Art In Nature spring 2012-a


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As an artist, my eyes, my very soul sees art in just about everything. There's art in nature in it's patterns, its details, its colors and textures and in its light and shadow. I like to frame it, manipulate it, enhance it, find it, and shoot it with my camera. And I like to share it. EnJoy! love, Judy

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Art In Nature spring 2012-a

  1. 1. Art in Nature - Part 1 Photos and Descriptions by Judy M Johnson As an artist, my eyes -and my soul- want to see art in everything. This is a collection of my own photos wherein I see patterns, colors, shadows… that say “Art” to me. I love the colors & composition… and the mood of this sunset on Lake Minnie, near Suicide Hill (a ski jump) outside of Ishpeming, Michigan
  2. 2. Both these shots are taken at the East end of Lake Kawbawgam, SE of Marquette Michigan.The way the lily pads reflect the sun is like silver disks in the water – or sky - as it appears a little ambiguous.The R. image is art to me with the floating leaves and reflections of the grass, creating soft-round with sharp straight inclusions.
  3. 3. These reflections on ancient basalt“Black Rocks” Presque Isle Park, Marquette MI have a dreamy wonder about them. Is it sky reflected in water, or are you peeking through rocks to the sky?
  4. 4. These colorful images of a wild Lady Slipper are the result of my playing around withmultiple artistic effects using my Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition. The image began as a photo my dad took a few springs ago, along Hwy 41 south of Trenary MI
  5. 5. Here’s what a simple negative image of a Shefflera plant looks like.
  6. 6. Flowers blaze a palette of brilliantcolor along the streets of Marquette,thanks to the city’s beautificationproject, which started as “PetuniaPandemonium” but then grew toincorporate all kinds and colors ofbeautiful plants.It’s been an award-winning effort,and it’s so nice to drive into town andbe greeted with this riot of color.
  7. 7. What a welcome into Marquette! A riot of livingcolor paints both sides of the street, and in boulevards and planters too. Photo by Judy M Johnson
  8. 8. A Shasta daisy visits with the cosmos on the streets of Marquette.They all enjoy painting their own scene with color and shadows. Photo by Judy M Johnson
  9. 9. What a happycollection of colorsto welcome oneand all intoMarquette!Photo by Judy M Johnson
  10. 10. Soft ageratumsweet-talks the to the pungent marigolds; Come over here, mix and mingle with us for awhile! Photo by Judy M Johnson
  11. 11. Hey you guys!Look’it whatWE can do!We can paintshadow-picturesof ourselveson the sidewalk.Photo by Judy M Johnson
  12. 12. The happy delphinium stands amongthe other colorful flowers on the sidewalks of Marquette.(or is it larkspur?) Photo by Judy M Johnson
  13. 13. My garden azaleasvie for attentioncrowding oneanother for aprime spot inthe annualSpringPhoto-Shoot.Photo by Judy M Johnson
  14. 14. The first yearafter planting their bulbs,my gorgeousirises arrived to show off their natural artistic, Asian-like beauty.Photo by Judy M Johnson
  15. 15. This is a night flash photo of Mountain Ash at Kathi’s place on Lake Michigamme. I just copied and flipped it. What a cool design it made!
  16. 16. I like to makeMandalas from art andfrom my photos.This one is made fromtwo pie-shape cutsfrom a park benchshadow photo I took inHampton VA.I take each shape,copy-flip it, then make a4 part“quadrant” putting thatfirst section in a 4 partsunburst.Then I do the samewith another part of thephoto, and lay that overthe other quad.Sounds easy, huh!?
  17. 17. I like to makeMandalas from art andfrom my photos.This one is made fromtwo pie-shape cuts froma shadow photo I tookof an iron gate inHampton VA.I take each shape,copy-flip it, then make a4 part“quadrant” putting thatfirst section in a 4 partsunburst.Then I do the same withanother part of thephoto, and lay that overthe other quad.Sounds easy, huh!?
  18. 18. I like to make Mandalas from art and from my photos. This one is made from two pie-shape cuts from a photo I took at Garden of the Gods, Colorado.I take each shape, copy-flip it, then make a 4 part “quadrant” putting that first section in a 4 part sunburst. Then I do the same with another part of the photo, and lay that over the other quad. This one is then laid over a regular photo of one of the curious rock formations there.
  19. 19. Here’s a Mandala madefrom double floweringcrab apple blossoms onthe street in ManitouSprings, Colorado.I paired the flowerquadrant with a rockformation quad madefrom a photo taken atGarden of the Gods.I have it floating over asky shot taken inColorado Springs.God, what a gorgeousarea to visit!Photos and Mandalaby Judy M Johnson
  20. 20. Just about anyimage looks betterin a circle…. Theway just aboutanything tastesbetter with maplesyrup on it.It’s the perfectlynamedSunset Point onPresque Isle,Marquette MI(This Roundworks well, totransition fromMandalas back tomore normalphotos.
  21. 21. This is what playing with effects can do, even with an old low resolution camera. Taken around 2006 on Lake Superior near Diana’s house. That’s Marquette in the distance.
  22. 22. What lovely shapes and shadows here on the still water @ the Mouth of The Chocolay River going into Lake Superior near Diana’s house.
  23. 23. The little sedum flower says, “I wanna be in this picture” on the rocks, Marquette MI and it is….tiny, but front and center!
  24. 24. Willow leavesduplicatethemselves asshadowsin the waterand onthe sand,Marquette MIPhoto by Judy M Johnson
  25. 25. Like a Rousseau painting, thisjumble of greenery only needs a few wild animals to become a “Peaceable Kingdom” Marquette MI Photo by Judy M Johnson
  26. 26. The Willow says“I’ll frame this prettyscene for you ofLake and Clouds…and by the way,aren’t my leaveslovely?”Marquette MIPhoto by Judy M Johnson
  27. 27. A disheveledWillow Tree flingsitself this way andthat while enjoyingthe view of the oldoar dock overthere at LowerHarbor .It is quite awareof the artisticimpression itmakes as itspreads itslimbs and leaves.Marquette MIPhoto by Judy M Johnson
  28. 28. Pontooning around Lake Michigamme is always a delight…good friends, adult beverages, snacks and wonderful art-filled views. Who could ask for anything more?
  29. 29. Sunset Reflections at Lake Michigamme
  30. 30. I digitally“artified” thisCountry Roadscene in N.Wisconsin…more colorful…and painting-like.
  31. 31. Sometimes ya just kinda lose your mind with digital-tricks and ya wanna make the world as colorful as a circus. These are planted and harvested fields shot in N. Wisconsin.
  32. 32. This summer-shotof the ChocolayRiver in WestBranch Township,looks likeImpressionist Art tome. The dots ofleaves, and ripplesin the water areSeurat - like
  33. 33. That’s all for now, folks! All photos are copyrighted by Judy M Johnson, 2012. They may be shared individually and enjoyed in such locations as PINTREST, but never to be sold, reproduced or used in any form, digitally, in print, in media and the like. If you DO put some up on Facebook-Pintrest, it would be dandy for you to give me credit. I surely do appreciate your respect of my copyright. Thank you. I’m a paper doll artist and publisher. (+ cards and notes, post cards, craft art, coloring books, old & new. If you’d like to visit, come see what I’ve got at All Best, Judy M Johnson