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2013 wilsonart12 17-2012
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2013 wilsonart12 17-2012


Published on

Wilsonart 2013 Program

Wilsonart 2013 Program

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  • 1. A  Marke(ng  Communica(ons  Plan  to   Support  Wilsonart     DRAFT:  SUBMITTED  DECEMBER  17,  2012   Confidential! 1  
  • 2. 2013  Wilsonart  Home  Residen(al  Public   Rela(ons  Program   SUBMITTED  DECEMBER  14,  2012   Confidential! 2  
  • 3. WILSONART  •  Brand  Objec(ve   –  Posi:on  Wilsonart  and  its   product  lines  for  home   residen:al  and  commercial/ contract  as  the  desirable   decora:ve  surface  solu:on   –  3  
  • 4. WILSONART  •  Background   –  Two  thousand  and  twelve  marked  a  year  of  change  and  exci:ng   new  possibili:es  for  Wilsonart   •  Kristen  Manos  was  appointed  President  of  Wilsonart  in  early  2012     Coming  from  Herman  Miller,  Kris  brought  industry  knowledge,  significant   rela:onships  and  a  strategic  perspec:ve.    Young,  aYrac:ve,  a  mom,  Kris   gives  a  new  face  to  the  brand,  one  that  is  contemporary  and  appealing   •  For  the  first  :me  in  several  years,  the  company  supported  marke:ng,   adver:sing  and  PR,  hiring  new  agency  partners  charged  to  rekindle   consumer  interest  in  laminate  and  aYack  granite   •  Wilsonart  returned  to  KBIS  and  placed  a  stake  in  the  ground  that  they   were  back,  and  back  in  a  big  way       •  Commitments  con:nued  to  support  great  design,  sustainability  and  an   engaged  and  educated  sales  force     Confidential! 4  
  • 5. WILSONART  •  Background     –  Two  thousand  and  twelve  marked  a  year  of  change  and  exci:ng   new  possibili:es  for  Wilsonart     •  In  late  2012,  the  company  became  Wilsonart  Interna:onal  Holdings  LLC.     The  new  en:ty  is  jointly  owned  by  funds  managed  by  Clayton,  Dubilier  &   Rice  (CD&R)  and  ITW     •  John  Krenicki  has  been  appointed  as  CD&Rs  Opera:ng  Partner,  Chairman   and  interim  CEO  as  of  January  13,  2013   •  CD&R  has  pledged  to  invest  in  Wilsonart  and  explore  opportuni:es     •  CD&R  is  also  looking  for  aggressive  growth.    While  they  are  keeping  the   current  management  team  in  place,  expecta:ons  are  high  and  results   must  be  delivered   •  The  focus  for  PR  in  2013  must  be  ini:a:ves  that  Inspire  with  Design;   Engage  at  Every  Point  and  Cul:vate  and  Grow   Confidential! 5  
  • 6. WILSONART  STRATEGIC  PLATFORMS  •  Background   –  We took the inspiration for three core strategies from the communications platform you are using to reach the home remodeling market:   •  Inspire  With  Design   •  Engage  at  Every  Point   •  Cul:vate  &  Grow   –  PR’s mission for 2013 will be to creatively leverage the communications platform to combat  the  chaYer  and  coverage   surrounding  Formica  100th  Anniversary  celebra:on,  s:mulate   interest  by  new  consumer  groups  and  give  consumers  credible   reasons  to  “Believe  It.”     Confidential! 6  
  • 7. INSPIRE  WITH  DESIGN  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #  1:    Inspire  With  Design     –  Design  s:ll  drives  consumers  when  choosing  a  new  countertop.     And  some  consumers  s:ll  don’t  know  that  laminate  today  rivals   the  beauty  of  other  surface  choices.    Further,  a  design  message   can  be  married  to  advances  in  technology  that  make  Wilsonart   HD  a  beau:ful,  contemporary  choice.  With  the  new  Carnival   designs,  integrated  sinks,  decora:ve  edges  –  and  poten:ally  a   back  splash  program  –  Wilsonart  has  a  great  design  story  to  tell.   •  Media,  such  as  Consumer  Reports,  have  no:ced.    “Improved  imaging   technologies  have  given  laminate  countertops  a  serious  design  makeover   in  recent  years,  but  you  s:ll  had  to  seYle  for  a  sink  that  sat  on  top  of  the   counter  where  the  edge  could  collect  dirt  and  bacteria.  Now  theres  a   seamless  solu:on  from  Wilsonart—acrylic  sinks  that  can  be  chemically   bonded  to  a  laminate  counter  to  create  a  look  that  was  formerly  only   available  in  solid  surfacing,  stainless  steel  and  concrete.”   Confidential! 7  
