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Build Your Own Gaming Empire

  1. 1. BUILD YOUR OWN GAMING EMPIRE & Pull Massive Profits Instantly WITH
  2. 2. 2 THE MAGICAL WORLD OF MOBILE GAMES AND MONEY The digital revolution witnessed a tremendous upswing when smart phones and tablets replaced the big foots like desktops, workstations and even laptops. The new-gen consumer is smart indeed to adapt himself to the evolving technical surroundings. Yes, this resulted in the shift of limelight to mobile devices and responsive platforms which proved to be a power packed platform for digital marketing and entertainment. Game development on the iOS and the Android platform is growing, leaps and bounds, rendering a sophisticated and highly unique user experience to the target audience across the globe.
  3. 3. 3 Mobile Game Development is a fast growing market which never reaches its saturation limits. This ever-increasing demand is the key to unlock the riches behind the hidden treasures of user engagement and addictively fun mobile games. Mobile Games are also have a broad range of target audience, irrespective of gender, age or geographical limits, which enables us to deliver over-the-top experience for the game-savvy mobile users. REVENUE STATISTICS OF TOP TEN ALL-TIME HIT MOBILE GAMES
  4. 4. 4 Of course, most of these games might be too familiar to you also as they are very popular. But the main point is that they have helped their developers and publishers, including the whole ecosystem surrounding mobile game development, to pocket millions of bucks. Seems interesting, right? Take a look.  Angry Birds - $ 195 Million (Total Rovio Corporate Revenue 2012) - The Finnish game developer ‘Rovio Entertainment’ is one of the largest players who became successful in the mobile game domain with its angry lot of vibrant and cute birds who is fighting for survival against the greedy pigs. With over 12 million copies of download from the iOS app store alone and a combined 1.7 billion downloads across all platforms, Angry Birds displays a potent combination of addictive game play, comic style and low price. Apart from the games, the company is also making big revenues from Angry Birds merchandise.  Fruit Ninja - $ 1 Million/Month (Paid download)+ $ 400,000 Million /Month (Ad Revenue) - The game released by Halfbrick Studios in 2010 reached nearly 300 million downloads last year. Available on the popular platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian (Nokia), Bada (Samsung), Xbox 360 (XBLA), Windows, the juicy, splashy fruit carnage is still one of the most popular games on mobile phones.
  5. 5. 5  Tetris – Crossed more than 100 Million downloads - The tile matching puzzle game is still one among the most downloaded mobile games, while it is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The game was first released on June 6, 1984 on all gaming consoles and even on graphic calculators.  Grand Theft Auto - The GTA series published by Rockstar Games is one of the top most games which have universal appeal for its adventurous missions, pumping up adrenaline lines. The commercially successful game has crossed over 140 million downloads by last year for its latest installation.  Draw something - $ 250,000 per day - Developed by Omgpop, the game saw a staggering 50 million downloads just within 50 days of its release and then there was no looking back!  Temple Run – Daily revenue estimate of $ 5328 - The game developed by Imangi Studios is one of the most download mobile games on the iOS and Android platforms. With a daily revenue estimate of $ 5328, the relentless runner is still on the run, topping the game charts.  Candy Crush Saga - $808,000 Daily revenue estimate - Released in November 2012 on the smart phone platforms, Candy Crush Saga had over ten million downloads just by the next month itself. As per the company, the game has got 44 million regular users, 6.6 million paid users and all these amounts to a whopping $632,867 in daily revenue for the company.
  6. 6. 6  Bejewelled -$102 Million (2011 Annual revenue estimate of Popcap games) - Bejewelled has continued to stay in the top scoring position since its introduction in 2000. It is one of the most addictive game in the market with over 50 million paid downloads till date.  Doodle Jump - $ 20,000 per week - Since its launch, Doodle jump developed by Lima Sky has always maintained consistency by coming in the top ten all timer lists. Doodle Jump has sold 100 million copies on iTunes and Google Play to date, and reached over 150 million downloads across all platforms currently available.  Flight Control -$ 3815 per day - With a sales and revenue statistics of 3.8 million copies sold world-wide, Flight control developed by Firemint is one of the top grossers in the top list of mobile games and is available on all popular mobile gaming platforms. EVOLUTION OF A MOBILE GAME THE WHOLE PROCESS IN DETAIL The entry of smart phone devices accelerated the growth of mobile game and app development in a very positive manner .Whether you outsource your theme and concept of game to a professional mobile game
  7. 7. 7 development company or you do it on your own, the outcome should produce expected results. An addictive, fun and engrossing mobile game is evolved and passes through many stages before it is launched. In General, mobile game development process can be categorised in to pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-Production: In the pre-production process, the concept and theme of the game is finalised based on a strict story line, and thereby results in prep of a detailed project plan. Production: Production stage of the mobile game development is the main phase where game is developed in a full fledge manner.  Design: Design is very critical as it envelopes the functional and technical specifications of the game within the theme of the game in a very brilliant manner. A design document consists of 3 parts: i) Game Concept Document ii) Game Design Document iii)Technical Design Document  Build: A team of programmers, artists, game designers, instructional designers, technical directors drives the production process by identifying and implementing the most suitable coding techniques and design etiquettes to deliver high quality performance across different mobile platforms.  Test: The prototype model of the game developed is tested for strict quality assurance. In mobile game development, testing is also very paramount as it involves checking the rendering aspect of game design, game mechanics and also the hardware and platform dependency.
