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What is copywriting? This answer is presented adeptly in a visual, easy-to-read, comprehensive 10 slide powerpoint. Composed by the founder of Express Writers, a national web copywriting agency.

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What Is Copywriting (In 10 Slides) - Express Writers

  1. 1. PRESENTSA Guide to Copywriting in 10Slideswww.expresswriters.comPresented by Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writersinfo@expresswriters.com
  2. 2. To Define CopywritingSome only define copy in a very narrow sphere. (direct mail letters, salespage). We define it to fall under the broad definition of copywriting. Thismeans that blogs require copywriting (advertising ideas); web content includescopywriting (advertising business/people); you get the idea.
  3. 3. SEO & WebCopywritingGeneral Rules for WebCopywriting, circa 2013Writing for the web hasreally changed postGoogle Panda andPenguin in recentmonths. Statistics showthat Google rankswebsites that regularlyblog, host only 100%unique and originalcontent on their website,and focus on informingtheir readers.
  4. 4. Invented by business coach Michael Masterson, this formula has worked for notjust national company taglines but blog and article copy, too.
  5. 5. Copy Styles: Style #1 (Direct)What makes copy sogood?Let’s delve into some ofthe styles and find outwhy.This style, presented inthe example websites tothe right, is one that onlyneeds a few sentencesof words. Your websitecan say a lot with just150-300 words on thehome page.FYI: You should have atleast that amount oforiginal copy on yourhome page to housesome keywords.(Unless you’re Apple.)
  6. 6. Copy Styles: Style #2 (Creative)This style, presented inthe example websites tothe right, utilizes acreative tone of writing tosell products, relayinformation, or advertiseservices.This can amount to anyword count, typicallylonger rather thanshorter.Here’s a tiny samplepulled fromProWebTeam to showhow you can market yourbusiness in creativelanguage.“Quite frankly, thesecampaigns rock!”
  7. 7. What Does Good Copywriting Entail?Instead of:“Having a hard work dayat the office? Feelingstressed about your life?Call us to schedule yourvacation.”Wouldn’t this be moreappealing…“Enjoy a vacation on asunny, carefreeCaribbean island with thetropical beach, weatherand fun surroundingyou.”Encourage them to thinkabout what you’reoffering…in a positiveway!
  8. 8. What Does Bad Copywriting Entail?The BIGGEST irk of “my”personal life as acopywriter…new writersspend WAY too muchstress on what they’resaying! If they stoodback and took LESStime over eachword…sometimes itwould actually turn outbetter.Switching voicesbetween audiences, nottargeting with a call toaction when you havethem in the palm of yourhand, and manyothers…are all irks of *my* lifereading someone else’swriting.-Note, from Julia
  9. 9. Thank you for reading our Copywriting Guide in 10 Slides!Be sure to visit us on the web at www.expressswriters.comWant more? Check out our Blog.
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