  • 8. INSPIRE  WITH  DESIGN  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #  1:    Inspire  With  Design     –  Summer  Baltzer  joined  as  Wilsonart’s  spokesperson  in  2012.  She   was  a  design-­‐focused  voice  for  blogger  conferences,  trade  shows   and  within  our  press  materials.    While  we  recommend  con:nuing   with  her  in  2013,  we  believe  the  :me  is  right  for  Wilsonart  to   align  with  a  media  genic  spokesperson  whose  creden:als  will  give   us  access  to  na:onal  print  and  TV  placements.  Budget  permilng,   we  will  also  look  for  experts  whose  design  aesthe:cs  and   reputa:ons  can  reinforce  Wilsonart’s  reputa:on  as  a  design   focused  company.         •  Designers  such  as  Robin  Wilson,  an  African  American  woman  and  an  eco-­‐   friendly  interior  designer    or  Anise  Darnell,  of  Milk  &  Honey  Home,  who   regularly  contributes  “design  on  a  budget”  content    on         Confidential! 8  
  • 9. ENGAGE  AT  EVERY  POINT  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #2:    Engage  at  Every  Point   –  Lloyd  Alter,  an  editor  at  Treehugger,  posed  a  simple  ques:on   “How  Did  Granite  Get  to  be  the  Kitchen  Counter  Standard?”    His   column  goes  on  to  chronicle  granite’s  transforma:on  from  a  high   cost,  highly  localized  product  to  a  low  cost  global  business.     •  “Granite  is  rela:vely  new  to  the  kitchen  counter;  back  in  1987,  it  was   preYy  much  available  in  only  two  colors,  it  was  incredibly  expensive  and   was  not  even  considered  good  counter  material  because  of  its  lack  of   resilience.  Yet  in  less  than  a  decade,  it  went  from  being  luxurious  to   ubiquitous-­‐  it  is  in  every  new  condo  and  apartment  regardless  of  price.  It   became  the  cherry  on  top  of  the  McMansion  sundae.  The  price  dropped   so  far  and  so  fast  that  one  can  now  order  it  online  in  Florida  for  $19.95  per   square  foot,  almost  as  cheap  as  a  laminate  counter.”   Confidential! 9  
  • 10. ENGAGE  AT  EVERY  POINT  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #2:    Engage  at  Every  Point   –  Alter  goes  on  to  state:   •  “A  heavy,  local,  expensive  and  luxurious  material  has  been  turned  into   cheap,  ubiquitous,  3/4"  thick  wallpaper.  A  powerful  industry  has  grown   and  thrived  in  the  face  of,  and  in  fact  in  spite  of,  a  rising  interest  in  green   and  sustainable  materials,  for  a  granite  counter  is  anything  but  green.”     –  With  Wilsonart  poised  to  release  credible,  third  party  Lifecycle   Analysis,  the  company  is  in  an  excellent  posi:on  to  Engage  at   Every  Point  with  a  message  to  green  consumers,  an  audience  we   have  not  previously  courted.  The  report  can  kick  start  a   conversa:on  to  educate  the  buying  public  of  the  greater  benefits   laminate  offers  consumers  –  a  lower  cost  and  much  smaller   carbon  footprint.   Confidential! 10  
  • 11. ENGAGE  AT  EVERY  POINT    •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #2:    Engage  at  Every  Point   –  We  know  that  consumers  today  are  no  longer  interested  in   sustainable  products  purely  for  the  sake  of  “being  green.”           –  Consumers  also  want  to  be  in  control  of  their  decisions.    They   demand  sustainable  products  that  not  only  perform,  but  also   make  it  easy  for  them  to  be  “green.”     –  Wilsonart  can  recruit  a  high  visibility  designer  whose  exper:se   intersects  sustainability  with  great  design  and  home  products   –  By  doing  so  we  can  align  the  HD  product  within  the  larger  context   of  green  remodeling,  a  trend  experts  say  is  “here  to  stay.”     Homeowners  who  remodel  using  environmentally-­‐friendly   prac:ces  and  products  know  that  many  products  pay  for   themselves  within  a  maYer  of  years.     Confidential! 11  
