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Adding audio lectures
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  • http://blog.blackboard.com/professional-education-blog/cool-tools-%E2%80%93-rapid-e-learning-with-brainshark-or-captivatehttp://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/col/id/instructional_strategies.phphttp://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/5-lecturecasting-tools-that-i-cant-live-without-and-why/25722http://www.memphis.edu/itd/docs/uom-teach-and-learn-tools.pdf
  • http://www.wpi.edu/Academics/ATC/Collaboratory/HowTo/PowerPoint/design.htmlhttp://gethelp.library.upenn.edu/workshops/biomed/ppt/sound.html
  • Meaning…limit the bulletsProvide weblinks and video links to provide more informtion
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucedhODaLjUhttp://powerpointinfo.blogspot.com/2011/01/brainshark-released-app-for-iphone-and.htmlhttp://lscc.edu/staff/HRPayrollBenefits/Benefits/Wellness%20Program/Wellness%20Videos.pdfhttp://www.massastd.org/presentations/Oct2010/TheBasicsofBrainshark.pdf
  • http://www.crlt.umich.edu/flu/multistep.phphttp://cfcc.edu/dl/Faculty_Resources/Course_Development/lecture_conferencing.htmlhttp://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/5-lecturecasting-tools-that-i-cant-live-without-and-why/25722http://ncam.wgbh.org/invent_build/web_multimedia/tools-guidelineshttp://www.panopto.com/

Adding audio lectures Adding audio lectures Presentation Transcript

  • Adding Audio Lectures Presented by Dr. Julia VanderMolen Department Coordinator and AssistantProfessor of Health and Science (Online)
  • It is quite possible to "lecture" in theonline classroom using audio and video.Keep in mind, though that even in aface-to-face class, "Telling is notteaching, and listening is not learning."Lecture is simply giving foundationalinformation. That is not a bad thing initself. In the online environment, anaudio lecture can be good for severalreasons
  • Audio Lectures can…• It addresses different learning styles (audio/visual - majority of people!)• It allows you to communicate more effectively by using voice inflections, etc.• It allows the student to connect to you as a real person• It frames the learning that is about to take place• It can be used to connect present knowledge to forthcoming knowledge
  • Research…• Survey was done…• Four Questions regarding audio lectures• Demographic questions• Comments
  • Question 1• Could you access the audio lectures?• 133 out of 138 (97%) students stated that they could access the audio lecture
  • Question 2• If you have been listening to the audio lectures for the first part of this term, have they been helpful in learning the content?• 119 out of 138 (87%) students stated that they listened to the audio lectures and found the audio lecture helpful in learning the course content
  • Question 3• Did you have difficulty following the content presented in the audio/video lectures?• 5 out of 138 (4%) students stated that they difficulty following the content presented in the audio/video lectures?
  • Question 4• Online audio lectures should be used in future courses?• A mean of 4.55 on a 5.0 scale revealed that online audio lectures should be used in future course
  • Comments• I really like the audio lectures because it basically set up what I was going to read so it was a nice introduction each week. I also enjoyed them because it made me feel like I was actually in a classroom with the teacher and normally online classes are very distant and so it make me feel closer and like I actually knew who she was.
  • Comments• The audio lectures were a refreshing option and an added benefit to the lecture format. Being able to hear and read the material helped me to process the information being presented better. I would recommend audio lectures for all online classes.• The audio lectures are a good way to gain the instructors view of the material. Also, for me, it is helpful to hear the material rather than just read it.
  • Comments• I love the audio lectures. The lectures allowed for the viewpoints of the information to come across better. It allowed me to grasp the information understand what would be covered in the chapters. I wish all my other classes had audio lectures.• I think all online classes should contain audio lectures because it has information just like if you were sitting in a classroom except you cant ask a question and get an answer at that moment. If gives you important information that you may have missed while interpreting the lesson on your own.
  • Creating a PowerPoint with Audio• First create a sound lecture• Second make sure the lecture is visually appealing• Finally, provide ancillary information
  • Guidelines for Creating Audio Slide Shows• Keep them less than 15 minutes when possible• If they are longer than 15 minutes, chunk them into "parts"• If you have multiple topics in one lecture, make them separate presentations• Be concise in the lecture; get to the point• Provide PowerPoint as handout or provide lecture outline• Portable Lectures for mp3 Players
  • What is Out There?• BrainShark• SlideShare• VoiceThread• Screencast
  • BrainShark• What is it?• Where is it? http://presentation.brainshark.com/• How to use it? This will be a mini tutorial to watch.
  • Screencast/Jing• What is it?• Where is it? http://www.screencast.com/• How to use it? This will be a mini tutorial to watch.
  • SlideShare• What is it?• Where is it? http://www.slideshare.net/• How to use it? This will be a mini tutorial to watch.
  • VoiceThread• What is it?• Where is it? http://voicethread.com/• How to use it? This will be a mini tutorial to watch.
  • Other Tools to Consider• Profcast (Mac/Windows) http://www.profcast.com/public/index.php• Screencast-O-Matic http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/• Podcasters Using WordPress http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/podpress/• WizIQ http://www.wiziq.com/• Tools in Skype• MagPie
  • References• Morton, J.L. (2005). Color theory. Retrieved June 7, 2005, from the Color Matters Web site.• Shaw, G. R. (2009). The incredible, accessible presentation. Retrieved April 21st,2011