutions Qualifying Trainers of Adults
    •   Intergenerational and family learning, a source ofnew skills for new jobs (EU2020) For education is not the strict matter of the School anymore, but it is the result of life transitions along several experiences, which generate a personal llifelong earning space.
    •  The problem: today’s adults were raised in the industrial society, by teachers trained to teach in old systems.  Adults, particularly those with low educational attainments, do not recognize the own creative role as educators.  They rely on the schooling system, which in many cases (i.e. immigrant parents, but also highly educated parents) have deeply different values with regard to the family identity and culture.  They do not spend enough quality time with children; either they do not search for quality advise with regard to their educational relationship with chidren.
    •  Our thesis: adults as reflective educators, through joint creative experiences, will generate rich learning environments that are the base for XXI Century Skills: creativity, adaptability, expression of the self and collaboration with others.  The adult as reflective educator is able of learning from the own creative experience with the children.  Creative experiences generate the space for intergenerational dialogue. ◦ They decrease the stress of encountering diversity. A generation is a cultural field, and different generations face otherness ◦ They promote a collaborative, joint venture; the joy of creating together is the opportunity to open the heart, the mind, the soul to the otherness, as well as to self-critizise. ◦ They stimulate self-expression and agency.
    •  European and non-European cultural heritage: ◦ art (music/paintings/theatre); ◦ elder people stories; ◦ children's literature;   Social media to promote sharing of learning results -digitalization of contents created aboveGames, according to children ages, to stimulate problem solving, creativity, entrepreneurship.
    •  Differences enrich  Creative Languages can become a bridge between generations Intergenerational learning (IL) is when adults and kids benefit from sharing activities and learn important Key competences. Adults as educators play an extremely important role in Society. Adults benefit from being educators. They create space for intergenerational dialogue
    •  Creative Languages Play, invent, share. They help to decrease the stress of dealing with «differences» through a joint activity  Intergenerational Learning, an opportunity For adults to reflect on the own role as educator. For children’s agency (expression and reinforcing of the self)
    • WP1: Project Management: 24 month WP2: Quality Assurance: 21 month WP3: TRAINING OF TRAINERS 8 month WP4: ADULTS’ LEARNING PILOT PROGRAMMES 6 month WP5 METHODOLOGICAL APPROACH AND PARTICIPATORY TESTING 12 month WP7: DISSEMINATION – 21month WP8: EXPLOITATION – 10 month
    • Train adults' trainers •Understanding and implementing ALICE’s approach. Learning Design •Designing for adults intergenerational creative experiences. Different adults could be the target: partners, senior citizen, teachers, volunteers. Adults’ Learning Pilot Programmes •Testing phase where adults will use creative languages with children. Participatory evaluation with impact on intergenerational dialogue. Engaging Local institutions •Better understanding and practices on IL as part of adults education. The adult as educator
    • Analysis: Methodological Approach (WP5) SET OF INSTRUMENTS WP3 WP4 • Trainers Logs • Reflection • Assignments • KC Evaluation • Self-Evaluation • Video-registration