  • 12. ENGAGE  AT  EVERY  POINT  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #2:    Engage  at  Every  Point   –  Communica:ng  that  Wilsonart  is  pro-­‐ac:ve  on  many  sustainable   fronts  also  posi:ons  the  company  well  within  the  design   community,  a  group  highly  interested  in  and  recep:ve  to   environmental  issues.       –  As  Wilsonart  prepares  for  its  new  headquarters,  green  building   prac:ces  should  be  incorporated  every  step  of  the  way.    By  doing   so,  the  company  demonstrates  that  it  “walks  the  walk.”    It  can   also  be  used  for  sustainability  stories  for  2014.     –  Finally,  as we saw with Mr. Alter’s column, we  believe  media  will   be  recep:ve  to  a  story  that  shows  Wilsonart  HD  laminate’s  beYer   carbon  footprint.    Within  this  context,  the  sustainability  message   supports  the  aYack  granite  strategy.   Confidential! 12  
  • 13. CULTIVATE  &  GROW  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #  3:    Cul7vate  &  Grow     –  Fabricators  represent  an  important  –  one  might  say  cri:cal  -­‐   component  in  a  consumer’s  decision  of  what  countertop  surface   to  choose.    With  the  current  distribu:on  system  it  is  difficult,  if   not  impossible,  to  educated  them  on  why  they  should  spec   Wilsonart  HD.     –  We  know  that  Wilsonart  has  been  exploring  how  to  increase   training  for  this  group.    This  is  an  important  step  as  the  number  of   Gen  X  or  Y  fabricators  trained  to  install  kitchen  countertops  with   laminate  is  diminishing.       –  We  have  recommended  Wilsonart  talk  with  ToolBelt  Produc:ons   about  tailoring  a  program  to  reach  fabricators  at  key  trade  shows   and  venues  where  they  gather  for  “hands  on”  training.         Confidential! 13  
  • 14. CULTIVATE  &  GROW  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #  3:    Cul7vate  &  Grow     –  Fabricators  represent  an  important  –  one  might  say  cri:cal  -­‐   component  in  a  consumer’s  decision  of  what  countertop  surface   to  choose.    With  the  current  distribu:on  system  it  is  difficult,  if   not  impossible  to  educated  them  on  why  they  should  spec   Wilsonart  HD.     –  We  know  that  Wilsonart  has  been  exploring  how  to  increase   training  for  this  group.    This  is  an  important  step  as  the  number  of   Gen  X  or  Y  fabricators  trained  to  install  kitchen  countertops  with   laminate  is  diminishing.       –  We  have  recommended  Wilsonart  talk  with  Toolbelt  Produc:ons   about  tailoring  a  program  to  reach  fabricators  at  key  trade  shows   and  venues  where  they  gather  for  “hands  on”  training.         Confidential! 14  
  • 15. CULTIVATE  &  GROW  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  #  3:    Cul7vate  and  Grow     –  Toolbelt  Produc:ons  is  already  set  up  to  design  turnkey   educa:on–training  programs  specifically  for  the  home   remodeling  industry,  including  fabricators  and  installers.     We  have  advised  Wilsonart  to  discuss  designing  a   “Installa:on  101”  presenta:on  that  would  be  offered  in   mul:ple  markets  across  the  US   –  Each  of  our  Strategic  Plavorms  would  inform  the  tac:cs   outlined  in  our  Home  Remodeling  Program     Confidential! 15  
  • 16.  HOME  RESIDENTIAL    •  Objec(ve   –  Grow  laminate  share  of   surfacing  category  by   posi:oning  Wilsonart  HD  as  a   desirable  kitchen  countertop   solu:on  and  the  smart   alterna:ve  to  other  surfaces   –  16  
  • 17. HOME  RESIDENTIAL  PROGRAM  •  Recommended  Tac(cs  for  Home  Residen(al  Program     –  News  Bureau     •  Year  Round  Announcements  &  New  Product  Look  Books   •  Editor  Showcases  &  Speed  Pitching  Events   •  Controlled  Media  Vehicles   •  Proac:ve  and  Reac:ve  Media  Pitching   •  Editorial  Awards  &  Entries     •  Media/Blogger  Makeovers   –  Design/Sustainability  Experts   •  Danny  Seo     •  Summer  Baltzer   •  Robin  Wilson     Confidential! 17  
