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  • 1. Personally Developing
  • 2. MAIN Table Of Contents SECTION ONE: Learning about your WHY -> SECTION TWO: Visualizing Your Dream -> SECTION THREE: Personal Steps to Success->
  • 3. Now Getting Started You can download the package to work on along with these slides! Printable WorkBook Document / Computer WorkBook Document (save your work!) Take it easy, have fun, and pick up some new things as we go along.
  • 4. “Our goal is to show you all of the tools you All the Personal Development tools you can use to grow and move forward towards your dreams, success starts with YOU!”
  • 5. SECTION ONE: Table of Contents Understanding Your Why What are your Personal Values
  • 6. Understanding Your Why 1) What are the things you desire in your life? 2) Why do you desire these things? Desires (The Things) The Why (The Deeper Hope and Feeling) To Travel To learn from the world, gain wisdom and meet people. More Free Time More time with family, grow personally/relationships More Money To freely do the things I love with out fearing debt.
  • 7. What are your Personal Values? Values Balance Family/relationships Help Others Peace Life long learningAlways look for inspiration Live a stress free life Always be Kind Many time life is so hectic, it’s easy to skip this simple detail. Your values effect all of your decisions it ‘s important to have a fresh list and re-assess if you are heading in the direction you want to be heading in. Dig deep and really start reflect on what your values are. Personal Values: Values are things that really matter to each of us ... the ideas and beliefs we hold as special. Personal value is a strong desires would make you take action to keep or to get something...that enhances you as an individual Are your values taking you in the direction you want to be going? Are you true to your values every day?
  • 8. SECTION TWO: Visualizing Your Dream SECTION TWO: Table of Contents What Life Looks Like With Out a Dream WHY Dreaming is SO Important Fears and Dreaming Your DREAM, Dare to Dream it! Complete your 5 year Letter to yourself and your WHY
  • 9. What Life Looks Like With Out a Vision of your Dream Your Life Not sure what to do next ? No focus?? What are your values???
  • 10. WHY Visualizing Your Dreaming is SO Important Your DREAM! Your Focus Your Daily Life Course Correction! Redirect Yourself! DREAM BIG!!!
  • 11. Fears and Dreaming Your Dream!!!!!You There is a thick Brick WALL Stopping YOU from getting to your dream This wall’s name is: FEAR “GREAT talents hide behind fear!” Action Kills Fear!
  • 12. Your DREAM, Dare to Visualize it! 1) What’s your wildest dream? 2) What kind of person do you dream of being? 3) Finally being able to understand your fueling need’s. What do you need in your life to be happy? 4)What's something you WANT but maybe do not feel worthy of? “Remove all of your fears and acknowledge all of your dreams and DEEPEST DESIRES for just a moment.”
  • 13. Complete your 5 year Letter to yourself and your WHY Your 5 year letter to yourself is your long term Dream, where you want to see yourself in 5 years! Imagine you are writing a letter about your life 5 years from now, what would that letter say? Visualize your why and your 5 year letter. Visualization is EXTREMELY important! Picture what your life would look like if health, money, and time were not limiting you. You must commit it to paper. 1) Now that you have experience a deeper perspective of yourself and you know where you want to be 5 years from now, write down your WHY 2) Complete your 5 year goal plan in your work book. Where do you want to be in 5 years combining your dreams, Values Fueling Needs and WHY!
  • 14. SECTION THREE: Table of Contents 3 Decisions of Destiny / Two Primary Patterns? Balance Your Mind 5 Key Success Steps A Promise to Yourself
  • 15. 3 Decisions of Destiny / Two Primary Patterns These are the 3 decisions we are making every moment of our lives. 1) What am I going to focus on? - Focus = Feeling - Past/present/future - Self or others? 2)What does it mean? Is it the end or the beginning? Are you being punished or rewarded? 3) What are you going to do? Are you going to give up or move forward? Two primary patterns: The invisible forces that shape us 1) In the moment: 2) Long- term: Our “State” Our Model of the physical/ emotional World/ World View: the Shaper of MEANING, EMOTION and ACTION!
  • 16. Balance Your Mind We are surrounded with many downers here are a few examples • Our environment is constantly putting stress on us! • Maybe there is a family member that’s constantly a BIG downer • A highly stressful life style • Sometimes just feeling overwhelmed • Maybe you are just not sure about anything anymore at this point in time. • Sometime you are upset with someone or simply disappointed in someone What do we need to do in this case? NEGATIVE + POSITIVE = BALANCE if things are not working out... -> UP – THE – POSITIVE <- • Self development Books/Audio • Meet with a positive person • Go for a walk • REFRESH YOUR MIND with something good! “ Stand guard to the gate of your mind” Jim Rohn Filter your thoughts, up your positive and you will feel better in no time! Ball of Negativity Ball Of positivity This is YOU making a choice to live with Success
  • 17. 5 Key Success Steps When ever you feel lost or confused print out a ‘5 Key Success Step’ sheet and fill it out to gain your perspective back and get back on the right track!
  • 18. A Promise to Yourself! In your booklet read and sign “A Promise to yourself” It’s so important to acknowledge we want more out of life!
  • 19. We are always Improving this Training Program and we would like to know what you think! Was it confusing? Did you understand everything? Love what you learned? Do you know of something important that could be added? Email your feed back @: nica_julia@live.ca