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Improving Your Mac Productivity
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Improving Your Mac Productivity


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Delivered as a workshop at ITP Camp 2014.

Delivered as a workshop at ITP Camp 2014.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Stahp Making with the Clicky-Clicky Improving Your Mac Productivity! Julian Dunn June 2014
  • 2. Some Handy Global Mac Shortcuts • Command-Space – open Spotlight • Virtual desktops • Ctrl-Up to zoom out (hot corners do this too, but I find them irritating) • Ctrl-Left/Right to go to other virtual desktops • Move windows around your virtual desktops • Turn on extra options to get Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+5 to go to specific desktops • Command-Shift 3, 4 – screenshot • Option-Command-D – get rid of Dock • Lots more in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts
  • 3. The Command Line! • Use Spotlight to start the Terminal – it comes with all Macs • Scary Unix! Looks like MS-DOS! •
  • 4. Learning the Command Line • Many programmers use the command line exclusively • Even if not, you can use it to save time instead of using the Finder! • Some command-line basics: • ~ is your home directory (/Users/you) • tab completion and history • ls, cd, mv, pwd • man – open manual pages for commands
  • 5. A better terminal than Terminal: iTerm2 • iTerm2 – • Looks a lot like Terminal, but more customizable
  • 6. Handy Mac-Specific Things • Applications are actually in /Applications • Each app is a directory called .app • "unzip –l" to look inside zip files • "open" to open a thing with the associated app • e.g. "open xyz.pdf" will open Preview, "open ." will open current directory in Finder • USB keys, DVDs, network drives get mounted under '/Volumes' • e.g. your USB disk is "MY USB KEY", you get a '/Volumes/MY USB KEY' • "diskutil –eject /Volumes/MY USB KEY" is like dragging it to the trash (note, "" needed to escape spaces)
  • 7. Alfred • The most awesome productivity application evah! • - basic version is free • Basically, adds Option-Space shortcut to Mac, and lets you do really powerful things • Try it: • Install Alfred • Option + Space • "airspeed of an unladen swallow" – then Enter to search Google, Command-2 to search Amazon, Command-3 to search Wikipedia • or "maps 363 Broadway, New York, NY" • or "1 + 2" – and Enter to copy result to clipboard
  • 8. Alfred PowerPack • • £17, is that about $30? (Let's use Alfred to find out…) • Additional features not in regular Alfred • Custom workflow example • What it looks like behind the scenes
  • 9. Dash – Docset Browser • • Immediate & offline access to many documentation sets • Ruby • Python • Arduino • Funny, I didn't see Processing • Alfred integration!
  • 10. Other Tools I don't have experience with • AppleScript • Others that people use?
  • 11. Thank You! Subtitle – Arial 20pt