  • 18. HOME  RESIDENTIAL  PROGRAM  •  Recommended  Tac(cs  for  Home  Residen(al   –  Trade  Shows   •  KBIS   •  Home  Remodelers  Show     •  JCL  Live   •  Residen:al  Trade  Outreach     –  Apartment  Therapy     –  Blogger  Outreach   •  Blogger  Conferences   •  Blogger  Honoraria/Sponsorships   –  Social  Media   Confidential! 18  
  • 19. NEWS  BUREAU  •  Year-­‐Round  Press  Announcements     –  Announcements  would  be  aligned  with     new  product  introduc:ons,  trade  shows     and  seasonal  trend  opportuni:es  via     press  releases  and/or  look  book.  Topics     would  include:   •  HD  Spring/Fall  design  launches  and     home  improvement  trends   •  Summer  2013  HD/Premium  launch   •  Special  Collec:ons,  i.e.,  Vintage/Wave   •  Laminate  paYerns  that  impacted  design   •  Corporate  Announcements,  etc.   •  Regional  Events/Programs   Confidential! 19  
  • 20. NEWS  BUREAU  •  Year-­‐Round  Press  Announcements  (cont’d)   –  U:lize  SmartSheet  for  informa:on  distribu:on  in  a  :mely  manner   :ed  to  publica:ons’  editorial  deadlines:   •  Long-­‐lead,  4-­‐6  months   •  Mid-­‐lead,  2  months   •  Short-­‐lead,  3  week     •  PR  Newswire/Businesswire  in  targeted     markets  and  ver:cals,  strategic  to  each     announcement   Confidential! 20  
  • 21. NEWS  BUREAU  •  Editors’  Showcase/Speed  Pitching  Events   –  Editorial  showcases  efficiently  bring  products  to  top-­‐:er   broadcast,  print  and  online  home/garden  editors.       –  Showcase  organizers  limit  the  number  of  featured  products.       –  Wilsonart’s  table  (or  a  kitchen  countertop     display)  would  include  chip  samples,  USB     press  kits,  edges,  stain  samples,  an  iPad     with  videos,  and  a  raffle  for  a  makeover  to     include  installa:on.    We  would  budget  for     two  of  these  events  per  year.       •  Home/Garden  Speed  Pitching,  New  York  City   (May  2013)   •  Home  or  Green  Products  Event,  TBD   Confidential! 21  
  • 22. NEWS  BUREAU  •  Controlled  Media  Vehicles   –  Mat,  newspaper  features  and  co-­‐op  SMT  efficiently  bring  Wilsonart   messages  to  consumers  through  these  themed  controlled  distribu:on   vehicles.       •  Mat  release  on  Spring  and  Fall  introduc:ons  ci:ng  design  trends  and   sustainability  messaging  for  a  home  improvement  or  trends-­‐based  content   •  Remodeling  Co-­‐op  SMT  or  themed  newspaper  feature  includes  third-­‐party   designer  :ps  and  ideas  •  Remodeling  Makeovers   –  Makeovers  for  media,  bloggers  and  contest  winners  in  2012  are  in   process  and  offer  content  for  website,  social  media  and  tes:monials  for   Wilsonart  products  and  services   –  Wilsonart  Philanthropy  with  product  dona:ons  offer  another  tool  to   tell  a  story  about  the  company’s  culture  and  shows  case  studies  for   trade  media  and  social  media  purposes.   Confidential! 22  
  • 23. NEWS  BUREAU  Proac(ve  &  Reac(ve  Media  Outreach   Confidential! 23  
  • 24. NEWS  BUREAU  •  Editorial  &  Industry  Award  Entries  (contd)   –  2013  Wilsonart  submissions  to  include  such  publica:on   and  trade  associa:on  awards  as:   •  Homebuilder  Execu:ve  Innova:on  Awards   •  Architectural  Products’  Product  Innova:on  Awards   •  VMSD  Call  for  Products   •  Kitchen  &  Bath  Design  News  Product  Trends  Report   •  Best  of  KBIS   •  Interior  Design  Magazine  Spring  Tabloid   •  IIDA  Industry  News  Form  Spring/Summer   •  IIDEX  THINK  Material   •  Countertops  and  Architectural  Structures   •  KBCulture  Awards   Confidential! 24  
  • 25. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  •  Spokesperson  –  Danny  Seo   –  We  recommend  hiring  Danny  Seo,  America’s  leading   environmental  lifestyle  expert,  as  a  new  Wilsonart  spokesperson       Confidential! 25  