  8. 8. 8 Post-Production: Post- production mainly involves maintenances of the game, customer service, build and release of patches and updates. POPULAR GAME GENRES An insight in to the popular game genres facilitates the selection and design process of unique games by attaching its specific associated features and characteristic traits.  Adventure: Adventure games involve an adventurous story line with characters and actions interacting with the gamers to solve a mystery or complete a quest. Modern examples of Adventure games include Grand Theft Auto, The Legend of Zelda and many RPGs such as Mass Effect or Final Fantasy.  Arcade: Arcade games are short and simple with intuitive control schemes and with rapidly increasing difficulty levels. Bubble Bobble and Metal Slug are good examples of Arcade games.  Platform: Platform games involve moving a character in a 2D or 3D environment to overcome impeding obstacles with physical movement, such as running and jumping. A few examples of platforms include Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog etc.  Puzzle: Most basic game genre with usually deals in mind teasers, logic and problem solving skills. And the best examples are Angry birds, Cut the rope etc.
  9. 9. 9  Strategy: Strategy games involve strategic elements or decision making, crucial to victory, under a given game scenario. Clash of clans, Advance wars are some examples.  Shooter: Shooting games involve annihilation of obstacles or enemies using sophisticated weapons in a fast manner. Examples are N.O.V.A 2 and 9mm.  Role-play: Usually known as RPG, the player takes up on the role of a character from the story line of the game like in Pokémon and Dragon Quest.  Sports and racing: Simulation involved in sports and racing games generate a real like racing experience or sports playing experience for the player. And the popular ones are Need for speed and FIFA  Music: Music games involve songs and rhythm with some sensitive controls with in a time limit.  Arts: It is a non-traditional line of game which offers a unique gaming experience. One latest example is Year Walk. HOW TO MARKET YOUR GAME & GET MILLIONS OF DOWNLOADS  App Store Optimization – A catchy title, keyword rich description & proper category is the first step in Promoting your Game
  10. 10. 10  Create a Sexy Icon that stands out from the rest  Use the Best images as screenshots  Create a Website for your Game  Submit your game to game review websites & forums  Ask your friends & families to download & give review in App Store  Submit your Game to App/Game Directories  Create a Game Intro Video & Submit to YouTube & other video sharing websites  Social Media Marketing – Create viral contents & post to various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace, Digg & Yahoo  Release a Press Release announcing the launch of your Game with App Store Links  Email the download link to all your subscribers  Have a launch Party for your Game  Get featured in local Newspapers  Guest blog on relevant sites to get instant traffic & downloads  Participate in Game Conferences & gain attention  Create & share Game Wallpapers & goodies  Advertise in Mobile Ad Networks  Create a contest & get downloads  Build backlinks to your Game Website  Once the number of download increases, reach the top charts & your Game will a Monster Hit.
  11. 11. 11 CONVERT YOUR GAME IDEA IN TO BRILLIANT MOBILE GAME The mobile gaming industry has still room for more innovative and cutting edge games. Juego Studio is a leading game development company which has established its calibre and potential in the mobile gaming domain with proven track record. Designing, developing and publishing mobile games is not an easy process except if it is done by experts backed by knowledge and experience. Juego Studio is backed with intriguingly creative 2D and 3D game designers, innovative coders equipped with latest mobile technologies, expert professionals who deliver mobile computing solutions across different platforms like iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows etc.
  12. 12. 12 SEND US YOUR GAME IDEAS & WIN A LIFE CHANGING PARTNERSHIP DEAL ! SEND US YOUR INNOVATIVE & AMAZING GAME IDEAS TO Selected Game Ideas will be chosen for a Partnership deal with Juego Studio. Here comes an opportunity to share your story line or game theme with our game development experts who will combine their passion, creativity, strong knowledge base and expertise to deliver the best ever launched games and apps in the smart phone platform, thus giving wings to your mobile business and your profits to reach the sky as the limit. Visit Our Website -