Newsletter Software: How to Start Your Own Newsletter


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Newsletter Software: How to Start Your Own Newsletter

  1. 1. Newsletter Software: How to Start Your Own Newsletter   Every business and enterpreneur focuses on two aspects: how tostreamline business processes to increase productivity and how to attractmore clients and boost sales. In the world of tough competition marketerscan benefit from advanced technologies designed to help them quickly reacha higher number of customers and create a strong relationship with them.Newsletter software is one of these tools. If you want to start your own newsletter, newsletter creation softwareis the second important thing you need after the mailing list. This softwarehelps you manage email lists, create HTML newsletters for emailing and senda huge amount of newsletters at one time. The Internet proposes manysoftware to create newsletters. Many companies allow you download the freeversion of their newsletter software with the aim to investigate all thefeatures and decide if this software suits your email marketing needs. Well, if youre growing an online business, you cant bypass emailmarketing. For targeted email campaigns you need a high quality newslettersoftware.Why G-Lock EasyMail? G-Lock EasyMail in-house newsletter system will help youcreate and send your own newsletters in seconds and increase your salesrevenue at a very reasonable cost. G-Lock EasyMail has more features thanany other email marketing Software:  In-house email lists -- with G-Lock EasyMail your email lists stay private and secured on your computer and you dont need to upload them to any 3rd party database
  2. 2.  No list size limits or fees -- we wont charge you more when your list is grown, you can build as many email groups in G-Lock EasyMail address book as you want and upload any number of recipients  No monthly or per email fees -- you invest only once and use our email newsletter software forever  Email newsletter personalization -- you can create an unlimited number of custom fields in the address book to personalize your email newsletter for each recipient  Integration with popular databases [MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and others] -- you dont need to re-import the list after each database update  Multiple FROM accounts -- you can create many sender accounts with different SMTP settings and send email newsletter from multiple accounts at a time ensuring a faster and more effecive delivery  HTML and plain text email formats -- G-Lock EasyMail has the built-in full WYSIWYG newsletter editor for creating professional HTML email newsletters  Bounce email management -- you can clean your email lists from soft and hard bounce emails after each email campaign  Import of recipients from any files -- flexible Import Wizard allows you easily import contact lists from a variety file formats including MS Outlook address book  Integration with the email tracking service -- you can track who opened your email, who clicked links inside the email, who unsubscribed, what coutries your recipients are from and what email clients they use to read your emails [the price for G-Lock Analytics is NOT included into the price for G-Lock EasyMail license]  Built-in HTML email templates -- you can use our eye-catching email templates to create professionally looking and elegant email newslettersSee all features of G-Lock EasyMail newsletter software at
  3. 3. How does G-Lock EasyMail Stand out from the Crowd? G-Lock EasyMail is a very powerful email tool for any business wantingto send out personalized email newsletters. It should be used as a part ofmarketing activities because it offers an amazing return on investmentallowing a company to overcome its competitors. Check below the list of unique features of G-Lock EasyMailnewsletter software that you wont find in any competitors program: 1. Integration with Amazon SES API – if you dont have your own mail server and cant use your ISP mail server due to strict email sending limitations, signup with Amazon SES and send email newsletters from G-Lock EasyMail through the Amazon SES API. 2. Personal attachments – using the merge capability in G-Lock EasyMail you can attach a unique file to each message and send a unique attachment to each recipient. 3. Multiple workplaces – this capability allows doing email marketing for the 3rd parties as you can maintain a unique workplace for each client. Plus, using this capability you can make several G-Lock EasyMail users share the same address book. 4. Scripting languages– if you have some programming knowledge, you can access any part of the message (header, subject, body) and change it as you need during the sending process. 5. Delivery Reports – you can set G-Lock EasyMail to send an email campaign report to you after the sending process is complete. This is excellent for entrepreneurs who are promoting their business on another PC or just outside their business place or home.And thats not all. Keep reading below... None of any competing cheap bulk email marketing programs canwork with large mailing lists -- they simply hang and do not response. G-Lock EasyMail newsletter program can handle millions emails. And thanks toits unique capability -- connect directly to your CRM database -- youdont need to worry about updating emails in G-Lock EasyMail address book.Once you setup a database connection, G-Lock EasyMail will always read afresh email list from the database.
  4. 4. We dont know of any cheap email sender program that would be ableto process bounce emails well. G-Lock EasyMail email newsletter software recognizes many types of return emailsincluding soft and hard bounce messages. This means that you can maintainyour email lists clean and up-to-date preventing your IP address from beingblocked by ISPs for continuous sending to bad addresses. As you know the unsubscribe link is a must-have in any emailmarketing email you send. None of cheap email sending programs providesusers with a professional unsubscribe link. They attach the unsubscribe linkto the mailto: email address. This means that the recipient has to click thelink and then click Send in his email client to send them the unsubscriberequest. Not professional and time consuming. You end up with numerousunsubscribe emails coming to your main account. You have to carefully lookall incoming emails through in order not miss any unsubscribe message. G-Lock EasyMail bulk email sender program is integrated with emailtracking service G-Lock Analytics. With one mouse click you can add theunsubscribe link with the encrypted recipients email address to themessage. The system will register the recipients email address and save itto your online G-Lock Analytics account. All you need to do is export thoseemails to a file and remove them from your groups in G-Lock EasyMail. G-Lock EasyMail email marketing solution will reduce the cost andcomplexity of your email marketing efforts, and the support team will guideyou every step of the way. Download the free version of G-Lock EasyMail newsletter system at and start your own emailnewsletter within minutes.