  • 26. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  •  A  LiZle  About  Danny     –  Syndicated  columnist   –  Today  Show  Lifestyle  Contributor   –  Author  of  9  best-­‐selling  lifestyle  books   –  650,000  Danny  Seo-­‐branded  cookware,                                                                     bakeware  and  kitchen  accessories  sold  in                                                                                                 9  months  in  TJ  Maxx,  Marshalls  and                                                                                             Home  Goods       –  Voted  by  People  Magazine  one  of                                                                                                               “50  Most  Beau:ful  People                                                                                                                                               in  the  World”   Confidential! 26  
  • 27. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  •  A  LiZle  About  Danny     –  Current  and  previous  endorsements                                                                                                                     have  included  Ford  Motor  Company,                                                                                                     LG,  Method  Home,  Microsox,  Dyson                                                                                                                             and  Campbells       Confidential! 27  
  • 28. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS    •  Ac(vi(es  with  Danny   –  KBIS  Appearance   •  Blogger  Meet  Up   •  Debut  Lifecycle  Analysis  report   •  Appearance  at  Wilsonart  Booth   •  Media  Briefing  in  Press  Room   •  Inclusion  in  all  media  materials   •  Video  content  for  social  media  sharing     –  Product  Integra:on  Opportuni:es       •  Eco-­‐building  Danny  is  designing  in  NYC   Confidential! 28  
  • 29. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  •  Ac(vi(es  with  Danny   –  Sustainable  Brands  Conference   •  Blogger  Meet  Up   •  Appearance  at  Wilsonart  Booth   •  Discuss  Lifecycle  Analysis  report   •  Poten:al  Speaking    Slot   •  Inclusion  in  all  media  materials   •  Distribute  release  over  Corporate                                                                                                  Social   Responsibility  Newswire     •  Video  content  for  social  media  sharing   –  Media  Opportuni:es   •  Danny  already  booked  through  April     –  Na:onal  TV  Show  appearances   –  Rachael  Ray  kitchen  makeover  f  or  the  magazine     Confidential! 29  
  • 30. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  •  Incremental  Opportuni(es   –  Danny  Seo-­‐branded  Wilsonart  PaYerns   •  Danny’s  products  currently  in  3680  retail  doors   •  Launch  small  selec:on  of  paYerns  at  KBIS   •  This  could  be  set  up  as  a  royalty  arrangement   –  Danny  using  bio-­‐mimicry  color  schemes   •  This  will  be  for  his  sox  home  line   •  This  could  complement  Wilsonart’s  bio-­‐mimicry   •  PaYerns  might  be  extended  to  any  decora:ve    surface   Confidential! 30  
  • 31. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  •  Summer  Baltzer   –  We  would  con:nue  to  work  with  HGTV/Design  on  a  Dime’s   Summer  Baltzer  to  support  campaign  ini:a:ves  including:   •  Media  interviews   •  Quotes  for  mat  and  newspaper  feature  releases   •  Appearance  at  trade  shows  and/or  blogger  events   •  Video  vigneYes  for  Wilsonart  content   •  Judge  social  media  compe::ons   •  Design  consulta:on  for  editorial  and                                                                                                             consumer  makeovers   Confidential! 31  
