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Pass It On


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Deck from the workshop I gave to 120 Leadership Academy high school students at the 2010 Missouri DECA Fall Leadership Conference. The "Pass It On" topic focused on turning goals into a reality by …

Deck from the workshop I gave to 120 Leadership Academy high school students at the 2010 Missouri DECA Fall Leadership Conference. The "Pass It On" topic focused on turning goals into a reality by keeping a forward momentum within a team.

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  • What I Need:
    8 different quotes - 20 copies of each
  • Need:
    $20 Bill
  • Goal Declaring Breakout Session
  • Type of Negatives Activity
    12 copies of each 12 types
    Grumbling: Verbal Instructions
  • Trashcan Ball
    4 blindfolds
    1 trashcan
    20 crumpled paper balls
    “Constructive Complaining”
    If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
    Don’t just hear and agree, listen and build.
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to Make Goals, Ideas and Attitudes Spread and Stick with Your Chapter Julia Pitlyk & Isaac Robinson III
    • 2. Can I Quote You on That? • Share: – Name – High School – Grade • Read Quote: – How or why it applies to leadership?
    • 3. Pass It On • Range of Leadership Positions – Team – Organization: DECA! – Classroom – Family • Power of a Good Idea • Problem of a Good Idea – Set into Motion : Pass It On
    • 4. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. • Ultimate leadership quality 1) Encourages openness in your team 2) Builds your trust as a leader 3) Increases spread of your ideas • What’s Twenty Dollars Worth?
    • 5. Express Yourself • “Goals are dreams that have been said out loud.” • Declare Your Goals! – Increase possibility of actually succeeding! – Turn your passion into action • Gain support of team, peers, mentors – Feedback
    • 6. The Negative Neds/Nancys • Types of Negativity & Their Sources – Constructive – Obstructive • How to Deal – Ask “Why?”
    • 7. Negativity Types • The Resisters -- They rail against anything different • The Wobbly —They are constantly shifting moods and expect others to adjust • The Gossipers -- They spread rumors and tell inappropriate personal tidbits • The Blamers—They are constantly blaming others • The Victims—They believe people are out to get them • The Adhesives--They can’t let go, even things that happened years ago • The Pessimists--They always expect the worst case scenario • The Boilers—They will blow over the slightest provocation • The Complainers—They feel everything is wrong or will soon go wrong • The Choosers—They are constantly pitting one group against another • The Detached-- They feel most everything is dumb or beneath them • The Self-Absorbed--They are constantly grabbing credit or attention
    • 8. • How did you feel during the exercise? Did you feel "heard" by your partner? • What do you remember your partner grumbling about? Did you or they provide any solutions? • In what ways do we fall into grumbling conversations in our daily interactions? Are these productive? • How can they be made more productive? • What does this exercise say about listening skills?
    • 9. Build Your Team • Empower Members, Make Your Goal Happen • Delegate Responsibility • Create Personal Investment • Give Feedback
    • 10. Trashcan Ball! Player 1 NO instruction & NO feedback – Say: “Behind you” or “In front of you” – NO: Measuring distance or encouragement
    • 11. Trashcan Ball! Player 2 YES instruction & NO feedback – Say: “You are ___ feet from the can” – or “Directly in front of you” – NO: Positive encouragement
    • 12. Trashcan Ball! Player 3 NO instruction & YES feedback – Say: “You are doing so well!” – or “Way to go!” – NO: Anything that offers or measures direction
    • 13. Trashcan Ball! Player 4 YES instruction & YES feedback – Say: Positive encouragement and specific direction towards the can – NO: Negativity or vague instructions
    • 14. Trashcan Ball • Frustrated? • How important is: – Feedback? – Specific Feedback & Instructions? – Encouragement?
    • 15. Don’t Quit, Commit • Manage Roadblocks: – Stress – Set-Backs – Re-Evaluations
    • 16. Finish Strong • Reinforce goals with your team • Ask for Feedback • Revitalize your ideas through the process • Update your team on progress • Be grateful
    • 17. Take Away • Build Respect • Express Your Goals • Manage Negativity • Build Your Team • Push Through Obstacles • Maintain Movement towards Success • Make a Plan of Action – Rule of 5: What can you do each day?
    • 18. Contact Us • Julia Pitlyk – • Isaac Robinson –