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Tuesday@Noon_Webcasting: Session 1

Tuesday@Noon_Webcasting: Session 1

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Using Webcasting to Market your Business & Share Your Knowledge With Judy Whitehead Lena Scott
  • 2. Judy Whitehead Consulting HaveAScreaming–BurningQuestion? Call Small Business Planning & Management  Online Business Operations Support  Business Planning  Client Relations  Teleclass / Webinars  Product Fulfillment  Bookkeeping Community Relations  Special Projects (Profit + Non-Profit = Win Win)  Sampling:  Make Your Move!  Mythic Journeys  Money & Life
  • 3. Workshop Agenda Session I: Introduction and Overview: Use of Webcasting in Content Creation  Why Video – Connecting with target audience and building trust and credibility.  Repurpose Your content: What is it? Discuss and explore ways your knowledge can be repurposed.  Introduce Spreecast.  Assignment to open account, consider application and get ready!
  • 4. Workshop Agenda Session 2: Hands on with Spreecast  Spreecast basics – getting started  Brainstorm projects  Practice, Play
  • 5. Workshop Agenda Session 3: How to promote your Video Content across Social Platforms  Inbound Marketing. Discuss and demonstrate use of video content to: a. Capture/Generate Leads b. Engage c. Build Trust d. Convert to Clients  Social Platform promotion
  • 6. Workshop Agenda Session 4: Breaking the Ice Practice Spreecasting Optional – Share your Brilliance in a Webcast
  • 7. What is Webcasting?
  • 8. Why Webcast? • Greater Impact – Multi-sensory . • Once created – lives on - working 24/7 to build relationship and value. • Highly Shareable. • Drives Traffic to your website. • On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined. (source Hubspot) • It’s easy peasy. Check This Out!
  • 9. A Word About YouTube • #1 shared external site on Facebook (besides posts) • 1 Billion Users monthly • 4 Billion Hours watched monthly • 72 hours/minute uploads • 2nd most searched site Which Translates to: One Powerful Traffic and Conversion Site (source: James Wedmore, )
  • 10. Spreecast • Free social video broadcasting platform. • Scaleable, yet moderated, interaction. • The "producer controls" allow the creator of a Spreecast to decide exactly what and who comes on-screen, and when. • Share-ability and embed-ability. • -Low Barrier to inviting people to your Spreecast. • Spreecasts can be embedded anywhere around the web. • Social Network Agnostic--Low barriers to entry. (ie. sign-in using Soc.Media logins) • Browser-based and Fully archived .
  • 11. Repurpose Your Knowledge Increase Your ROIP (Returnon IntellectualProperty 3 Benefits of Content Repurposing • 1. Good for SEO According to Lee Odden, author of the book "Optimize": “When a SEO and content marketing strategy work together, repurposing content means additional SEO assets to attract search traffic on many different variations of a theme.” • 2. Reach Customers using Different Mediums SAP’s Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy, Michael Brenner says: “Multi-channel marketing is the 2nd core piece of Content Strategy, which seeks to provide the content our audiences are searching for, in all the places they search.” • 3. Increase Retention & Perspective And if you’re still not convinced let me just quote the maestro Seth Godin and be done with it: “Delivering your message in different ways, over time, not only increases retention and impact, but it gives you the chance to describe what you're doing from several angles.” Source: ( Content-Top-Benefits-Techniques-Tools)
  • 12. Repurpose Your Knowledge Increase Your ROIP (Returnon IntellectualProperty Whenever possible, create content with the intent of repurposing it • Step 1: Start With One Core Idea • The core idea could be a specific service you offer that you want more clients for OR solve a problem for a customer. • Step 2: Identify 5-10 Topic Areas You Can Talk and Write About • Content Item #1: Blog Posts. • Content Item #2: E-book • Content Item #3: Social Media Updates • Content Item #4: Presentations • Content Item #5: Pinterest • Content Item #6: Screen-Webcasting (Video Content) • Source: ( Content-Top-Benefits-Techniques-Tools)
  • 13. Repurpose Your Knowledge Increase Your ROIP (Returnon IntellectualProperty Source: Judy Whitehead •
  • 14. Spreecast Ready • Set • Go! IDEAS: Practice – Play with Video Broadcasting • Feature subject matter - Discuss current events and trending topics affecting your business. • Highlight a new product or service and have a subject matter expert or spokesperson on hand to answer questions. • Hold an interview with a customer or client and discuss how your company has helped them. • Broadcast a Spreecast from your tradeshow booth, showing off your latest products and services. • How To’s that demonstrate products and answer frequently asked questions.
  • 15. Spreecast Ready • Set • Go! Assignment for Next Week (April 15, 2014) Open Spreecast Account. Using Repurpose Handouts, think about your Spreecast Practice Project.