  • 32. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  Robin WilsonA  successful  eco  designer,  Robin  Wilson  works  to  educate  consumers  about  interior  design,  healthier  lifestyles  and  preventa:ve  measures  to  create  eco-­‐healthy  environments.    She  has  designed  for  the  Kennedys  and  the  Clintons.    She  has  spoken  at  The  Aspen  Ins:tute,  the  Architectural  Digest  Home  Show,  Conserva:on  Interna:onal  among  others.  She  appears  on  HGTV’s  “Selling  New  York”  and  was  featured  in  the  Origins  2011  campaign  for  Eco-­‐Chic  holiday  décor.     Confidential! 32  
  • 33. DESIGN  &  SUSTAINABILITY  EXPERTS  •  Robin  Wilson   –  We  could  work  with  Robin  for:     •  Media  interviews   •  Quotes  on  Look  Books     •  Appearance  at  blogger  events   •  Video  vigneYes  for  Wilsonart  content   •  Tips  &  design  content  for  social  media    sharing   Confidential! 33  
  • 34. TRADE  SHOWS  •  KBIS  (Chicago,  Spring  2012)    The  overarching  theme  of  sustainability  would  draw   media  and  trade  to  the  booth.     •  Blogger/tradi:onal  media  invited  for     a  Tweet  Up  @  the  Booth  where  they     meet  Danny  to  discuss  the  Lifecycle     Analysis  Report  report  in  the  morning   •  Press  Room  sponsorship,  Danny  visits  press  room  from   12:00  to  2:00  pm  for  informal  media  briefings   •  Brief  video  featuring  Wilsonart  sustainability   commitment  and  comments  from  Danny   •  Interviews  pitched  for  Kris   •  New  paYerns  debuted   •  Tie  in  with  all  Bolin  adver:sing  recommenda:ons   Confidential! 34  
  • 35. TRADE  SHOWS  •  Remodeling  Show     (Chicago,  October  16-­‐18,  2013)   –  In  reaching  the  home  construc:on  community,   we  suggest  working  with  Greg  and  Sue  Burnet   from  Toolbelt  Produc:ons,  a  Chicago-­‐based   construc:on  and  educa:on  training  company.     Past  Toolbelt  Produc:ons  have  assisted   companies  in  developing  alliances  with  installers   in  key  markets  who  would  sign  up  to  par:cipate  in   these  live,  professional  development  clinics   Confidential! 35  
  • 36. TRADE  SHOWS  •  Remodeling  Show     (Chicago,  October  16-­‐18,  2013)   –  We  would  work  with  them  to  develop  and   implement  turnkey  educa:on-­‐training  programs:       •  A  Wilsonart  101  How-­‐to  series  to  offer  a  solu:on  for   installers  to  introduce  Wilsonart  as  the  decora:ve   surface  for  any  room  in  the  house   •  We  would  raffle  tools  that  installers  require  for  the  job   and  an  iPad  during  the  presenta:on   •  Par:cipants  would  receive  a  Wilsonart                                     Installa:on  Partner  cer:ficate   Confidential! 36  
  • 37. RESIDENTIAL  TRADE  OUTREACH  •  Toolbelt  Produc(ons  (cont’d)   •  We  would  arrange  for  this  type  of  hands-­‐on  presenta:on  at:   o  Remodeling  Show  (Chicago)  –  October  1-­‐18   o  JLC  Live  (Providence)  –  March  20-­‐23   o  Top  10  Remodeling  Markets  (NARI)     Houston     Dallas/Ft.  Worth/Aus:n       Oklahoma  City     CharloYe     San  Antonio       PiYsburgh       Buffalo     Denver     Tulsa     Philadelphia   Confidential! 37  
  • 38. RESIDENTIAL  TRADE  OUTREACH  •  Toolbelt  Produc(ons  (cont’d)   –  Business  media  pitch  in  each  market  Toolbelt   Produc:ons  offers  training   •  Trade  media  coverage  of  Wilsonart’s  program  would  be   pursed  once  several  training  sessions  has  taken  place   •  We  would  pitch  a  na:onal  business  story  towards  end   of  the  year   Confidential! 38  
  • 39. APARTMENT  THERAPY  •  Apartment  Therapy     –  “Wilsonart  Presents”  an  Apartment  Therapy  sponsorship   •  Apartment  Therapy  would  create  an  exclusive  hub/landing  page  for   Wilsonart,  transpor:ng  readers  to  a  full  page  dedicated  to  "how-­‐to"   videos,  design  :ps,  kitchen  ideas  etc.      Note:    videos  recommended  with   Summer,  Danny  and  Robin  would  be  shared  as  content  here.     •  AT  would  post  Wilsonart  content  interspersed  with  Apartment  Therapy   "kitchen"  and  "design"  posts  crea:ng  a  co-­‐branded  treatment.  This   campaign  will  also  have  100%  SOV,  co-­‐branded  banners,  lex  hand   naviga:on  buYons  on  the  home  page  and  Sponsored  Posts  driving  to  this   hub.   Confidential! 39  
