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Aaslh ppt formatted and edited 9.27.12

  1. 1. Reinventing Your Museum: New Audiences, Great ExpectationsMartha Aldridge, Chief Relocation OfficerJulia Swan, Manager of Programs & Community EngagementTara McCauley, Manager of Education & Youth Programs
  2. 2. About UsMuseum of History & Industry in Seattle, WA• Regional history museum of a major metropolitan city• Currently in process of a major institutional transformation
  3. 3. About UsOur home since 1952• Aging building• Poor accessibility• Remote, hard-to-find location
  4. 4. About UsOur home starting December 29, 2012 • Renovated historic building • Brand new exhibits and teaching spaces • Central, vibrant, up and coming neighborhood
  5. 5. DiscussionWhat does reinvention mean to you?To your organization?
  6. 6. What does reinvention mean to MOHAI?
  7. 7. Reinvention is About VisionMOHAI will be nationally recognized as a dynamic andinnovative center for historical exploration where peoplewill be inspired by the past to create a better future.
  8. 8. Reinvention is About Realizing the VisionDazzle
  9. 9. Reinvention is About Realizing the VisionEngagement
  10. 10. Reinvention is About Realizing the VisionEngagement
  11. 11. Reinvention is About Realizing the VisionFiscal Responsibility
  12. 12. Reinvention is About Vision VISION MISSIONMOHAI will be nationally recognized as a MOHAI is dedicated to enriching lives bydynamic and innovative center for historical preserving, sharing and teaching the diverseexploration where people will be inspired by history of Seattle, the Puget Sound region andthe past to create a better future. the nation. VALUESMOHAI believes that understanding history is relevant to today’s world – it fosters pride of place, and helps individuals in ourcommunity understand the importance of civic engagement.MOHAI is inclusive and accessible – we respect all communities and points of view and are committed to listening to andsharing those stories.MOHAI believes in professional scholarship and research to inform our work.MOHAI values mutual respect and collaboration among staff, partners and volunteers, and is committed to sharing ourresources and skills with the wider community.MOHAI is creative and resourceful, and strives for excellence in all our programs and services.MOHAI manages the museum’s historical, human, physical and financial resources in an ethical and responsible manner thatensures sustainability as a public trust.
  13. 13. Levels of Planning Strategic Plan Buildings Financing Program Operations Public Support Private FundSchematic Design Exhibits Business Plan RaisingDesign Development Collections Organizational Structure StrategiesPricing Drawings Library Events Policies Feasibility StudyValue Engineering Programs Visitor Services Fund Raising PlanConstruction Drawings Education IT/Communications Marketing/PR Financial Management Relocation Plan
  14. 14. Reinvention is About Realizing the VisionFlexibility is the Key to Implementation Despite the message on the fare box, it has been my experience that more often than not, change is not exact.
  15. 15. Reinvention is About Realizing the Vision ChallengesHow I wish that my room had a floor.I don’t care so much for a door,But this floating aroundWithout touching the groundIs getting to be quite a bore.
  16. 16. Reinvention is About Realizing the Vision Mitigation of Stress• Information• Control• Humor• Eyes on the vision
  17. 17. Reinvention is About New Audiences New AudiencesNew Location = New Audiences• From residential neighborhood to urban coreDemographic shift invisitors, members, donors• New museum projection: 80% new audience (e.g. young urban professionals), 20% old
  18. 18. Adult Programs and Community Engagement Step 1:Bring the museum outside our walls
  19. 19. Benefits Programs and Adult of Sponsorship Community EngagementHistory Café
  20. 20. Adult Programs and Community EngagementHistory Walking Tours
  21. 21. Projected Cost Adult Programs and Community EngagementPub Trivia
  22. 22. Adult Programs and Community Engagement MOHAI Minutesyoutube.com/mohaiprograms
  23. 23. Adult Programs and Community Engagement Step 2: Think creatively aboutcommunity partnerships
  24. 24. Adult Programs and Community Engagement• Other museums• Other arts organizations • Film industry• Cafes, bars• New neighbors• For-profit companies • Gaming industry
  25. 25. Adult Programs and Community Engagement Step 3:Target New Audiences
  26. 26. Adult Programs and Community EngagementHistory Is____ Film Competition youtube.com/mohaiprograms
  27. 27. Adult Programs and Community EngagementMovies in the Park
  28. 28. Adult Programs and Community EngagementCheshiahud Challenge
  29. 29. Adult Programs and Community EngagementSocial Media
  30. 30. Adult Programs and Community Engagement Challenges• Build new audience without alienating our core audience• Fundamentals of museum programming vs. experimentation with new programming• Staying aligned with changing institutional priorities, e.g. bringing the community back into our building
  31. 31. Education and Youth Programs Re-inventing Education & Youth Programming1. Serve expanded audiences (in terms of age), within varied learning situations (formal AND informal), that are interdisciplinary.2. Utilize community partnerships to design new programs 1. Advisory teams with teachers, school administrators, scholars 2. Work with universities, advocacy groups (early learning), other non profits 3. Community members – parents, local businesses, etc.3. Involve youth to design new programs 1. Youth created program and exhibit content 2. Peer advisory committees 3. Evaluation and surveys to youth
  32. 32. Education and Youth ProgramsExpand Youth Audiences
  33. 33. Education and Youth Programs Early Learning Initiative• MiniMOHAI
  34. 34. Education and Youth Programs Expanded Family Programs• Family Lab• Exploration Packs
  35. 35. Education and Youth Programs• MOHAI Goes Mobile
  36. 36. Education and Youth ProgramsInvolve Youth to Design New Programs
  37. 37. Education and Youth Programs• Punctum/Poetry
  38. 38. Education and Youth Programs• History Is____ Film Competition
  39. 39. Education and Youth Programs• New K – 12 Programs with youth created content and student evaluation
  40. 40. Education and Youth Programs Challenges• NEW EVERYTHING! – New staff, new programs, new technology, new building, new content – nothing is a given.• Resources still a challenge• Using and implementing evaluation results – With such careful and elaborate planning it is important to stay agile, to adapt, to be ready to adjust/fail/try again.
  41. 41. Concluding ChallengesHow can staff cope withtransformative change?Can dramatic reinvention begin withone small change?How can programs balanceexperimentation and fundamentals?Can dramatic reinvention succeedwith limited resources?