    • Nr of ALPPs Nr. Of Sessions Nr of Adults Nr. Of Children Nr. of institutions KC addressed 4 14 80 126 6 Mainly 5 and 8, but also 6,7. 5 6 4 3 Children Narrative 9 40 75 127 11 Mainly 8, but also 5,6. 3 blog posts 3 Newsletter articles Digital Storytelling 9 35 89 264 5 Mainly 4,5, but also 6,7. 2 blog post 1 video 1 newsletter article Games & Social Media 6 8 70 56 6 Mainly 5, but also 1, 8. 1 international presentation 1 Newsletter article Music 3 3 56 50 3 Mainly 5 and 8, but also 1,4,6. 1 blog post 1 newsletter article 1 video Total 33 86 290 497 31 National Participation Documents /Products collected Creative Language Art/Cooking LD-ALPP blog post (CISRE) Presentations (CISRE) newsletter articles (CISRE) Countries CH EL IT RO UK TOTAL Nr of ALPPs 5 6 6 14 2 33
    • An international elearning programme and it EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES will be published to the European portal Open-up Education http://openeducationeuropa.eu/ DLV3.1 Learning Units creation CISRE EN DLV3.2 Trainers' selection EVERY PARTNER DLV3.3 Education Coordinators Residential Seminars - TICINO CISRESEED EN-IT-EL- 30/04/12 RO EN 20/05/12 DLV3.4 Programme /Curriculum Design CISRE DLV3.5 National Trainers Awareness Session EVERY PARTNER DLV3.6 Online Training of Trainers CISRE DLV3.7 Exemplar Programmes Programmes for Adult Learning EVERY PARTNER 30/06/12 EN-IT-EL- 31/6/12 RO EN-IT-EL- 15/06/12 RO EN-IT-EL- 1/07/12 RO to 28/02/13 EN-IT-EL- 15/04/13 RO
    •  33 ALPPs implemented, 86 sessions, 290 adults, 497 children, 31institutions engaged  DLV4.1 International Residential Seminar: Adults' Trainers' Pilots presentation - CRETE Residential Seminar: Introduction to the Adult's Education Programme. CISRE-TUC EN 15/05/13 EVERY PARTNER EN-IT-EL-RO 15/03/13 Seminar: Art and Adults' creative interactions with Children. Seminar: Children's Literature - metaphors to enact intergenerational dialogue MA&S EN-IT-EL-RO 10/04/13 FNCCCISRE EN-IT-EL-RO 05/05/13 DLV4.5 Seminar: Digital Storytelling: intergenerational narratives SEED EN-IT-EL-RO 01/06/13 DLV4.6 Seminar: Games and social media to promote intergenerational learning TUC EN-IT-EL-RO 20/06/13 DLV4.7 Seminar: Implementing Results at the Community Level SREP EN-IT-EL-RO 01/07/13 DLV4.8 Video-documentation and reporting CISRETUC EN-IT-EL-RO 30/07/13 DLV4.2 DLV4.3 DLV4.4
    •  One document and a set of tools to guide participatory evaluation on KC for LLL DLV5.1 List of descriptors adults' SEEDachievement of Key competences CISRE DLV5.2 Training of Trainers reflections on practice (event) DLV5.3 DLV5.4 EN-ITEL-RO 15/09/12 SEEDCISRE EN 28/02/13 Adults' Learning experiences: Participatory Testing SEEDCISRE EN-ITEL-RO 31/07/13 Adults' Learning experiences: best practices SEEDCISRE EN-ITEL-RO 31/07/13
    •  12 Newsletters, 1 EU plan, 6 Nac-Diss plan, 1 AT-Handbook, Project Booklet in 4 languages, Advertising Material, 1 Final Conference with more than 70 papers, networking with other EU LLP, 7FP and national projects. DLV6.1 Web-site CISRE EN-IT-EL-RO 28/02/12 DLV6.2 Bi-monthly newsletters in electronic version FNCC EN 10/03/12 DLV6.3 Advertising material CISRE-SEED EN-IT-EL-RO 10/09/12 DLV6.4 Country Dissemination Plan FNCC EN-IT-EL-RO 10/09/12 DLV6.5 European Dissemination Plan FNCC EN 15/07/12 DLV6.6 Promotion and sustainability of results Adults' Trainers Handbook CISRE EN 15/10/13 SREP-CISRE EN 31/07/13 DLV6.7 DLV6.8 DLV6.9 PARTNER- EN-IT-EL-RO 31/07/13 PROJECT'S BOOKLETS FOR ADULTS' EVERY LEARNING FNCC EN-IT-EL-RO 30/09/13 OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES TUC-CISRE REPOSITORIES
    • www.alice-llp.eu Thank you!