  • 40. BLOGGER  OUTREACH  •  Blogger  Conferences   –  Based  on  budget  and  opportuni:es  we  would   aYend  and/or  sponsor  a  Wilsonart  design  expert   at  the  following  conferences:   •  Design-­‐Bloggers/LA  (March  3-­‐5)   •  Mom  2.0  Summit/LA  (May  3-­‐5)   •  Dwell  on  Design/LA  (June)     •  Social  Luxe  Lounge/Chicago    (July)   •  Alt  Summit/NYC  (August)   –  Depending  upon  conference,  the  story  would  be   design  or  sustainability-­‐focused   Confidential! 40  
  • 41. BLOGGER  OUTREACH  •  Blogger  Sponsorship   –  Provide  honoraria  to  top-­‐:er  bloggers  with   >  5k  UVM  to  post  about  Wilsonart  in   conjunc:on  with  home  themed  topics   –  Create  Wilsonart  branded  prizes  for   sponsorships,  trade  shows,  social  media,   etc.   Confidential! 41  
  • 42. SOCIAL  MEDIA  •  Social  Media  Content  &  Calendar  (with  Bolin)   –  Facebook   •  In  addi:on  to  suppor:ng  adver:sing  contests  ,  we  will  post  trends,  new  product   and  comments  from  Danny  Seo,  Summer  Baltzer  and  other  designers.     –  TwiYer   •  Similar  tweets  will  support  Facebook  content.    In  addi:on  we  recommend  driving   #RealFake  during  ICFF  and  heavily  suppor:ng  #Dreamkitchens  to  support  blogger   contests   –  Pinterest,  Flickr,  Houzz   •  Update  Pinterest,  Flickr,  Houzz  with  appropriate  lifestyle  photos   •  Makeover  photos  (see  Makeover  tac:c)   •  Pinterest  Business  Page  development  with  Bolin   –  Web   •  Update  content  with  images,  video  from     program  tac:cs   Confidential! 42  
  • 43. MEASUREMENT  Measurement  Tools  •  Target  Awareness  and  Engagement  •   Create  Buzz  and  Conversa:on  •   Obtain  Reviews  and  Editorial  Coverage  •   Generate  Interac:on  and  Conversion   -  Tools  we  use  include  Burrelle’s  Clipping     Service,  Compete  and  Radian  6    to  monitor     and  track  results   Confidential! 43  
  • 44. 2013  Wilsonart  Commercial–  Contract  Public  Rela(ons  Program   DRAFT:  SUBMITTED  DECEMBER  17,  2012   Confidential! 44  
  • 45. CONTRACT/COMMERCIAL  •  Objec(ve    Grow  laminate  category  by   posi:oning  Wilsonart  as  a  materials   company  with  a  desirable   decora:ve  surface  solu:on   45  
  • 46. WILSONART  •  Background   –  Wilsonart’s  primary  laminate  compe:tor,  Formica,  is  poised  to   celebrate  its  100th  anniversary  in  2013.  We  believe  Formica  will   take  the  opportunity  to  leverage  that  anniversary  to  focus   aYen:on  and  seek  coverage  on  itself  as  the  “innovator”  of  the   laminate  category.    Wilsonart,  as  the  leading  producer  of   laminate,    has  the  opportunity  to  tell  its  own  story  and  insinuate   itself  into  Formica-­‐anniversary  coverage  by  focusing  a  discussion   with  designers  and  the  contract  business  and  posi:on  itself  as  a   “leader.”   Confidential! 46  
  • 47. WILSONART  •  Strategic  PlaDorm     –  Against  this  background,  we  recommend  Wilsonart  leverage  and   present  the  intellectual  argument  of    Grace  Jeffers  presenta:on   ManMade  Natural:  Real  versus  fake  materials,  a  new   perspec(ve  –  aka  –  “Real/Fake”     Confidential! 47  
  • 48. WILSONART  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  (cont’d)   –  By  adop:ng  this  theme,  Wilsonart  would  be  perceived  as  taking   the  high  ground  to  reinforce  the  legi:macy  of  the  ENTIRE   laminate  category,  not  just  its  own  brand.    By  begging  the   ques:on  of  real  vs.  fake  and  bringing  into  the  discussion  other  so-­‐ called  “fakes”  in  categories  ranging  from  faux  fur  to  solar  panels  –   products  which  provide  equal  or  greater  benefits  to  consumers  at   a  lower  cost  and  a  smaller  carbon  footprint  –  Wilsonart  can  make   a  winning  case  to  trade  for  the  legi:macy  and  primacy  of  “fake”   surfaces  like  laminates.    And  while  this  strategy  will  not  be   executed  against  a  consumer  audience,  we  believe  it  an  ideal   discussion  to  have  with  the  trade  in  2013.   Confidential! 48  
