Direct Email Sender for Targeted Email Campaigns


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Direct Email Sender for Targeted Email Campaigns

  1. 1. Direct Email Sender For Targeted Email Campaigns   The role of the direct email sender tool in an online business isincontestable. Many marketers acknowledge that direct email sendersoftware helps them promote their business and bring traffic to their websites very effectively. To send direct email campaigns, you can use either acomputer-based email program or an online based service. The mainadvantage of the desktop email sender is that your contant lists stay privateand secured at your own computer and you can take full control over yourmailings. Basically, direct email sender software is a powerful program fortargeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists management atyour desktop. G-Lock EasyMail direct email sender program is well known for itspowerful mailing list management capabilities, easy email personalization,diverse email delivery options, fast multi-threaded sending engine andreliable bounce email processor. Unlike any other email tools, G-LockEasyMail is much better optimized for mass email campaigns. Being standalone software, G-Lock EasyMail does not require that youinstall any additional components, thus you dont need to spend additionalmoney. All you need is a true Internet connection. What makes G-Lock EasyMail direct email software remarkable is that it supports differentsending modes. It has a built-in SMTP server that delivers email messagesdirectly to the recipients without using any external SMTP server. Plus, G-Lock EasyMail can send emails using your existing ISP SMTP servers or yourown SMTP server settings. In addition to this, G-Lock EasyMail is integrated
  2. 2. with the Amazon SES service and you can use the Amazon SES API in G-Lock EasyMail to send emails. The variety of sending modes makes this bulkemail software suitable for anyone who wants to do email marketing. G-Lock EasyMail mass email software usesmultithreaded email delivery and reduces delivery time by sendingseveral messages simultaneously. So, if you have a fast Internet connection,you can increase the number of simultaneous connections and send up to500 email messages at the same time. G-Lock EasyMail has powerful mailing list managementcapabilities for adding, removing, and filtering contacts. The number ofgroups in G-Lock EasyMail address book is not limited. This direct emailsoftware can work with large maling lists -- up to one million emails in onegroup. And you can add as many custom fields to the group as you wantand store the personal contacts information like first name, last name,company, postal address, web URL, phone number, job title, etc. One of the most remarkable features of G-Lock EasyMail is theintegration with CRM databases like MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracleand others. This is a big time saver! Once you created a link to yourdatabase with millions emails from this direct email sender program, younever need to re-import your list after the database update. G-Lock EasyMailautomatically reads an up-to-date contact list from the database. G-Lock EasyMail newsletter software goes with freeHTML email templates that you can use to swiftly create emailnewsletters. You can easily customize any email template by adding yourcompany logo, images, links, and contact information. Branding in youremail newsletter favors an easier sender recognition and higher open rate. G-Lock EasyMail is the perfect in-house solution for sending massemails at your computer. This professional direct email sending programprovides safe, easy and fast way of email newsletter sending. G-LockEasyMail is the best tool for holding your clients and customers by keepingthem well informed about your products, services, promos, news, etc. Notwithout reason, this direct email sender has an overgrowing demand. It isalready appreciated by many users around the world. G-Lock EasyMail comes in two paid editions: Personal and Business.The Business edition works perfectly for large companies who manage bigcontact databases while the Personal edition suits for middle size businessesand enterpreneurs who have moderate email lists.
  3. 3. However, if you are just starting in email marketing and have a smalllist of subscribers (200 or less), the free version of G-Lock EasyMail is rightfor you. Download the free version of G-Lock EasyMail direct email sender and start your mass emailmarketing campaign right now.