  • 49. WILSONART  •  Strategic  PlaDorm  (cont’d)   –  The  “Real/Fake”  plavorm  is  also  one  that  Wilsonart  can  own  and   build  upon  for  many  years  beyond  2013  to  create  a  compelling  –   and,  we  believe,  ul:mately  winning  –  argument  that  so-­‐called   “fake”  products  have  a  legi:macy  and  saliency  because  they   address  “real”  problems  and  issues  faced  by  consumers  and   trade,  e.g.,  lower  cost,  convenience,  less  high  maintenance  and  in   many  cases,  more  eco-­‐friendly.   –  It  is  a  story  that  will  interest  the  contract  and  commercial   audiences  where  Grace  has  significant  credibility.   Confidential! 49  
  • 50. CONTRACT  PLAN  •  Man-­‐Made  Natural:  Real  Versus  Fake  Materials,     A  New  Perspec(ve   –  In  2012  we  worked  with  Grace  Jeffers  to  update     her  presenta:on,  aka  “Real/Fake”   –  In  2013  she  would  deliver  this  beau:fully  updated     presenta:on  at  key  2013  A&D-­‐  focused     conferences  and  online  as  a  webinar:   •  IDSA  dates  TBD   •  ICFF  (see  above)  April   •  IIDEX/NEOCON    April/May  (possible  keynote)   •  Architecture  Resource  Librarians  (possibly  at  FIT)   •  Metropolis  (date  TBD)   Confidential! 50  
  • 51. CONTRACT  PLAN  •  Contract  Launches/Re-­‐launches   –  We  would  develop  trade  announcements  for:   •  Solid  Surface  launch   •  Sustainability  success  report   (:ed  to  the  LCA  announcement)   •  Chemsurf  re-­‐launch   •  Fire-­‐Rated  re-­‐launch   •  Digital  sox  launch   •  FSC  Re-­‐cer:fica:on     •  Lifecycle  &  Lifecycle  Material  Analyses   •  Infographic  on  cer:fica:ons   •  Glue  U  Webinar  Promo:on   Confidential! 51  
  • 52. CONTRACT  PLAN  •  Contract  Launches/Re-­‐launches  (cont’d)   –  We  would  distribute  informa:on  about  each  new  launch  and   announcement  through   •  PR/Business  wire  news  services   •  Trade  outlets   •  Online  ver:cals   •  LinkedIn  groups  (as  appropriate)   •  Wilsonart  proper:es:    Contract  website,     Brand  Portal,  The  Watercooler  and     The  Statement   •  Wilsonart  Social  Media  proper:es   •  TODL  (with  Speck  Communica:ons)   Confidential! 52  
  • 53. CONTRACT  PLAN  •  Wilsonart  Chair  Compe((on   –  BlogFest  sponsorship  (described  here  but  part  of   residen:al  plan  and  budget)   •  We  recommend  partnering  with  Kravet/BlogFest  to   support  the  unveiling  of  the  chair  winners  at  ICFF,     as  we  did  in  2012       –  In  2013  we  would  announce  winners  of  the  9th   Annual  Chair  Compe::on   Confidential! 53  
  • 54. CONTRACT  PLAN  •  Wilsonart  Chair  Compe((on  (cont’d)   –  Ninth  and  Tenth  Year  Anniversary  Compe::ons   •  We  would  explore  program  components  to  support  the   10th  Anniversary  of  the  compe::on  and  what  ways,  if  any,   we  would  include  prior  winning  schools   •  The  10th  Anniversary  celebra:on  in  2014  could  include  an   installa:on  in  New  York  :ed  to  Na:onal  Design  Week  2014   or  a  retrospec:ve  of  the  winning  chairs,  hosted  at   Wilsonart’s  new  headquarters   •  Working  with  Grace  Jeffers  we  would  support  with  press   materials  and  promo:ng  new  judges  and  program   components   Confidential! 54  
  • 55. CONTRACT  PLAN  •  Glue  U  Video  Series   –  In  2012  we  worked  with  the  Adhesives  group  to  iden:fy  nine   educa:onal  modules  relevant  to  suppor:ng  the  business  unit   –  In  2013  we  would  videotape,  edit  and  distribute  each  module   –  Modules  would  be  promoted  to  spec  reps  via  Wilsonart  channels:     YouTube,  Watercooler,  Contract  website,  etc.   –  We  would  help  with  support  materials,  developed  with  Adhesives   group,  if  needed   –  We  would  iden:fy  poten:al  CEU/Presenta:ons  for  2014   Confidential! 55  
  • 56. MEASUREMENT  Measurement  Tools  •  Target  Engagement   –  Number  of  presenta:ons  &  aYendees   –  Twee:ng  of  #RealFake  •  Awareness   •  Media  placements   Confidential! 56  
  • 57. Ques(ons?  Thank  You.   Confidential! 57